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#1 2019-01-04 11:41:27

From: admin land
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opttions ofr speedrunnign to make it easier

speedrunnign is now about a good run or esle you will say /reset for the thousanth time what if there is an options screen like:
- auto reset if cant bet PB anymore (when time turns red)
- auto resetf if died x times (orginaly ahd hte idea for 1 death but this will break tutorials+if you wanna do shortcuts thhat invovles death in easy worlds)
- for the sake of ... its suggested earlier but keybeind /reset default R or an key tht isnt easy to hit but it can still be rebinded (to prevent acidentaly hitting reset) also an way to disable this risky keybind
since whenever you doing rainbow diamond or gold you need pretty much an perfect run or esle you can say /reset again missed a coin? /reset missed an easy jump? oops you spoiled 0.5 sec /reset also maby its cool to have ghosts of yourself and a ghost of the staff (shost is your best time same for staff) enable or disable if needed ofc

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