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#1 Re: Creative » Confess Your Sins » 2018-07-05 01:18:36

I slaughtered my mother and ate her for breakfast,
I didn't do my homework one night,
I fed my brother a piece of **** and said it was a meatball,
I stepped on my dogs foot and then beat it for barking,
I'm Christian,
I do weed,
I don't do the average amount of weed,
I buy weed legally,
I'm too poor to buy the good weed,
I did child ****,
I sucked on a 2 by 4 for half an hour,
I'm too lazy to get a profile picture,
I'm white,
I'm American,
I'm from the USA,
I follow in, Hitler's footsteps,
My birthday was on July 13th,
I have a black cat,
I have a white dog,
I'm transracial,
I stole $1 from my parents,
I "accidently" pushed over a gumball machine to get free candy,
I ate a bunch of chocolate bars and left it on the floor where the dog was so my mother thought the dog ate it and he got his stomach pumped,
My nails are too long,
I lost my virginity at age 6,
I staged an insurance scam,
I became a father at 14,
I used expired mustard on my hot dog,
I gave the expired mustard to my brother to use on his hot dog even though I knew it was expired,
I undercooked chicken so that my father got food poisoning,
I sometimes skip church to play everybody edits.

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