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From: I am everywhere and everything
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Re: Confess Your Sins

Slabdrill wrote:
CONTENT WARNING: i dont think this is actually needed but might as well?
Emily wrote:

I once named my account polo666.
I pirated Minecraft.
I cheated PF campaign so I could have Devil Skull smiley.

soniiiety wrote:

I hacked games
I like to cheat on games
I used 667 on ee
I trolled boss to code
I destroyed bomb bot using edit

I once sneaked into my moms room to play on her phone for 5 minutes at night
I know the password to my moms phone(used too but now she has an 10 long passcode on her ios)
I played on my moms phone when she was in the shower
I ran away from home when I was 6
I said somthing offensive to an 2degree man at a shop and I thought it was funny as jokes(I said" too greasy disease")
I am scared of chinese people and anyone related to them like japanese etc becuase of how they look and talk
I am shy to talk to chinese people and afraid I might not understand them and that they get angry etc

soniiiety wrote:

I nearly made people deaf online yelling and using voice changer

I made fun of the nation athem and of the chirstmas and birthday songs and make jokes about them

I ruined christmas for all in my dream I  had

I forgot to put more wood on  the fire and watch it, so it doesnt go out

I get lazy and didn't do the dishes like my mother asked

s1mple wrote:

I bought a water gun (which shoots up to 30 feet) to fend off the stray cats away from our home base.

I haven't told my family that I've been bumped by a car four years ago. (Just flew away a couple meters, left a few gashes, but that's it.)

Got tired of using Tinychat URLs, so I've decided to use a shared account just to chat. Long story. Said shared account is also why I now have a fear of the Pilgrim smiley.

I like minebots. Or at least, when nothing else interests me, I like joining in those kind of worlds.

Oh, and when I was ten, I read A Million Little Pieces. Make out of that what you will.

MWstudios wrote:
MWstudios wrote:

I've got 2 unexpired warnings

I take it back. Now it's 5 unexpired warnings.

  • Also forced his little brother to... do the thing in Ted Bear 2

  • trolled some EE worlds

  • went to bank, shot the cashier and stole all teh money

DarkComet wrote:

playing mariokart 7 online, i purposely stay in second place to let someone else get the blue shell, then take their place and get 1st
i t-posed in the middle of a little league baseball game on top of the visitors dugout
i always threw tantrums in 2nd grade and the only way i would stop was bribes with candy
i hit my friend in the no-no square with a baseball bat. hard.
i microwave pop-tarts.
i purposely slow down my computer so when task manager crashes i can laugh maniacally. only on thursdays though.
a (special) kid once strangled me, and i just laughed when the (special) wrangler took him away.

Whirl wrote:

I'm banned on Aero Community (discord server) for a year, that means I've got bear achievement for sleeping far long and also skipping school for long (not happened in real life)

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

I just remembered some more horrible things i did when i was young. I would "play" with my cat when it was a kitten by picking him up and throwing him around. Also i once poured salt over a snail on the road because i wanted to see if it would kill it. (It died horribly)
So yeah, i committed animal cruelty when i was very young. I’m not proud of it. Eventually i started loving animals and i was absolutely disgusted at myself for what i did earlier. I never treated my cat badly again and it eventually began to trust me completely by sleeping on my bed when i was sitting there and purring on my lap etc... I really loved that cat so i was really sad when it dissapeared some years ago. (No idea what happened)
I really love animals now so i really regret how stupid i was.

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

I cheated in my own world
Im so stupid that I thought backgrounds were blocks
I enjoy making ragequit minis
I did a normal T-Jump right after a micro T-jump hastily
I got 5 magic coins this month
I always get stuck on the final tier of campaigns
大声笑  澈阿叹蕚单反相机命运的警察局⺁我认了騆夏哦阿坏
^^^Spamming in chinese^^^
I hacked EE for 0 gems
I accidently created a virus while messing around with binary codes
I have 0 fps on campaigns after the first hour of the 07/22 update.
I trolled on someone's world because they asked me t
I died 5 times in some 12 leveled lucky tester
I failed a one block jump
I got the Computer NPC for completing 42 minis
I need a better laptop but I cant get one because im too poor
I ate onions
I ragequitted on a lot of worrlds
I only have 7 gems

MWstudios wrote:

I stole someone's account and hosted a deep web **** server with it

Whirl wrote:

Raging on aero members (and like always from 2016-2017)

and also others from the post … 59#p720159 (as you try to list them all as you can)

N1KF wrote:
DarkComet wrote:

i microwave pop-tarts.

I eat them raw out of the pack. //

Crybaby wrote:
N1KF wrote:
DarkComet wrote:

i microwave pop-tarts.

I eat them raw out of the pack. //

I eat the pack //

Freckleface wrote:
minimania wrote:
N1KF wrote:
DarkComet wrote:

i microwave pop-tarts.

I eat them raw out of the pack. //

I eat the pack //

I don't eat them

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

i ate minimania

soniiiety wrote:

.farted in the car
.farted in my dads place and didn't go outside
.had sweaty feet inside the house with shoes on with mud

Filip2005 is a fiend wrote:

I confess to imagine LoganYoshi's kids with his roblox girlfriend … nknown.png

Filip2005 is a fiend wrote:

I confess that I torture Logan by telling him about

Filip2005 is a fiend wrote:

I love bullying people

Mait wrote:

sent logan a picture of **** and got blocked.

Joeyc wrote:

I pretended a wallet from the lost and found was mine and it had like 50 bucks in it. I think this was in like 4th grade

ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:

I play EE

Daneeko wrote:

i stood next to the heater once to try and give myself a fever to skip school

Whirl wrote:

I dab on people (it's a joke, that's inside to haters)

KirbyKareem wrote:

i twerk at home

peace wrote:

coment here wihtout an actual sin

Anatoly wrote:

I am obsessed of girls and becoming a leader.

You Will Never Know wrote:

I haven't visited the forum in at least 5 years.



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Re: Confess Your Sins

Loganyoshi wrote:

- Whirl has been banned from the Aero Community Discord server for a year now, which means that he got the 'Bear Achievement' for sleeping far too long and for skipping school a lot. (What the actual hell are you talking about? (???))

  • Aero Community - party of OSM people in private Discord Server, in which of why I was got banned for a year now

  • And the second sin about the school is to never go to school, is this even fine or not?

And thanks for adding my sins, one worthy yet.

#103 2019-04-09 13:59:48

From: Norway
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Re: Confess Your Sins

Hacker, you know who you are. It is not too late for you to confess your sins! We will forgive you!
No we won't, lmao.

★              ☆        ★        ☆         ★
   ☆    ★                     ★


Wooted by:

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Re: Confess Your Sins

I go to dad's phone and after a lock on their phone I see the **** of their wife. (but I did actually nearly have seen it, and skipped it)


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