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#2 Re: Game Discussion » EE potential - What is actually EE » 2020-09-10 23:24:21

"But they can still use part of its potential to make EE a very successful game"

hey mini
still a little hope from what i see
but i was thinking of something else while reading
is telling dolls have races racism ?
i don't want to make some weird dark humor of this
but like
it's a bit borderline
we could transpose that into ee with color emojis
if it worked for barbie it should for ee

#5 Re: Creative » EE Comic #5 » 2020-08-18 11:42:03

Now i'm sure smileys have hands, guns are legit with the EE lore

#7 Re: Worlds » HOOKASTLE » 2020-06-02 21:45:22

NN wrote:
Lictor666 wrote:
NN wrote:
2B55B5G TNG wrote:

hey guys dont try hard mode because it's trash

yeah lictor can you remove hard mode?

it's not that hard guys
100% tested

nice u tested? so mode hard looks like press [f]

yea i won it legit on live but youtube stricked the vid
2bad no more proof

#8 Re: Worlds » HOOKASTLE » 2020-06-02 21:22:36

NN wrote:
2B55B5G TNG wrote:

hey guys dont try hard mode because it's trash

yeah lictor can you remove hard mode?

it's not that hard guys
100% tested

#9 Worlds » HOOKASTLE » 2020-06-02 17:28:38

Replies: 6

"A castle full of hooks"


Play on easy mode for a fun adventure,
Win on hard mode to be on the win list.
Low effort gamepay, low effort art,
hook hook hook hook hook hook.

LINK : Click to play

#13 Re: Game Discussion » The 2020 EElections » 2020-04-30 22:50:35

Bimps wrote:

After reading through some more topics, I do think that this should be done as a more serious thing compared to the 2016 version. **** should always be welcome because **** are good. Personally I don't see a future for EEU at this point with Xeno at the healm, and I think that many people share that same belief, even if the specifics differ. So why not use this mock election as a way for people to concisely share their points on why they should be the new owner? It'll create good discussion.

but who seriously want to own this game ?

#14 Re: Worlds » Inane » 2020-04-30 19:49:41

it smells quality map here, gg

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Xeno can u **** talk » 2020-04-30 19:30:24

We should have elections for the next admin team

#16 Re: Game Business » It's a departure » 2020-04-30 19:29:12

Damn, I feel like if we wait one more month xeno will be alone...

#17 Re: Game Discussion » Xeno can u **** talk » 2020-04-28 12:59:06

Awww Xeno, he' so cute, don't be shy !!



#18 Re: Game Discussion » EE Death Pool » 2020-04-26 22:52:44

Nebula wrote:
Onjit wrote:

Mate, the point of this thread isn't for us all to get our crystal balls out and predict the future accurately

The point of this thread is to have a joke at Xeno/EE's expense (and for me to get rid of some steam codes)

So answer, what if they actually don't even try to predict and they actually do this for maymays to poke on EE Staff we already have, those decent ones?

Nebula learn humor - 19/05/24
Nebula laught for the first time - 08/11/25


#19 Re: Game Discussion » EE in the in the old days » 2020-04-22 18:07:02

despite all of the things hapenning i think everybody is secretly hoping to see the game reborn from his ashes to be one of the best true veterant ever existed

#20 Re: Game Discussion » EE Death Pool » 2020-04-19 22:54:00

lrussell quits - 29/08/20
EE is shut down - 01/01/21
EEO is released - 07/02/21
EEU is released into public beta - 27/02/21
EEU is released OUT of beta - 19/04/21
Xenonetix quits the dev team ***Bonus win if you can guess who he gives ownership to - 24/07/20, given to Joshua Stone
ByteArray quits - 12/10/21
Cercul1 quits - 21/06/20
Kentiya quits - 17/09/20
Koya quits - Koya is already fired.
Minisaurus quits - 13/06/21
Security-Drone quits - 17/02/21
Diff shuts down the forums - 01/01/24


#22 Re: Game Business » I'm just not enjoying this anymore » 2020-04-19 11:57:35

Xeno wrote:


(^ i laught so hard when i realized it was actually xeno who posted this)

idk how to mp4

#23 Re: Game Business » I'm just not enjoying this anymore » 2020-04-17 13:20:05

this isn't a team it's a F sketch

time to stop playing eeu


will you join EEW staff ?

#24 Re: Worlds » [EEU] Lictor's Worlds » 2020-04-16 01:29:52

Topic updated with a new level.

GIF of the building for curious players :

#25 Re: Game Discussion » [Release] EEW - an EEU parody. » 2020-04-15 20:31:49

Free 99999x9999 world in EEW


2€ 150x150 world in EEU


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