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#4 Worlds » MountSide » 2018-03-20 12:54:07

Replies: 7

made in 7 hours, medium-hard difficulty


#6 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Some Bullies. Trigger warning » 2018-02-06 16:24:12

Davidllx5 wrote:

And I'll leave this  post open until I feel like closing it, so people see how immature you are.

you should just lock this already, it's useless drama that could've easily been prevented anyways

also i was asked to post this here:

#11 Re: Off Topic Discussion » ok ignore this » 2017-10-31 21:14:36

Michele wrote:

drstereos, weirdoverse and David should really die

did you even read any of the replies though

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » ok ignore this » 2017-10-25 15:41:16


GreenyMix wrote:

I was forced to or I was kicked out the group. I was very scared, so I joined in.

you repeat this through your wall of text multiple times, but there is no proof i would have unfriended you if you refused to do something, and i never forced you to do anything

GreenyMix wrote:

David joined and made his own server. Nothing special. He made me and reido admins. Reido changed the server picture and name, then blamed it on me. David thought reido was telling the truth, and demoded me. I was mad, though I saw reido trying to make me admit to doing nothing, just to see me suffer. I didn’t obey to his game and got banned.

like david said a post above, it was obvious that you did it because everyone else was AFK. although i don't think it should matter that much, as it was just a server pic/name change which could be reverted in 5 seconds

GreenyMix wrote:

Then, Reido made the joke called “autistic fox” (referring to my character, a green fox with a green hoodie). It was apparently “the joke of the century”, and everyone used it so much it wasn’t even funny.

this happened back in 2015, and "autist fox" is barely used nowadays yet for some reason you pretend that it's still being used often and being spammed everywhere

GreenyMix wrote:

Weirdo deleted my messages when tagging Reido and said I was spam tagging him. He spammed “autist fox” when I was denying him.

yes, that was true, but weirdoverse was doing that as a joke. the main reason this pointless drama was started was because you overreacted to weirdoverse doing that

GreenyMix wrote:

I told my parents about all this story, and they said I was being manipulated.

why do you bring your parents into this

GreenyMix wrote:

This post really helped me express my pain

good for you, but why post it here? no one cares about what is happening in our friend circle

GreenyMix wrote:

I am planning to make a site that is gonna be about exposing Reidolol and also to expose every single thing in their group

what would you accomplish by doing that

GreenyMix wrote:

called Lil’ Smokeys

who calls it that

GreenyMix wrote:

I’m expecting Reido to say some stuff about me that I did, and well, I’ll accept that, but unless it was before the time I snapped, then his argument will  be invalid since, y’know…



also what i've noticed with this thread is that, just like the other thread you made about me a year ago, you blame some stuff that you did on me and you even made some stuff up and you almost mentioned nothing bad that you did because you're trying to make yourself seem more innocent
you're acting like you've won something out of this, and you sent this in PMs:

GreenyMix (in pm) wrote:

if you think youve won this then youre wrong
very wrong

in reality, no one is winning anything from this, because this is just pointless drama
it's ok that you wrote this post to "express your pain" like you said, but you shouldn't have posted it here, as it just starts unnecessary drama
i'd say more to this but davidllx5 and weirdoverse already covered some points that i wanted to make

#15 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2017-08-31 14:44:56

Every Build Exists is a live multi-player game where you and your friends play and build together doing lots of funny/challenging worlds where you can have unlimited number of worlds with over 700 blocks that are constantly being added. The game has no real purpose, acting more as a sandbox, and giving players even more room for creativity.

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