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#1 2018-01-17 00:25:51, last edited by capasha (2018-01-17 00:29:41)

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Rare smileys for everyone?

The thread is locked but all I saw is this:

Devlin wrote:

    Just sayin', I hate all forms of limited time or only achievable once content. In my opinion, all previously obtainable magic coin smileys should be seasonal magic coins based on their theme eg. pumpkins available during October, bunny during the Easter period. Classics are okay I guess since they are obtainable but the concept of classics were mainly introduced to milk more money out of the game. This part of my opinion will probably be more unpopular, but I also think contests should have standardised prizes rather than unique ones. Painter/graphics smileys should be given out in all artistic based competitions and there should be set trophy blocks instead of a new look for each competition. I can understand why contest content would be unique though.

Emalton wrote: I really like this idea, what do the rest of you think?

We that won contest use these smileys because we won them. There isn't many that use them but they exist.
I bought beta when not many people had it, because we could choose other smileys that none else had. And that was cool for us.
It would be better if people make contest worlds instead and get this as price. Not that people could get them without effort.

This game is really going good. Energy locker for old school people because new people need energy more.
I have 2 magic blocks the new people that play this game get this easier. It's good keep this stuff and let oldschool people be ignored.


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#2 2018-01-17 00:54:04


Re: Rare smileys for everyone?

contest smileys should not be given to the public any other way than contests imo. best way to go with that would be hosting contests with the same theme every so often. even as a contest winner, i think contests should be re-hosted

#3 2018-01-17 01:00:51

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Re: Rare smileys for everyone?

Making an easier way to earn contest smileys is a horrible and terrible idea. Even then, rehosting contests might be a bad idea also just because of how much easier it is to win a contest now.


#4 2018-01-17 01:02:11, last edited by John (2018-01-17 01:02:35)

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Re: Rare smileys for everyone?

I only like the idea of classic smilies, not contest ones.



#5 2018-01-17 01:03:26

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Re: Rare smileys for everyone?

that thread was locked for a reason

the same reason this thread is locked



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