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player-made speedruns

Allow players to enable the timer in any world with /starttrial, even if there aren't any time goals available. I know it's possible with /info, but starttrial puts the timer in a bigger out-of-game location.
Allow crew members with "world options" to set trophy times. These trophies are not actually saved with the player, but it gives a concrete sense of speedrun progress.
As there's no reward for speedrunning, there doesn't need to be a check for whether a time is possible or not.

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Re: player-made speedruns

This would be nice and since there are no rewards or anything it wouldn't be too unfair to make a level with invisible portals in weird spots that you don't come across when speedrunning it. Would work well with the suggestion of having the speedrun times in ee itself when enabled in settings. For campaigns it would need an anticheat otherwise someone could just use some hack to go faster or teleport or whatever and since you (as far as I know) can't speedrun an incomplete level the anticheat doesn't see if you cheated or you actually did the campaign the legit way as it's just treated as a normal level after that.

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