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#1 2018-04-12 10:33:10, last edited by mutantdevle (2018-04-29 15:51:40)

From: Hell
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Cownt. to 1000 & 2!

@Admins, fix the title please <3

In this game, you play as a vampire who wishes to gain enough blood points to become the ultimate vampire!

There are 3 ways you can gain points:


In a single post, you cannot perform more than 1 of these actions at once. If you do not specify an attacking or defending action, you will automatically comment.

You may also not post twice within the last 5 posts. This means if your post is post number 67, then you cannot post again until post number 72. This means 4 other players would have posted before you do.

Posts that break this rule will not be counted and, instead, you will lose 10% of your points (rounded up).

Editing is disabled however if you are somehow able to edit your posts then please do not do this. Edited posts will always be considered as a comment.

I reserve the right to change these rules at any time and enforce them immediately or on previous posts if I choose to do so. I will always mention if a rule has been changed.

If you find a flaw in the rules that could allow for potentially game-breaking actions, please inform me through PM. I decide what is considered game-breaking. If you are ever unsure about whether something is allowed, then ask me first (through PM). Failure to do so may cause me to consider your post a violation of the rules resulting in your post not being counted and being docked 10% of your points (rounded up).

The first player to 1002 points wins the game.

Final Scores

kMMA0S6.png dxGW6FY.png


#2 2018-04-15 23:06:23

Wiki Mod (Formerly zyhrllos)
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Re: Cownt. to 1000 & 2!


attack xfrogman43

haha... woot!! >:)


Wooted by:

#3 2018-04-20 22:37:51

Wiki Mod (Formerly zyhrllos)
Joined: 2015-11-08
Posts: 2,023

Re: Cownt. to 1000 & 2!

attack mutantdevle

haha... woot!! >:)



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