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#1 Re: Game Discussion » How many unused worlds do you have? » 2018-07-22 14:32:34

small world - 200
medium world - 32
large world - 32
wide world - 33
big world - 32
ultra wide world - 32
massive world - 32
tall world - 32
huge world - 33
vertical great world - 32
great world - 32
home world - 1
low gravity world - 2
beta world - 1
beta only world -1

pretty sure I cleared all with a bot.

Edit: 524 worlds (according to yonom's profile stats thing)

#3 Forum Games » Choose your starter pokémon! (Kanto edition) » 2018-04-17 16:36:20

Replies: 6

You pick your starter pokémon from the Kanto region. Your pokémon fights the pokémon the previous person picked. The pokémon with a weakness to the other loses the fight.

I pick Squirtle.

This is pretty much the rock paper scissors thread again

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Farewell. » 2018-04-17 16:29:14

JustNero01 wrote:
mutantdevle wrote:

Gosh, a noob trying to sell their account?

Bruv how am I a noob lmfao, Define noob and then we'll talk.

Someone with less than 800 max energy is a noob in my book.

#5 Re: Game Suggestions » Earn Energy/Gems in featured worlds » 2018-04-16 23:45:15

Jet wrote:
Anak wrote:

Is there a list of featured worlds somewhere? I hardly ever see any in that tab that I'm wondering what they are now or even the criteria for them (it's been quite long since that was added)

Gosha wrote:

There is no list of featured levels

That list is not accurate at all.

#10 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2018-04-15 13:30:32

Crashing through the crowded halls,
Dodging girls like ping-pong balls,
Just to reach the bathroom on time
(Hey! Hey! Hey!)
Leaping over laundry piles,
Diapers you can smell for miles,
Guy's gotta do what he can to survive!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
Duck, dodge, push and shove,
It's how we show our love!
In the Loud House! In the Loud House!
One boy, ten girls
(Wouldn't trade it for the world!)
Loud! House! Loud! Loud House!

#12 Re: Forum Games » rock paper scissors » 2018-04-14 13:52:08


Hidden text

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What is your view on life? » 2018-04-11 13:41:30

I'm waiting for the sweet release of death.

#18 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2018-04-10 21:21:39

Okay, that's indeed mature content. lol(gewijzigd)

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