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Re: Mafia community build

Okay since it is build 1, I'll commit my mafia files


mutantdevle wrote:
Anatoly wrote:

What is “Medium”?

Someone who can communicate with dead players. In games where this role is present the mod doesn't tell the dead chat anything about people's roles.

But do people get to see the role card by daylynch or nightkill?

#27 2019-09-28 16:46:28

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Re: Mafia community build

Some random 13 player open setups that anyone (including myself) could run:

Fire and Ice++

1 Fire Mafia Godfather
1 Fire Mafia Goon

1 Ice Mafia Godfather
1 Ice Mafia Goon

1 Town Doctor
8 Vanilla Townies

Mafia do not have daychat, 1 lynch per day, normal 3-day deadlines
The nightkill of the Fire Mafia and the Ice Mafia will fail if both groups of mafia target the same person.
The Mafia groups are not night kill immune.
Fire Mafia kills and Ice Mafia kills have different kill flavour (i.e. the moderator will make it clear which Mafia team was responsible for each kill).

Each mafia group gets to decide amongst themselves pregame who the Godfather is.

In the event of a tied endgame (1-1-1, 0-1-1) that would normally result in a draw, if there is a Godfather vs. a Goon, the team with the Godfather will win.

Extradition mafia

5 Mafia Goons
8 Vanilla Town

If Mafia is lynched, they must kill a Townie (Vengescum). If Town is lynched, one Mafia must flee, exiting the game. Mafia win if 4 members flee, Town wins if 2 Mafia are lynched. Mafia have daychat. Deadlines are 3 or 4 days.


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#28 2019-09-29 10:40:12

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Re: Mafia community build

i was thinking of some thief roles to add cofusion like the thief coudl steal the first aid kid of a dcotor an duse it ONCE or steal some investigate kits fomr cops this will make confusion as poeple could think hey theres 2 docotrs... alternativley you can make an all-aroudn role that can do each ability ONCE during the game (heal investigate investigate (2 diffrent cops) block ect)


thanks hg for making this much better



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