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#1 Re: Questions and Answers » Execpt for buying Beta, How do we can get Beta? » Yesterday 14:44:47

A. Wait until EE offline is released
B. Support EE in patreon
C. Daily reward streaks
D. Campaign gems
E. Friend transfer gems
There are other ways but those are good enough

#2 Re: Game Business » EE Universe Closed Beta Information! » 2019-09-09 14:17:13

Xenonetix wrote:

Effects & Effect Zones

Camera Zones

Auto-Tiled Blocks

Movable Blocks

Crumbling Blocks

Collectible Keys

In-World Shopping Systems

Building Contests

Leaderboard Contests

Extra Game Modes

Finally, looking forward for even further expansion of ideas! //

#3 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Graphics ideas topic » 2019-09-07 20:30:39

I searched all topics in the Graphic suggestion of the forums:
(Graphics added to the game has been omitted in this list)


#4 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive » 2019-08-22 19:50:50

mrjawapa wrote:
Xenonetix wrote:

??? - I really have no idea why these were made. I presume they were created by Toop, but I really don't know.

Admin aura, guardian aura, developer aura. Idk the green one or the red one.

My personal guess is that those were supposed to be unique smileys for each part of the staff:
- All staff (The pic uses the admin aura, multicolored): superman
- Moderator (purple): Purple Ghost
- Developer (I think, never seen it, blue): Glasses with microphone
- Designer (green): Jester
- Forum? (I never seen that red aura): Misterious
I guess the idea then got discarded

#5 Game Discussion » Let´s introduce Bots officially to EEU » 2019-08-04 03:24:29

Replies: 0

EE has got Continue hacker attacks, breaching accounts is only one problem, but gore & **** pictures uploaded to maps make the game toxic and cause several damage to the game reputation over anything else.

Breach could happen by using bots that contain a way to collect data from the players that uses them, so the idea that I suggest here is in part about that issue.

For EE the only way to get a bots is to download it from random websites, not telling all bots could be trojans (or any other type of virus or troublemaker), or making a bot yourself, and that is a real issue for the security and safety of the game, as Staff have no real control on what can be done with a bot.
EE is a pixel game with a minimap, in that minimap can be uploaded inappropriate content very easily using bots.
EE forums even have a Bot and Programmin forum for it, that mean bots are part of the game, why not integrate bots as an official part of the game instead of keeping it in a dangerous dark corner.

Making for EEU a workshop like Steam workshop is the solution, the art bots in the workshop should follow all the same rules: No external picture posting, no bot in the workshop is able to have a tool to upload external files to it, if that is the case, the bot is removed from the workshop.
Players can post their bots in a section for it´s greenlight, and a staff team dedicated to that task aprove or dissaprove them, there should be a staff team that do check and test the bots greenlighted, as bots is an important part of the game, EEU bot workshop is a secure and easy way to introduce bots to the game, players can easily subscribe/unsubscribe to a bot and use it in the game, "open/activate/manage bot" in-game (With a in-game tab for the bot settings, one tab for each bot activated).
Players who spam bot suggestions, could be banned from suggesting them.

If a single player (A programmer) do want a bot that do an specific task, that no other player require or even want, there is no point to satisfy the needs of a single programmer that could be a hacker trying to break the rules.
The bots are optional and as so, only a portion of the game community use them, and the whole community could be affected and damaged by the use of bots, as it happened to EE recently.

The workshop could even encourage programming knowledge by making a bot contest anually, with it´s rules of course to avoid introducing to the game an usafe bot.
Players can flag unsafe, broken, glitched bots, and also give reviews for them, their developers can check and fix the issues and improve the bot.

The maps should have a list that only the staff can see, this list contain all the bots connected to the specific map, and if any trouble happen in the map, staff can see what bot caused it.
If EEU is about to be as open as EE for bots, the same problem will occur in a not far future, lets prevent this to happen to EEU, as an stronger security is only a portion of the work, a single breach occasion is enough to severely affect the whole game.

Please, share your knowledge about programming here to correct/modify the ideas exposed.
Post below if you want to share ideas and your knowledge to explain ways to make bot-making easier and safer for programmers.

#6 Game Discussion » Naked people in profiles & gore » 2019-08-02 18:49:03

Replies: 10

Why are there too many naked people in known profiles?
(Including my own profile)
Also gore.
Can mod make those maps visible false, hide them? (Or clear map and then save), I can`t join the game to do it myself as EE is available only in Kongregate for the moment.

#7 Re: Game Suggestions » EEU right mouse button use » 2019-08-01 20:30:41

The mouse´s Scroll up/down could be used to:

- *Tab: To open big minimap* (This minimap is used to fit the game-screen, could have an option to set transparency)
  Then use scroll up/down to zoom in/out in the big minimap, mouse-drag to move the camera in the big minimap.
  There could be an option to fix the position of the big minimap camera while the player is zooming to the position of the smiley.
  (block placing could be blocked while using the big minimap, Smiley movement could be maintained).

- Rotate the position of the block, for example for platforms, fix the position of rotable items to the selected by the scroll up/down. (instead of clicking on each rotable block in order to rotate them).
  There could be an option to see the block in the cursor of the mouse before placing them.


- Scroll up/down to increase/decrease the brush size (From 1 pixel to 2 pixel to 3 pixel to etc), using also a key from the keyboard, ctrl for example, and to increase/decrease the eraser size there could be another key set, for example ctrl+alt.
  (There could be also a tool in the game-toolbar of the player to increase/decrease the brush size)

- Zoom in/out the game screen.
Using for example: shift+alt+scroll up/down.

- Choose between blocks from the same pack. (You have to press a key in the keyboard, Shift for example, and then as you scroll up/down, you will be equipping the next block of the pack selected).
It would be useful to have a block preview of the item you have selected and equipped in a corner of the game-screen.
That way you know what item will you place while you are building, without the need to have the item equiped in your tool box, also to know the ID and the rotation of the item using the preview image, it could be an option in game settings.

Sounds good, Using mouse buttons to interact with items in the map while being in player mode, for example, to turn on or off an action tool by clicking on it.
Something like this would be required to test while building:

#8 Re: Game Discussion » something important maybe » 2019-07-21 23:16:01

TaskManager wrote:

You found the old one

As far as I know there is no a new breach.


#9 Re: Game Discussion » something important maybe » 2019-07-21 23:07:56

Hidden text

Oh well... (Back on March 2019)

#10 Game Discussion » A very quick staff note appear in the top of the game screen » 2019-07-21 21:16:24

Replies: 2

Just now a "hacker", at least it said it was something about "Hacked"

Did someone else noticed it? (In the box that appear the system messages).

EDIT: It was because of the breach I guess

#11 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Topic » 2019-07-21 18:30:52

Kira wrote:

anti aliasing which makes your arts look unfinished.

Briefly Anti alias is to give a picture a smoother appearance, we both agree that a completely "finished" artwork is one that have passed all the steps for its completion, including the final step, that may include anti aliasing.

There are only few artist who take care of this final step thoroughtly, lets take for example this great gallery:
The results are undoubtedly fantastic and we all appreciate their attention very much, finishing an artwork with anti alias do take a lot of time.

A good anti alias would need a lot of colors that EE is missing, but still, the actual amount of colors EE have is very enough to do a nice anti alias most of the times.
I would only think to take my time to make a good anti alias for a few arts, this for example, a project I abandoned, I was doing this cake for a boss, the fruits on the top were almost finished:

I am a procrastinator, I abandon a lot of projects, as I told in the main topic (I omitted that text in the newest edition of this topic):
"If I don`t finish the artwork at once, I abandon the project like forever."
A good example is that chocolate cake, it is almost finished, but I won`t finish it like never, it is for me really hard to return to projects.
Other good examples are my minigame worlds, forgotten desert, grimoire, grimoire genesis, oneirophobia world, nirthopia, etc. all of them are unfinished. (Yes, even Nirthopia, the grass is unfinished, and the black minigame at the background was going to be a building).
So I present the art in this gallery as they remain.

I really appreciate your incredible attention and the close look you give to this gallery //

#12 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Topic » 2019-07-21 15:30:25

Caleb101 wrote:

Isn't that your profile picture but with a gif? //

Yes, I took pictures of the process while I was painting it, the picture posted in this topic is the final result

#13 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Topic » 2019-07-21 14:02:47

sxrrealism wrote:

bob ross painting in ee

Nebula has suggested to draw a skull. Bob`s style painting will be in the to-do list of videos to make, Thanks for your suggestion, feel free to add details as you wish

#14 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Topic » 2019-07-21 01:23:42

Trytu wrote:

can i try to color it??

As you wish, my artwork is not copyrighted, have fun, happy painting //

#15 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Youtube Channel » 2019-07-20 19:51:21

Nebula wrote:

Where's the one with the skull art speedrun drawing as the one for your forum avatar on your yt channel where I was been in there you said it's for YT

I did not made a video for it, I took pictures to make my actual forum avatar GIF, I don´t pay much attention to the game chat when I am drawing, I apologise for the misunderstanding, Thanks for your suggestion, in the next video I will draw a skull, you can also add any detail to your suggestion as you wish.

You guys can suggest ideas for future videos, I will appreciate very much all of them.

#16 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Topic » 2019-07-20 19:22:35

Updating my Art topic:

New Art added:

#17 Re: Creative » Official Minisaurus Art Youtube Channel » 2019-07-20 18:28:04

Updating my youtube channel content

I hope you enjoy //

#18 Re: Game Discussion » Abandoned Projects » 2019-07-18 19:15:26

My abandoned Projects

#19 Re: Game Business » The Best of Everybody Edits Campaign & Information on EE Offline » 2019-07-16 11:22:06

Will the Staff tools be also included?
Teleporting in the level using minimap, Looking around the map without moving, etc.
Also the shortcut/hotkey settings menu, to edit the keyboard´s keys uses.

Will there be different gameplay modes? (These could be selected in the settings menu)
Builder mode & Player mode for example.

Will the online items, like the golden crown, be included? (Show/hide the crown option would be needed)
The teleport to other maps using the red portal would be added? (Would only teleport if the player have both maps).

Would online LAN connection be possible?
It would be cool to continue making collaborate worlds and co-op maps.
Also a forum section/forums exclusively for EEO subjects.

P.S: Allowing custom graphics / action tools to be easily added to the game by the users would be cool.
I hope EE offline does not get abandoned, there could be volunteer programmers, graphic designers, etc, adding new stuff/tools to EE offline eventually,
Something like the Steam Workshop. (You can easily subscribe and unsubscribe from each "mod").
Difficult does not mean impossible.

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Open source EE » 2019-07-14 14:31:26

Take an example from other games, divition of direction for games very often is bad for the community, it divides not only the game, but the community.
There go my example:
Gunz the last duel was an amazing game, with a good community base until it divided the direction of the game.
Now there are many different servers for gunz, all of them different from each other, inclusively, there is an Open Source version of the game, "Refined GUNZ"
Overall, now no one of the Gunz versions dominate over the others, they all have small amount of playerbase, in my opinion the reason of the failure was to divide community and most important, direction of the game.
Gunz the second duel, the sequel of the franchise, was a try to revive gunz, and failed miserably,
Why? because it lost the essence of the game, making it a more standard shooter game.

We should not divide the community, and neither lose EE`s essence in any other future version.
EE should avoid multiple divition of direction, many choices lead to no choice for the players, keeping them indecisive.
Or EEU or EEO or EEOpen, not all of them.
If any of them will happen, it would need advertising, and a good administration that does not lose the essence of the game.
EE have not failed, it got it`s victories and defeats, it always found a way to recover after a defeat, it will die mostly because flash plugin dying in the endings of 2020

#21 Questions and Answers » Purchase EE offline » 2019-06-11 01:34:08

Replies: 11

Will EEO be "one time" purchase?
Or monthly subscription?
Or free?

#22 Game Discussion » EE offline vs EE universe » 2019-06-09 15:06:20

Replies: 13

Hello, I wonder,

Will EEO affect the user amount of EEU?

I do think that EEO is a great idea, but it might affect the amount of players preferring to play EEO rather than online EEU

Apparently EEO will have all for free, unlimited (The plan seems to be to not add new stuff like never I guess)

EEU will be a very "new" game, with a "new" player amount, and they might prefer to play EEO, making EEU player amount smaller


I wonder if EEO would have a positive or a negative effect for the EEU launch´s player amount

Both are fantastic, but, they may get into rivality at the beggining


Best wishes! //

#23 Re: Game Business » Minisaurus departure » 2019-03-06 22:35:02

peace wrote:

EDIT can you make a top0ic with all your ghrapics that made it to th egame? i woudl like to see which nice thigns uve made other then the ones that didnt made it to the game

I can make a collection of the unpolished version I have saved on my computer:


More graphics here: … 10#p741810

More graphics here: … 08#p741808

There are some graphics I have made while on the staff team waiting to be released // (Completed)

#24 Game Business » Everybody Edits Loadscreen Archive - Minisaurus » 2019-03-04 06:52:01

Replies: 1

Globe & Load-Screen graphics I made while I was part of the design team:

Christmas 2018:
Winter 2019:
Image for the EE blogs:
Spring 2019
Updated Gaussian layer:

#25 Game Business » Minisaurus departure » 2019-03-04 06:49:34

Replies: 25

I announce that I am leaving the staff team.

I always wanted to be part of the design team, so I am very glad with all the people who support my graphic suggestions.
I won´t be spending much time in front of the computer, I won´t be around EE for a while, probably just to post some graphic/game suggestions.

I have posted the globes I made recently in the Everybody Edits Load-screen Archive: … 10#p741810
I have posted some cut content graphics in the Everybody Edits Cut Content Archive: … 08#p741808
I have posted a collection of items (non-polished versions) that I made while I was part of the staff team that have been added to the game: … 18#p742018
I have bring some graphic suggestions from the forums and in-game in the design team (I always wondered if the design team ever listen to the community, it is good to know that they do //
There are some graphics I have made for future updates // (Completed)
Thanks for the fantastic times, this game have a spot in my heart.
I hope EEU get the popularity that EE always deserved.

This is a farewell :-)

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