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#1 Questions and Answers » Lost email in regards to being a part of EEU Beta » 2019-08-06 06:29:01

Replies: 3

So the email that my account Yogsfan101 is associated with is quite old and long forgotten, the downside to this is that this account is the account I own that has Beta, so I was wondering, if I no longer have access to my email but still remember my login and whatnot would I still be able to play the EEU Beta?

Prior to the main beta.everybodyedits website being shutdown I opted in for EEU Beta

#2 Re: Game Suggestions » Gun Dispenser Blocks » 2015-02-27 18:15:41

Um guns in EE... uh... wait why do you want guns in EE, its a building game not a shooter game!

#3 Game Suggestions » Block/Action/Decorative/Background pages? » 2015-02-27 02:25:38

Replies: 2

Judging by the amount of blocks I have it kinda annoys me that its getting bigger and is all on one page, having a next page system to save room for blocks/action/decorative/background would be awesome so you can save more room and just click an arrow button ( lets just say it is located in the bottom right corner while the more blocks thing is up ) and it displays more blocks and stuff on that page, this way we won't have to worry about the more blocks thing taking up a lot of space.

#4 Game Suggestions » Beta Background? » 2015-02-26 23:47:11

Replies: 5

Can some admin or owner make a Beta Background in EE, its a thing I thought about for a while and now I want to see if this will be included in the game, it would be awesome //

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