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#1 Re: Questions and Answers » How can I access my everybody edits account again? » 2019-06-04 19:51:28

(Responding to what mikelolsuperman was saying)

I just tried to message him and it told me "This user has Private Messaging disabled." How else could I possibly contact him? Or fix my account?

Also, hey 2b! It's been awhile since we last talked, hoping I'll be able to get my account up and running again soon. There's a lot of new campaigns I see I need to catch up on now.

#2 Questions and Answers » How can I access my everybody edits account again? » 2019-06-04 05:39:34

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Hey, I'm michael47 from everybody edits (and named myself that on the forums too) not sure if any of y'all remember me from a long time ago, but I last logged in to EE back in November, and since then (I've kept trying like a few times a month or so) I suddenly can't login at all... sort of.

It acknowledges that I've logged in when I type my user/password in but it just stays forever stuck on the loading screen and I can't do anything, it doesn't even take me to the lobby. If I go in as a guest however, it let's me in just fine, can play levels and all. My big concern would be did something happen to my account when I was away? Did someone hack into it and get me banned? Or is this just some bug that can be fixed? I really want to be able to log back into my account once again. If someone did hack me and get me banned is there any mod (or similar) that'll be able to help with this?

I should also mention that when I first tried to come back online again my same password wasn't working no more and Idk why... I had to go to my email and change it and what not which is how I even got as far as the "stuck" loading screen now.

Any help will be very appreciated, I'm really hoping my account wasn't deleted/banned or something. So much time was put into it and some money (for things like beta and old bricks).

EDIT: Just tried multiple devices too and I still am just stuck on that loading screen...

#3 Re: Bug Reports » Invisible world? » 2017-09-11 07:08:41

Just tried it, and went to the lobby in another tab and it looks open now actually! Wasn't aware that that was a command lol, thanks for the quick help! //

#4 Bug Reports » Invisible world? » 2017-09-11 06:53:54

Replies: 3

Hey! I just decided to register on here finally (years later...), but anyways, A few of my worlds were made invisible so that I wouldn't be disturbed while making stuff, so a lengthy time later I've just tied to re-open them (yesterday and today again) but when I go to another tab (to the lobby) they're completely invisible. And another thing that happen, I marked "Anyone" for world visibility and have an "X" in "Show this world in lobby and profile" but in my profile it still remains invisible. And just one more thing, while I had it "open" it said a friend tried to join (wasn't letting them in) even though I made it set to let anyone in! Any help with this would be appreciated!

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