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#1 Re: Compost Bin » Spambots » 2022-03-07 09:35:38

rat wrote:

Numbers that have 4 letters:


I believe those are all of the base numbers, so you could theoretically find every single number by continuing the chain with those numbers.


Negative Fifty Six Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Two

Forty Three





Reverse the process, and you can find Negative Fifty Six Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Two. You also can find what comes after that. The easiest way to do this is to try to stick to the smallest possible amount of letters to make it less stressful (or continue along yours if it's possible). I, however, am not smart enough to do that. BTW I did use a negative. It does 100% end the chain no matter what, but I wanted to use something big. Funny enough, it actually goes up to six. (but I wasn't trying to find one that goes up to 7)

its Mathematics and i am so poor in maths

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