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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Game is dead, forums are dying. So, what’s the plan now? » 2019-06-13 21:19:51

AllenCaspe9510 wrote:

How could, anime save EE?? SUBSCRIBE TO EE!!
Why not make an animated EE series like the time when kenita made a EE Adventure Series and got Cancelled

Not sure if it helps though

#2 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 25 signups » 2019-06-13 13:46:15

ASDruska wrote:
TaskManager wrote:

wait kira is playing oh my god

whats so bad about kira? are you trying to kill him? you must be the mafia!

As far as I know it will be bad only for the website hoster, since the thread size will increase by around 10 megabytes

#4 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-06-07 20:56:18

peace wrote:

do these 2 worlds ecist?

yes, a clear advertisement of a Mutantdevle's world

#5 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2019-06-07 12:22:37

Hmm, what do I see? A small advertisement!

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » Flash Ending in 2020? » 2019-06-05 13:39:01

EEJoranasc wrote:

coolmathgames will die too, which is gonna be very sad day for everyone in the internet

Good thing I can still play flash games on 1000 other websites
like Notdoppler, I must say that's a good flash website

#9 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » 2019-06-04 12:41:03

PiotrGrochowski wrote:


how do you make an empty post?


#10 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » 2019-06-03 15:28:25

Well, I'm sure we are supposed to say only one word, everyone did that for two years so why would we change it now


#11 Re: Game Discussion » Nontopic Worthy Game Discussion » 2019-06-03 15:21:08

Growler wrote:

That was a joke, though I wonder how are you able to see that since you're banned from discord? hmm.

Everytime I'm banned from the forums, I go to Wayback Machine and take a snaphot of the forums so I know what's going on at the moment
and if Discord allows that, he can take snapshots too

#13 Re: Worlds » Rapid Dungeon (arcade game) [working now] » 2019-05-31 13:16:40

53 MB gif

You just keep dying until the game over screen shows up

#15 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 25 signups » 2019-05-25 09:10:58

peace wrote:

there is a town and a mafia side mafia has it sown mafia chat and owrk together to try to rule population while town tires to figure out hwo i smafia and try to veleiminate them a sonjit said if a majority is reached during day that persons will be voted away and day ends but most days alos last 72 or 48 hours during night (mostly 24 h lasting) you pm th ehoster your night actions most roels are power roles they can do various actions like if ur a cop you can investigate someone to either see their role thier aligment or both mafia can kill people and some mafia game seven have a 3rd aligment mostly this 3rd aligment is sorat 'loaf' if i say ti correct which can choose side (wihtout saying thye just sorta well erhm vote the right person to choose side) you just talk in the threa dduring day togive othe rpeple information or reply to othe rpeople its alos wise to say your scum list sometime liek who do you think is town and who do you think is mafia? you are allowed to double post and there is mostl likely to be a gravyard chat (for dead people to talk abotu how th egame goes on sometims the dead poeple even ge tto see all thw roles and be like ooooh) alos it smostl likely to reveal the role of a dead player up[on death you can share any night actions and nigght informatiosn as logn as you dont quuote the hoster wiht it it sup to the other players to beelive you or not hoster will sometimes say a vote count in between so you can see hwo voted who during day after some day cycles (day an dnight) there will be a winner team yes dead payers can still win if their aligment wins

peace wrote:

why should i b elynched on day 1 if i coudl be a very good town role last game i was just a townie but sure my vote counts right...

I never thought I'll be such a grammar Nazi, but... this is beyond everything! This is just mashing keys randomly!
Please stop ignoring your grammar mistakes when around 7 people told you about it

#16 Re: Forum Games » Who Am I the forum game » 2019-05-24 13:27:38

"Yesterday i went to a store."
Who am I?

#17 Re: Forum Games » Who Am I the forum game » 2019-05-24 12:38:59

Whirl wrote:

"of garlic bread
geez finish your sentence

why am i here"

Okay okay, I'm gonna guess. And since searching is probably allowed, it's ASDruska

#18 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 25 signups » 2019-05-24 12:34:24

Realmaster42 probably won't revive his game, so I'll join

#19 Re: Forum Discussion » Community Formatting Guide » 2019-05-24 12:27:40

I tried every HTML tag in BBcode and found two more tags:
Del, another form of S
Em, another form of I

#20 Re: Forum Games » Who Am I the forum game » 2019-05-23 12:56:55

Can we use the "Search" button or it counts as cheating?

#21 Re: Forum Games » Laugh You Lose (High Stakes) » 2019-05-23 12:54:31

NorwegianboyEE wrote:

Can you change the name to: "If you blow air out of your nose slightly faster than usual you lose"?


#22 Re: Creative » Bladebox v0.1 beta » 2019-05-18 11:09:59

peace wrote:

can you explain a littl emore about youor game why did you make it hwo did u get the ideas whats the game about? ect

Well, I always wanted to make a platformer. About a year ago I was building on some **** Android game makers, and I mean, you can build something there, but it's just bad. Now I finally get to create something good
and about the game, there's nothing much to say, it's a normal platform game when you build your own levels. I included the controlling instructions in-game, so when you open it, it should tell you how to place/remove blocks, playtest etc.

#23 Creative » Bladebox v0.1 beta » 2019-05-18 09:00:26

Replies: 2

Bladebox is a platformer making game. I'm working on this since March and wanted to upload it in June, but then I saw that Mutantdevle works on something similar.
I didn't want to upload it in June and look like I copied his game, so I quickly completed this early version and uploaded it:
All made on the Peter engine, as always:

Version 0.1:

  • Fixed some physics bugs. There are still some bugs, I'm currently working on them.

  • Changed one block texture because it was misaligned.

Bladebox features:
How to use the editor
Previous versions
Known bugs:

#24 Re: Off Topic Discussion » What's your favorite font? » 2019-05-18 07:49:20

mikelolsuperman wrote:

My favourite font is Comic sans MS. I don't really know a whole lot about it other than people hate it and I don't know why. It's my favourite because the internet hates it and I kinda like how it looks.

Can relate
but my most favourite are the AR fonts, especially AR Christy, because it looks like the font from Spongebob
They don't support many characters, but at least they're styled

#25 Re: Game Suggestions » stop effect » 2019-05-16 12:51:04

Koya wrote:
skullz17 wrote:
Koya wrote:

Someone made an example of gravity dots where you are unable to move direction while on them - but it would just give world owners the excuse to make everyone type /reset constantly

I was wondering why this seemed familiar. Isn't that freeze dot suggestion from like 2012 or something?

Yep, can't remember the name of it or who it was from so I can't find it :/

¨ … p?id=12956
Bruh, found in 10 seconds

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