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#1 Re: Off Topic Discussion » How the hell do i type a paper » 2019-11-19 17:10:30

yeah I was stuck at the 10 min barrier for a while, that all changed when I discovered bibliography skip

#2 Re: Creative » I just released my first game. Play it now on Kongregate! » 2019-06-22 00:24:56

I added a Time Trial mode to make getting high scores easier. It removes checkpoints, resets the timer on death, and allows pressing R to return to the start of the level at any time. Grinding for good times should be less tedious now.

Turn it on in the options menu:

#3 Re: Creative » I just released my first game. Play it now on Kongregate! » 2019-06-16 22:54:20

Gosha wrote:

I thing i would like to be changed
if you haven't collected any checkpoints and you die, please make it so you would spawn at the start of the level with 0 deaths and time reset.
Because it is a little annoying to press escape and R if you die right at the beginning, just to reset the timer and death count

I'll probably add this on the first game update, which will hopefully be soon after I fix a few bugs. When I do though, it's gonna be an option you can turn on after beating the game. For people just playing through it and not trying to speedrun or get 0 deaths, I think it makes sense for the timer and deaths to include the times they died before the first checkpoint.

Edit: Or maybe I'll do a speedrun/time trial mode where there are no checkpoints so every death resets the timer, that could be better.

#4 Re: Creative » I just released my first game. Play it now on Kongregate! » 2019-06-15 19:21:29

@ ASDruska, Crybaby, Sensei1, TaskManager, mikelolsuperman, ShadowsEdge, peace, and Gosha; I'm glad you liked it, thanks so much for giving it a play!

TaskManager wrote:

(red area/factory soundtrack is my favorite)

ShadowsEdge wrote:

my favorite is the Factory Area's theme

Makes sense, this was the last one I composed, so I had gotten pretty used to using Famitracker at that point. My personal favorite is the forest theme.

TaskManager wrote:

if youre planning on expanding the game with more areas i think it would be a good idea to use all of the action blocks from the previous areas + a new action block for each new area
EDIT: perhaps a level editor with an ability to save/load a level to/from a string would be a nice addition as well

These are ideas I'm probably gonna save for a possible sequel or future game. I'll keep these suggestions in mind.

mikelolsuperman wrote:

there was a glitch in it though, at one point when I died it kept pausing the entire time, I unpaused but it would move 1 frame and then pause again. I don't know how it happened but I could only refresh.

I'll look into this, thanks for letting me know!

#5 Creative » I just released my first game. Play it now on Kongregate! » 2019-06-14 22:02:11

Music Man
Replies: 26


It's called FoxBot, and it's a 2D platformer. I'd appreciate it if you gave it a play!


You can also listen to the music I wrote for the game here:

Thanks so much for inspiring me, EE community.

#7 Bug Reports » New decoration minimap colors » 2018-10-17 03:14:01

Music Man
Replies: 3

Why are some of the new Halloween decorations visible on the minimap? As far as I know, no other decorations do this.


#8 Re: Forum Games » The Secret Rule (2) » 2018-09-10 14:45:16

guess: only hummerz's posts are rulebreaking


#9 Re: Game Business » [Registration] OFFICIAL Everybody Edits Tournament » 2018-08-12 04:27:24

Team Name: MusicMan
Team Leader: MusicMan
Team Members: MusicMan

#10 Re: Forum Games » The Secret Rule (2) » 2018-08-04 23:43:15

minimania wrote:

So what you're saying is, Music Man, that in order for the post to even be considered for review under this rule, it has to have correct spelling?

Not exactly. The rule has to do with words, so hummerz has defined a word as something that can be found in the dictionary. So for the rule to recognize a word as a word, it has to be spelled correctly.


#11 Re: Forum Games » The Secret Rule (2) » 2018-08-04 21:18:19

mutantdevle wrote:
ILikeTofuuJoe wrote:


Music Man wrote:



We should probably be paying more attention to this.

Ok this has kinda thrown everyone off track

I only posted that to show that for the rule to have any effect, the post has to use correct spelling, hence humm's post:

hummerz5 wrote:

new rule! also, for the record, I cheated in defining a "word" like a programming identifier (like a variable name definition) and that won't be going on. In the future, a word must be a word by Merriam Webster's decree



#13 Re: Forum Games » The Secret Rule (2) » 2018-07-24 15:44:01

I hate to swoop in like this but

guess: the post cant begin and end with the same word


#14 Re: Forum Games » The Secret Rule (2) » 2018-07-16 04:08:39

Guess: the posting user cannot have joined the forums after 2015


#15 Game Discussion » Weird new npc » 2018-06-24 22:08:15

Music Man
Replies: 8


was just playing thug2 and now I have this, not sure how ??

#18 Bots and Programming » Java Bot? » 2018-02-14 19:48:24

Music Man
Replies: 3

I'm learning Java for a class and I want to try and use it to make an EE bot. Does anyone here make bots in Java? If so, could you send me the source code so I can see how? Thanks.

#20 Re: Off Topic Discussion » minecraft server » 2017-12-06 18:25:29

oh god you could see all that how embarassing

#22 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-08 03:08:10

HeyNK looks like he's got it down, with the exception of me

!vote Processor

Do you want me to claim now?

#23 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 14 [Mafia + Processor win!] » 2017-09-06 00:27:09

So the rolecard for king ghost doesn't specify whether the body would be revealed as a vanilla townie or not, is this on purpose?

But if there's a ghost then 3 people are gonna be acting strange tomorrow.

#24 Re: Game Discussion » EE 8 Bit Sound Client » 2017-09-03 16:52:05

Moukdaboss wrote:

make a swf with piano sounds that dont take as much space as the ones that are in ee rn or whatever

This whole process of making and replacing samples for each pitch is a pain, so I'll experiment to make sure it sounds good before I make another one of these

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