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From: wait I'm not a secret mod huh
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The Secret Rule (2)

Bobithan ran this fun game here and I'd like to revive it if y'all would care to join me!

The rules are straightforward: each round has a rule. This rule applies to the each post a player makes, but you don't know what it is. You want to guess the rule to win. Upon correctly guessing, you get to determine the rule for the next game, provided it isn't too complicated.

You only get one guess each round. You can experiment with others through conversation to determine what the rule is. Please do not, however, simply post random content or consecutively. Excessive disregard for this request will get you dropped from the round.

Double posts will be deleted. Editing will be disabled.

(too long? too confusing? go read bobithan's rules, they're much more agreeable!) I opt to create a new thread a la Mafia because, well, it seems weird to take over his thread with such a host-involved game.

Tags I will be using:
INVALID - The guess in this post does not count (they already guessed/broke some rule)
INCORRECT - This guess is wrong.
RULEBREAKING - This post breaks the rule.
(I also will try to mark posts when I have checked the thread with a piece such as 'posts heretofore have been evaluated')
with that, shall we begin?


  1. Anak (posts cannot include personal pronouns) (17 posts (#17))

  2. Mutantdevle (posts cannot include first letter of username) (131 posts (#148))

  3. Onjit (posts cannot have a consonant padded by vowels) (73 posts (#221))

  4. Kirby (posts cannot follow a post with an o) (157 posts (#378))

  5. Music man (poster may not have joined after 2015) (211 posts (#589))

  6. Railmat (post must not have characters from the previous post (10 posts (#599))

  7. Music man (post must not begin and end with the same word) (154 posts (#753))

  8. Slabdrill (post must not have words with more than two syllables) (277 posts (#1030))

  9. Freckleface (post must not match any previous post) (68 posts (#1098))

  10. Kirby (post must not quote previous posts from poster) (92 posts (#1190))

  11. Music man (post must not be mine) (26 posts (#1216))

  12. Trytu (post number must not be prime) (31 posts (#1247))

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Music man



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