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#1 2018-03-18 07:51:06

From: Russia
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A Cool game you can play with friends (if you have them :^)

You need:
- A canvas you can draw Plasticine on.
- A host
- A lot of Plasticine

This game should be played in the complete silence. You can't speak or talk to other players (writing & such is banned too). The only way of communicating is gestures.
Host gives small cards with elements of the canvas written on them to each player. Players can't show their cards to other players.
The goal is to draw your element on the canvas. Host makes sure that players stick to the rules.

An example of cards:
1. A lighthouse that has red and white walls.
2. The lighthouse stands on an island.
3. An island surrounded by blue ocean.
4. A stormy ocean.
5. A boat floating in the ocean.
6. A boat that has red sail.
7. A dark-blue sky.
8. Stars in the sky.
9. A lighthouse is surrounded by 3 trees.
10. A lighthouse that has 10 floors.
11. An island has a flag.
12. you can add your cards too.

Each card has an element that has to correlate with other cards. It causes a conflict between players and they have to solve it by working together.
You might notice that a lighthouse mentioned 4 times in cards. This is an example of people working together to solve a task. You should create 1 lighthouse with all those parameters, but sometimes people will create 4 lighthouses (and its a sign that a group can't work together)

1) Get a group of people (at least 6, but more = better)
2) Host reads rules to the players.
3) Host gives cards to players.
4) People should start building in silence.

I played it with my friends and this is what we've come up with:

Hidden text

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#2 2018-03-18 09:16:07


Re: A Cool game you can play with friends (if you have them :^)

Oh this would be interesting for an art class

#3 2018-03-18 09:30:00

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From: Shakuras
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Re: A Cool game you can play with friends (if you have them :^)

tfw you only have one real life friend

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