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#1 Re: Worlds » PixelWalker: My Worlds » 2024-07-08 02:48:30

Lol 90% of the modern day forum posts are carbon and his new worlds in PixelWalker 🤣

#2 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-07-03 12:10:17

NoNK wrote:

game is really laggy so i will stick to ee offline

Do you have hardware acceleration enabled in your browser settings?

wjyg wrote:

Failed to join world! Reason: undefined
F12 say Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT api.js:1
how to fix
edit: now F12 say GET net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT game-CDCIVW3m.js:166

Is this still happening for you?

#3 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-06-16 00:03:28

Version 0.9.0-alpha Changelog


  • World portals are now added.

  • Lots of block packs were added in this update.

  • There is now a /forcegod command.

  • F3 will now show you the debug and performance information for the game.

  • Added old chat messages when you join a world with existing messages. (Inserted at index 7)

  • Rate limits on chat messages and commands are 5 per second for regular users, and 15 for world owners.

  • A background image loop for the lobby was added, including some restyling and updates to the refresh behavior.

  • Added some statistics to user profiles.


  • Fixed a lot of minimap colors, thanks to those who reported inconsistencies!

  • Only show block rotation information in the inspection tool when in verbose mode.

  • You only get a world completion message if that user hasn't completed the world within the last 5 minutes to combat chat spam.

  • Commands are now case insensitive.

  • Regular players can now reset themselves.

  • The full screen icon was changed.

  • Added an icon to the reset block menu popup.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where if you collect a checkpoint it would still be highlighted if it was deleted and replaced.

  • Text in popups are now wrapped correctly for longer messages.

  • Fixed an issue where you would be reset if you pressed 'Y' before being on the reset block.

  • UpdateRights and PlayerTouchBlock won't get broadcasted on PlayerTouchBlock if the player already has God Mode Rights.

  • Fix the edit/god commands where the improper username would be in the system message in some cases if their rights were changed.

  • Emails are now case insensitive.

  • Fixed an issue that would create ghost players.

Version 0.9.1-alpha Changelog

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several background textures and the local switch texture.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-28 21:43:28

The vote for the Steering Committee's At-Large seat has started! Please feel free to vote on the poll in the Discord server and voice your thoughts.
The two individuals who are running are Buzzerbee and Zumza. They both said they would be interested in co-chairing as well, so that's also an option on the poll.

Please welcome the following to the Steering Committee!

Player: Fish (Alesmile)
Builder: Carbon3715 & Lictor
Programmer: Anatoly (Interim)
At-Large: BuzzerBee
NOTE: Anatoly is filling in as the programmer until another player steps up to serve on the committee.

#6 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-26 18:39:51

Steering Committee Search

Hi everyone! We're looking for a few people to serve on the PixelWalker Steering Committee. The purpose of the committee is to help discuss and formulate the future of the game and benefit from other perspectives rather than only from the Game Administrators. Members of the committee would provide recommendations on both features and items to focus on. Terms for serving are a maximum of 6 months, unless the Game Administrators asks a member to serve additional time.


  • Must be active on Discord.

  • Must be active on PixelWalker.

  • Must be a member of the following categories: 1x Builder, 1x Player, 1x Programmer, 1x Elected At-Large Seat.

  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality.

How to Apply

  • Please DM a Game Administrator on Discord before May 28th 8:00AM (CT) before if you are interesting on serving on the committee.

  • Provide your in-game username and a reason why you would be a good fit to serve on the committee.

  • Specify a single category that you most associate with. If opting for an At-Large seat, then you will be an option that can be voted on by the community.


  • If you have any questions, please ask them in the #general channel in the Discord server.

#7 Re: Game Discussion » scumbag owner » 2024-05-25 13:03:44

Try PixelWalker out

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Check in » 2024-05-25 11:48:28

N1KF wrote:

WOW that's neat, there are several worlds in that image I've never seen before. It would be great to have a web page listing worlds like that, so that people can find the worlds easily.

They are easily accessible in discord. Likely will be a way to see then in game too at some point

#11 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-19 23:20:42

TaskManager wrote:

command blocks when

probably never //

#12 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-18 15:06:11

Version 0.8.0-alpha Changelog


  • Added command selectors. This currently works with most commands but some commands are excluded.

  • Added jungle package.

  • Added trophy block.

  • Added reset point.

  • Added god mode block.

  • Added setting for enabling private message notification sound.


  • Removed the /resetall command in favor of /resetplayer @a.


  • Improved descriptions for many commands and command aliases.


  • Fixed jumping inconsistency causing some hold space functionality to not work properly.

  • Fixed switches not having any inspector tool information.

  • Fixed inspector information to include block rotation.

  • Fixed coins not being reset when placing a new coin on top of a collected coin.

Command Selectors

Command selectors in the game allow you to target specific players based on various criteria. Similar to Minecraft selectors, they start with an '@' symbol followed by a specifier to indicate whether you want to select a single player, a random player, or all players that meet certain conditions.
Selectors follow a specific syntax pattern:

  • @s: Selects a single player.

  • @r: Selects a random player.

  • @a: Selects all players.

  • [predicate1,predicate2,...]: Optional predicates enclosed in square brackets to filter players based on specific conditions.

Predicates are conditions used to filter players. Each predicate consists of a property, a comparison operator, and a value.

  • id (int): Player's unique identifier.

  • username (string): Player's username.

  • x (double): Player's x-coordinate.

  • y (double): Player's y-coordinate.

  • face (int): Player's face/smiley.

  • coins (int): Number of coins the player has.

  • blueCoins (int): Number of blue coins the player has.

  • deaths (int): Number of deaths the player has.

  • flying (bool): Whether the player is flying.

  • canEdit (bool): Whether the player can edit.

  • canGod (bool): Whether the player has god mode enabled.

  • owner (bool): Whether the player is the owner.

  • winner (bool): Whether the player has completed the world.

  • crown (bool): Whether the player has the crown.

  • checkpoint (bool): Whether the player has reached a checkpoint.

  • checkpointX (int): X-coordinate of the player's checkpoint (-1 if there's no checkpoint).

  • checkpointY (int): Y-coordinate of the player's checkpoint (-1 if there's no checkpoint).

  • Predicates support different comparison operators depending on the data type:

  • Numeric properties (int, double): Supports =, !=, <, <=, >, >=.

  • Booleans (bool) and strings (string): Supports only = and != for comparison.


  • @s[coins>100]: Selects a single player with more than 100 coins.

  • @r[deaths>=5]: Selects a random player with 5 or more deaths.

  • @a[flying=true,deaths>4]: Selects all players who are flying and have more than 4 deaths.

  • @a[flying=true][deaths>4]: Selects all players who are flying or have more than 4 deaths.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-11 03:57:33

Updated OP with some videos that I found on YouTube! Also, if you join the discord server you can subscribe to notifications when BALs are online too!

#14 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-06 22:32:54

Version 0.7.1-alpha Changelog


  • Added the /unkick command to allow players to forgive kicked users so they can rejoin immediately.


  • Changed death counter, door and gate textures (Credit: @boba).

  • Reworked the usages of the commands to properly reflect if an argument is required or not, and reworked the the descriptions.

  • Updated bad words list.


  • Fixed a bug where player secrets would not be reset.

  • Fixed a bug where the block selector would close when receiving edit, if the player already has edit.

  • Fixed a bug where world titles would not be filtered in profiles.

  • Fixed a bug where messages would end up being delayed if the server could not keep up with sending messages to a player.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-05-03 15:18:00

Version 0.7.0-alpha Changelog


  • Added search bar to the lobby world list.

  • Added refresh button to the lobby world list.

  • Added a game settings page to the lobby.

  • Added the /mute command.

  • Added the /? alias for the /help command.

  • Added the /teleport command.


  • Edit command: changed "edit rights" to "editing rights" because it sounds more correct.

  • Edit & God commands: if the specified rights are the same as existing rights, then the command should fail and not alert the user it's applied to.

  • Various performance improvements.

  • Server stability improvements.


  • Fix player list icon not showing for players when joining a world.

#16 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-30 19:16:05

New update from yesterday that I forgot to post! //

Version 0.6.1-alpha Changelog


  • Add the /givecrown and /takecrown command.

  • Added player list icons for god mode rights and edit rights.


  • Only broadcast crown changes when the user is receiving the crown. Fixes reset issue as well.

  • Fix normal white background being a foreground block.

#17 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-28 18:31:40

New update!

Version 0.6.0-alpha Changelog


  • Added the Minerals package.

  • Added the Beach package.

  • Added Invisible block to the Secrets package.

  • Added the Ninja smiley.

  • Added the Santa smiley.

  • Added the Worker smiley.

  • Added remaining block colors for Basic (incl. backgrounds).

  • Added remaining block colors for Beveled (incl. backgrounds).

  • Added remaining block colors for Bricks (incl. backgrounds).

  • Added remaining block colors for Normal backgrounds.

  • Added remaining block colors for Dark backgrounds.

  • Added remaining block colors for Checker backgrounds.

  • Added remaining block colors for Pastel backgrounds.

  • Added remaining block variants for Generic package.

  • Added /givegod and /takegod commands.

  • Added block inspector for players with edit rights (press I to toggle).


  • Updated textures for the Generic package.

  • Newly joined players are now added to the top of the player list.

  • Changed the edit command so it will give/take away edit access for all players that match the username.

  • Changed the world name validation so more characters are allowed.

  • Updated the bad words list.

  • Fixes

  • Fix block info popups appearing when cursor is outside of canvas.

Technical Changes

  • Changed Room Type to pixelwalker4

  • Changed palette ID pastel_light_salmon_pink_bg to pastel_red_bg.

  • Changed palette ID pastel_light_tan_bg to pastel_yellow_bg.

  • Changed palette ID pastel_light_green_bg to pastel_lime_bg.

  • Changed palette ID pastel_reef_bg to pastel_green_bg.

  • Changed palette ID pastel_light_cyan_bg to pastel_cyan_bg.

  • The UpdateRights packet is now broadcast to everyone. First argument is now the player id.

#18 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-27 14:49:30

Almost forgot, another update!

Version 0.5.1-alpha Changelog

- Added multiple player support for when a private message is going to players with the same username.

- Fixed a bug where the coin counters would desync when changing the background block behind a coin.
- Fixed a bug where the server would think a spawn point was removed when changing the background block behind it.
- Fixed input of Sandbox worlds not being sanitized.
- Fixed blocks not placing behind chat bubbles.

Technical changes
- Added endpoint for listing available room types:
- Added the player ID as the first argument of the `WorldBlockPlaced` message.

#19 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-27 14:45:34

Edilights wrote:

Update : It has a broken email system for password recovery and logging.

On my end it looks like you confirmed, so you're all set!

#20 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-26 02:03:46

Edilights wrote: took too long to respond.

Is it not loading for you?

#21 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-24 21:36:17

TaskManager wrote:

you should bind Enter key to the submit button on the login/register form so that my lazy **** doesnt have to reach for the mouse

Noted, good call //

ExFabian wrote:

Or even better - just make the announcements show up in-game too, like with the News tab with flash EE

This isn't a bad idea, but not sure if/when this will happen.

#22 Re: Forum Games » The Longest Wait » 2024-04-24 00:36:36

thanks for updating this tomahawk

#23 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-23 23:58:21

MartenM wrote:

Any plans to publish the protocols used to make it easy to develop bots?
I understand that it's probably very subject to change, but that's to be expected.

Yes in time, right now there are a few libraries that community members have made that can be accesses from the Discord. NOTE: Use at your own risk - verify the source code before using any library to ensure that you're not giving away your tokens.

Discussions about Discord vs the forums would probably be better suited for Debates, and not here. I'll continue to share the changelogs here, but I won't share the libraries here because I didn't create them. If someone else wants to post them they are welcome to. Again, the third party libraries that have been developed so far are community supported, and for use at peoples' own risks (check the source code before giving any auth tokens). Hope that makes sense. //


Anyway, another day another game dev vlog update!

Version 0.5.0-alpha Changelog


  • Added local and global switch doors, gates, switches, activators and resetters.

  • Added death doors and gates.

  • Added a death counter.

  • Added the /resetplayer command, to reset a player's progress and respawn them at a spawn point.

  • Added the /resetall command, which does the same thing but to all players except for those who are in god mode.

  • Added the /reloadworld command, to reload the world from its last save state.

  • Added a 10-second cooldown for the /saveworld and /reloadworld commands.


  • Changed the /save command to /saveworld for consistency.

  • Changed the /clear command to /clearworld for consistency.

  • Changed some block numbers to have shadows.

  • The game is now available at


  • Fixed a bug where the kick message and title were reversed.

#24 Re: Game Discussion » PixelWalker: EE Multiplayer in 2024! » 2024-04-21 19:56:17

Tomahawk wrote:

Who made this? NVD's email is in the T&Cs.

Group effort with NVD/Priddle and I.

Also there's a new update today!

Version 0.4.0-alpha Changelog
  • Added boosts.

  • Added invisible portals.

  • Added private message command (/pm)

  • Changed physics to be more in line with the original game.

  • Collected coins are now invisible when you don't have edit.

  • Improved in-game minimap performance.

  • Fixed world metadata not sending to clients.

  • Fixed players being able to send empty chat messages.

  • Fixed player rights packet being sent multiple times at once.

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