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#1 2018-08-27 17:11:34

From: Magyarország, baszod
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Tender before making new campaign

Why the people who make the campaigns do not ask the players for worlds?

I saw some world, which were better than some campaign worlds in the same theme.

If there would be a tender before a new campaign is created, where players can send their worlds, the campaigns could be better.

When a campaign idea is released, there could be a message to every player, which would contain the name and the difficulty of the new campaign. If a player thinks, his world could be in that campaign, he sends it somehow to the makers of the campaigns. Then  judge could rate all worlds and select the best worlds to the campaign.

Idk how to solve the world sending, probably here could be a topic, where players can send the world url and a short description.

Is it too hard to make something like this?

Or is there something like this?
Then why I don't know about tha




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#2 2018-08-27 17:16:02, last edited by Offensive Ray (2018-08-27 17:16:42)

Offensive Ray
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Re: Tender before making new campaign

First of all they're not random people they're staff,
staff choose worlds according to what they find fitting,
however you can still suggest the world in another campaign suggestion if you found other worlds for it.


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#3 2018-08-27 17:46:31

From: admin land
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Re: Tender before making new campaign

you gueest worlds you find here and then staff if they wan tthi scmapaing ask the users if they want their world to be campainged


thanks hg for making this much better and ty for my avatar aswell


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