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#1 Re: Game Discussion » New "Hacked Client" » 2017-03-28 11:10:49

Is it possible to add or do IP ban? Cause i opened my world and played for few mins, then someone called koroko joined and i saw he was destroying my boss map. Kicked him and after few mins he rejoined. Kicked him again and then his alt accounts joined my world. Started messing around whit the swtiches + key doors. Kicked his alt and then another alt of his joined, kicked that and it was going on and on again. So i would love if EE team would add IP ban or ban for World owners. Or just IP ban the user. Later i joined his world (on my alt) and they where talking about hacked client. As i understand it. It was mod hack. Found a video for the hacked client, like how they use it. Link ---> www youtube com /watch?v=ouCDdvjHafA

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