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#1 Re: Worlds » Bring me the Juice » 2020-05-21 02:09:01


  Juice is bad for you 。

#2 Re: Game Discussion » I beat ML's First Samurai however I didn't get crystal key » 2020-05-21 02:08:19


You need to unlock the campaign first it doesnt look like its unlocked so maybe thats y

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » Add the Option to Downwoot Posts » 2020-05-21 01:51:27


No because this forum will become even more of a toxic cesshole than it is now

#4 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Why do they do this? » 2020-03-31 10:56:11


I run program. It does poop for me.

#5 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Why do they do this? » 2020-03-31 09:36:02


Hello. I use TAS for my poop speedruns. I am wr. Ask me anything.

#7 Re: Game Suggestions » [EEU] Key Bindings » 2020-03-31 09:29:27


Then why is your topic spaced...

#12 Re: Worlds » 3rd Honkai Impact » 2020-01-25 20:41:54


I used to play 3rd Honkai Impact but didn't get too far. I'm usually like that with mobile games.

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What are your last moments of 2019? » 2020-01-17 06:47:39


Had to sit at church for 4 effing hours! Weee didn't even get to countdown to 2020. Huzzah! Gotta love Slavic-Conservative values.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What do you think about cats? » 2020-01-09 04:37:46


Don't let cats outside, they can kill wildlife. Buy a cat tower, cat structures, expensive cat toys, etc. The money you invest for your cat's indoor needs is less than the amount of money you spend on your cat obtaining an infection from a cat fight outdoors or ingesting something toxic outdoors. You save other animals' lives.

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » what is somethign you tipical say on this forum » 2020-01-07 21:28:02


What is something you typically say on this forum*

Something you post much or say much [sic] in your posts*

#16 Re: Game Discussion » What are the highlights of your times playing EE? » 2020-01-07 13:12:53


Gonna make another post. Forgot that this is a "moments" thread.

I remember...

• My first ever level was back in EE0.6x on Kongregate. I was placing purple blocks in this messy level back when everyone had edit, and my first thought was "why can't I hold and drag it to place them?" Glad this was implemented much later.

• When locked worlds / minimaps were introduced. Seeing minimap art was unbelievable compared to what I had seen previously. There was this one world called Alice In Wonderland. There were 20 blue-colored boxed minigames numbered with roman numerals and boy were they tough. The physics back then were SLIPPERY if I recall. The last minigame dropped you into a pool of gravity dots to float around in. There was art on the bottom half of the world, it was like a stream and waterfall, and a girl holding a teddybear. The world blew my mind (I was around 11 or 12 at this time)

• Baconland was such a unique world because I had never seen keys used for minigames so well before. If I were to play it now, I think it would feel very outdated and compared to other greats, not so innovative. Even though it was one of the OGs of key minis.

• On a familiar note, about 3-5 years ago (rough estimate) I got to play a world that was like Baconland but on crack. The world owner had designed a key machine that triggers keys in a pattern to make them "move around". Minigames (albeit shoddy) were built around it. I made a tribute to that wonderful idea called "Candy Factory", which I quite liked. I admit I could have gotten a lot more creative on the minigames though, but it did receive positive reception.

• I discovered about co-ops for the first time through Kirby I think? Or maybe ipwner. He and I played through Lethal Lava Labyrinth and it was incredible. I had played EE for like 5 years and never knew such a concept existed.

• My first boss world experience. For another player to control minigames directly, the idea was really fun.

• Playing through artsy worlds. In like 2011-2012 artsy worlds started becoming viral, such as the greats from EX Crew and other competitors. I felt honored to be granted such a lovely experience by what I had thought were adults (as a kid, my eyes were lit up)

• Granted an animator bot by Xfrogman43. Playing with this thing made me feel like a god. Worked by adding blocks and deleting them after to "animate" them. Also possible to save layouts to "build minis", and activate other layouts and put them on loop to give the animation effect. Huge shame I burned out far before I was able to get this thing into the Hall of Fame. Bot still worked at the latest update. >.>

• Botted worlds in general. Burned out quickly in terms of enjoyment but they are all very unique experiences.

#17 Re: Game Discussion » What are the highlights of your times playing EE? » 2020-01-05 22:43:30


Playing EE under the age of 15 (2013) was a blast, the earlier you went the better the game got. After that it just kinda fizzled out.

#18 Off Topic Discussion » Anyone else have dandrufft on thier screen » 2019-12-26 20:52:47

Replies: 11

Im seein dandrudf on my screen its kinda weird how to fix it?

#20 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What is your favourite alcoholic drink? » 2019-12-23 00:51:24


Question: what do mixed drinks taste like? Are they closer to vodka or to juice? I've always wanted to try mixed drinks but I feel I won't like the taste of alcohol in it

What's the top 3 mixed drinks with the least ABV? Or tastes closest to juice?


#21 Re: Off Topic Discussion » what are your christmas plans this year? » 2019-12-19 23:23:53


My Christmas wish is for peace to spell words properly, use correct punctuation when appropriate, and capitalize letters when necessary (to capitalize letters, hold Shift then type the letter you would like to type).

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