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#1 Re: Bug Reports » EE Lag » 2015-11-23 22:07:48

Kira wrote:

Step 1: Click Search in this following forum called ""

Step 2: Search for: How to fix lag in Everybodyedits
With a minimum of patience you will fix it individually without the help of anyone, you're a big boy now aren't ya?

Step 3: You have answered the answer of your own complain! Bravo!!

Lets not be a **** about it.

#2 Bug Reports » EE Lag » 2015-11-23 21:56:40

Replies: 7

Today has been the worst in the amount of lag I am experiencing.
In the past week (or so), I have not been able to...
Place blocks when, and where I want (there is a major delay, and sometimes not allowing me to place at all for seconds to minutes at a time.)
Move without delay (I have started to go full-screen mode, to eliminate the lag)
Now, the full-screen mode is not working.

(I am using Chrome, when I use another browser full-screen mode works perfectly)


#3 Bots and Programming » Possible bot idea? » 2015-11-18 23:56:22

Replies: 9

Has there been a bot that the user inputs a worldID and the bot reads the world and then outputs an image in high detail of the world?

Something that could output this

Hidden text

#5 Re: Questions and Answers » Fewest Deaths in KOCrew Creepy Cavern » 2015-11-16 18:59:22

gkaby wrote:

i have fewer deaths than that



You haven't gotten to the end.

#8 Re: Bots and Programming » I need someone to make me a bot. » 2015-07-27 16:25:50

JaWapa wrote:

Your other option is to get a bot to protect against trolling, but that isn't exactly full proof.


#9 Re: Forum Games » Illuminati Confirmed. » 2015-06-10 16:40:53

weird things do weird stuff: 27 letters (with spaces)


Next word: McDonalds

#14 Re: Forum Games » The Essay Game » 2015-04-14 23:28:36

Toaster Strudel is a toaster pastry brand which was originally notable for being stored frozen, due to innovations in 1980s food manufacturing processes. The pastries are convenience food, prepared simply and quickly by heating them in a toaster and then spreading the included icing packet on top of the pastry.

Owned by General Mills, Toaster Strudel is marketed under the Pillsbury brand, formerly of the Pillsbury Company. The product has found considerable success, since being deployed in 1985 as competition with Kellogg's Pop-Tarts brand of non-frozen toaster pastries. In 1994, the company launched the advertising slogan of "Something better just popped up". As of August 2013, the company increased the foreign branding, launching a brand ambassador character named Hans Strudel, and the new slogan of "Get Zem Göing".

Since the brand's introduction, various flavors of Toaster Strudel have come and gone, and a current list is on the manufacturer's web site. Flavors have included these:

Apple Cream Danish
Boston Cream Pie
Cinnamon Roll made with Cinnabon™ Flavor
Cream Cheese & Strawberry
Danish Style Cream Cheese
Pumpkin Pie

Next Topic: History of beer.

#15 Re: Bots and Programming » [Client] HTML5 EE - Development Status » 2015-04-13 21:19:10

xJeex wrote:

I added a speed control mini to my client by request from ZeldaXD.

EDIT: I added some of the gravity blocks (Yes, I know you can jump in the boost arrows) and two hotkeys, try guess what they are. //

Didn't see this.

#16 Re: Bots and Programming » [Client] HTML5 EE - Development Status » 2015-04-13 20:02:09

I understand that all this was made over a span of 3 days, but still...


I am being extremely critical, but the physics need a tune up.

#17 Game Suggestions » Spamming the chat if you're the owner. » 2015-03-24 01:47:02

Replies: 6

I feel as though the "Spam" warning in worlds is ridiculous. Many times that I get the warning is when I am testing a bot of mine and trying to debug it.


If you are the world owner, there shouldn't be a warning about spam.


#18 Re: Bots and Programming » [Tutorial] TUTORIALS » 2015-03-19 01:57:00

Automated block movement.
      (Possibly hardcoded)
Random Block Placement
A simple wurm.
How to move the bot to a certain location.
Something with Timers?
      (Race Bot?)

// //

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