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#2 Re: Game Discussion » Label » Today 07:39:57

Set it with the same restrictions as usernames.

#4 Re: Questions and Answers » Is there still any benefit to using the beta website? » Yesterday 19:44:19

peace wrote:
John wrote:

At one point beta was separated from the normal game site, Everybody Edits has the ability to split databases by connection types which I'm guessing what was used at that time.

but is there STILL benefits of using it?

If you look at every other post in this topic except OP you'd see there is not.

#6 Re: Bug Reports » Everybody Edits will not load. » Yesterday 16:48:10


This is where I get stuck. Logging in as a guest works perfectly fine. Whenever I attempt to log in to my own account, I never make it to the lobby. Also, in order to get to the login screen, I'm required to delete all data so that it doesn't auto-sign me in to my account and get stuck.

(Stuck at loading screen after logging in)

#7 Re: Game Discussion » The Most Impressive Thing You've Done » Yesterday 04:26:44

poopdublio wrote:

I looked out the window of my car for 10 minutes without getting carsick

How is this EE related tho

#8 Re: World Creation » i need helpers to make a card game in ee » Yesterday 02:45:03

You're best off making Uno or something along those lines.

#9 Re: Bug Reports » Everybody Edits will not load. » Yesterday 02:39:59

No. I already attempted to do this on Firefox and failed.

EDIT: My gold membership just expired (I think). Maybe this has something to do with it?

2nd EDIT: I cleared all of my data, then signed in again. The problem repeated itself.

3nd EDIT: Can confirm that gold membership is not expired. False alarm.... well, still alarm because I can't play EE anymore, but you get it.

#10 Re: Bug Reports » Everybody Edits will not load. » 2019-01-14 21:35:16

LukeM wrote:

Are you able to log in as a guest / with different accounts?

I cannot, especially not when I cannot sign out, though I am able to get a bot to connect with my account to a world (EEditor).

#11 Re: Bug Reports » Everybody Edits will not load. » 2019-01-14 12:15:31

I unfavorited over a hundred worlds. My list is now much smaller, and yet Everybody Edits still will not load.

EDIT: I think it's also a pretty good thing to point out that I did not favorite any world yesterday.

#12 Re: Creative » Anatoly's Signature Creation Topic » 2019-01-14 07:51:11

As someone currently using Snow Theme, I agree with Peace. Looks great. Nice and colorful (kind of like mine)

#13 Bug Reports » Everybody Edits will not load. » 2019-01-14 06:55:47

Replies: 14

Getting stuck at the loadscreen. No amount of refreshing fixes this issue. I use Google Chrome, however even switching over to Firefox did not fix this problem.

#14 Re: Game Suggestions » About the sound... » 2019-01-14 06:38:30

This is already confirmed for the reboot.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Label » 2019-01-13 23:49:19

I would use it the way the staff do: creatively in levels. I always thought it was a way for staff to show their favoritism for people when they would use the labels to help those creators out but wouldn't even consider other people. Look at Aoitenshi's Station levels to understand what I mean.

#16 Re: Graphics Suggestions » Minimania's EEU Graphic Suggestions. » 2019-01-13 14:37:01

peace wrote:

i have really bad news for the chocolate pack even thoguth i like it it wont make it to the game or to EEU simply because i will eat it before it makes it to the game


#17 Re: Game Discussion » The Most Impressive Thing You've Done » 2019-01-13 14:33:53

mikelolsuperman wrote:
Onjit wrote:

won a couple of contests, added the greatest decoration to ee ever conceived, which is better than some smooth brained schmuck who only won a pumpkin smiley because there was no competition in 2012

What deco?

He is a decoration block //

#18 Re: Game Suggestions » [EEU]Overlays » 2019-01-13 08:47:54

This was once attempted but cut. It's in the cut content archive for now. It was meant to be implemented in a similar way to how fireworks are done now, but full range.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » I get logged off whenever i refresh ee » 2019-01-13 08:45:54

This looks to have been an issue ever since the recent update. For now it seems you'll have to deal with logging in over and over again for now.

#20 Re: Bots and Programming » [Release] EEditor 4.0.4 - Offline Editor » 2019-01-13 07:03:56

Onjit wrote:

I keep getting the error "The connection requested is not known by the server" whenever I try to upload.

I tried going down to 4.0.2, but I have the same error when I try to add my account.

Not sure what's wrong, but either way this bot is 10/10 tbh

It was the recent update

#21 Re: Worlds » Salmon con Pure » 2019-01-13 02:13:33


I'll come back when the login issue is fixed.

#22 Re: Questions and Answers » Is there still any benefit to using the beta website? » 2019-01-13 02:10:39

It used to during like... 2010. Years ago, Chris made the beta client and the normal client essentially the same (though you still needed beta to login to the former for a while still, for some reason). Since then, there has been no difference between and the regular website, other than what surrounded the actual game.

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