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#1 Re: Game Discussion » I miss the game » Today 03:02:07

Why don't you learn a programming language yourself and buy the trademark(s) and make it yourself

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Everybody Edits Loading Screen Archive (2017-2020) » 2021-09-18 21:28:33

Time to play "have I really seen that before, or am I just nostalgic?"

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » What? » 2021-09-16 17:18:26


#6 Re: Forum Games » The Essay Game » 2021-09-14 01:23:21

that wasn't very beer of you:
Liquid go oof ouch my head
Some guy named Jack Daniels went "This Aleve ain't workin homeboy, I need somethin stronger"

Next topic: History of the world, I guess

#8 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » 2021-09-13 16:00:23

..two balls in the ball pit.

#10 Re: Game Suggestions » Interactive Conveyor » 2021-09-10 23:15:27

So it moves things along
like we should be getting along

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » I am just tired of online school. » 2021-09-10 06:42:37

rat wrote:
HG wrote:

You guys have schools?

ok vulvazeula

ok dracula

#13 Re: Game Suggestions » Magical parachute&levitation effect action tool: » 2021-09-09 20:59:14

Okay, okay, fine.
Maybe we can discuss this over a nice dinner, hm?
Tell me what it is.
I want to be with you.. but right now, we need better communication.

#14 Re: Game Suggestions » Magical parachute&levitation effect action tool: » 2021-09-09 20:51:17

That's it, I can't anymore, I want to break up with you.
I love you, but this relationship isn't working out. I don't even know what "editing" is. What are we editing, hm?
I'm sorry.

#15 Re: Game Suggestions » Jump Restore (not the jump effect) » 2021-09-09 17:17:21

Minimania wrote:

Why is this a bad thing?

Might not have space, players might be able to avoid it,
doesn't really look good

#16 Game Suggestions » Jump Restore (not the jump effect) » 2021-09-09 17:12:15

Replies: 2
The Jump Restoration Block!

Gone are the days of placing dozens of jump effect blocks on the ground to reset your jump amount.
Once you touch this block, you'll be able to restore your jumps in the air,
until you touch the ground.
As soon as you hit the ground, you'll immediately be reset back to 1 jump.
You could have 12 jumps in the air, but as soon as you land on the "floor" (depending on your gravity direction), you can only jump the normal amount of times.

// They're sad because they touched the ground just before the end of the hardest part of the campaign.

But, perhaps, you could have options..
An alternative mode for this block is the "no ground reset" mode, where once you touch the block, you can jump the specified amount of times until you run out of jumps. Then, you need to touch the block (or other JRestore blocks) to get your.. dozen jumps back.
Unlike the effect block, where you touch the ground and get all 12 jumps back at once, instead of the default 1.

Now, what about.. negative jumps?
Forcing yourself down (or the gravity equivalent) immediately, which can be used to speed up a fall or to stop yourself from flying up into those spikes.
This can only be used once (no -2 or -3 jumps), but it does reset when you land or touch another JRestore block.
Maybe you'll be able to jump, say, 4 times (W or ^), and then slam into the ground at the end of a puzzle (S or v). All of it will be changable in the block settings. They just missed those spikes. Whew. Should've jumped a bit earlier.

#17 Re: Game Suggestions » Channeling Jelly - movement action tool » 2021-09-09 03:03:03

Onjit wrote:

reminds me of the thing from celeste

you know the one

oh.. the one...
that one..
..but it'd be much better for a game like EE(!), that's not really as "fast paced" (with heavy asterisks) as Celeste

#18 Re: Game Suggestions » Event&Trigger Zones » 2021-09-09 01:03:10

minisaurus i just can't with you this relationship is getting too out of hand you keep giving me suggestions for a game instead of taking me out on a NICE DATE

#19 Re: Game Suggestions » Channeling Jelly - movement action tool » 2021-09-08 17:05:13

And as I think.. "they've already made so many suggestions, they can't possibly think of more this soon"..
they post another suggestion

#20 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Hydra tries his best to slither back into the community » 2021-09-08 01:42:13

Oo wait, there's a trial version? Ohohoho i'm gonna have fun.... like a year when i buy myself a new computer

#21 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Hydra tries his best to slither back into the community » 2021-09-07 14:24:41

well it depends on the like,,,,,,,,....... version of fl you get $200 isn't that bad
I mean I probably should use something free first y'know to see if I actually enjoy it and not wasting $200 dollars on something
I'm going to waste $200 dollars on FL Studio //

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