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#1 Re: Game Discussion » What the hell mods? » Yesterday 23:12:45


**** links were harmless enough and some of the link titles gave me a good laugh but uh

i’m not much of a fan of a video showcasing a disgusting waste of 49 human lives you know?

#2 Re: Game Business » New Staff! - Cercul1 & GrandSwordsman26 » 2019-01-22 04:15:23

peace wrote:
Jet wrote:

haha yes finding randos to fill in the spots of the people you booted nice job

isnt that how its supost to work in reallife aswell?

sure, but naturally people don’t fire their staff because they don’t agree with them

#3 Re: Game Business » New Staff! - Cercul1 & GrandSwordsman26 » 2019-01-20 21:51:08


haha yes finding randos to fill in the spots of the people you booted nice job

#5 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-07 20:41:20

mutantdevle wrote:
Raphe9000 wrote:

Jet, I think what Diff is trying to say is that you aren't winning over anybody with that attitude.

I've personally already written Jet off as someone who has a hatred for Xeno beyond reasonable bias. He can show me screenshots and I will form my own opinion but his words mean nothing to me because I expect everything he says to be exaggerated.

youre not who im trying to please sir

#6 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-07 18:10:37

Different55 wrote:

Jet you'd get a lot farther without saying things like "This cannot go unpunished" "I've had enough of you, you will burn and I will watch." I know you're frustrated but you're really just coming across as bitter and vindictive and it's really making your words less convincing. Way things are now it seems like you're just looking to add fuel to the fire. It's possible to have a reasoned discussion on 451 reasons why Xeno is the big suck.

nice paraphrasing diff

people have already tried having discussions with him but he’s so arrogant nothing gets through to him except for **** like this at this point

#7 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-07 15:18:30


i’ve had enough of you playing the victim card. you are not fit to be the owner of this game and i’ll be compiling a list of all the reasons for that soon, because i know you just love lists

#8 Re: Questions and Answers » Security Concerns, & Reasons for Firing Staff in January 2019 » 2019-01-07 15:05:42


so you basically admit that you just fired everyone for not agreeing with you. i don’t even
this can go unpunished

#9 Re: Game Business » Taking a much needed break. » 2019-01-07 15:02:13

mutantdevle wrote:
Jet wrote:

really? still not even acknowledging your **** up? i’ve seen enough from you being owner, it’s evident you’re not able to handle this … p?id=45046

and he posts it in a place other than game business because..?

#10 Re: Game Business » Taking a much needed break. » 2019-01-07 14:20:17


really? still not even acknowledging your **** up? i’ve seen enough from you being owner, it’s evident you’re not able to handle this

#12 Re: Game Suggestions » Sell the game to a reputable game studio » 2019-01-06 17:41:27

mutantdevle wrote:

I think ByteArray would make a good owner

id rather not
byte has shown that he’s just going to be loyal to xeno no matter what so it’s just gonna be xeno 2

#14 Re: Game Discussion » Official Xeno drama topic 2K19 » 2019-01-06 03:47:14


Hello! Guess who you chose to be the owner of EE? Guess who advised against it? Guess what happened now?
I thought, after many months of working with Xenonetix (on many matters concerning the game that I’ll get into later in the topic,) that I would share my many wonderful experiences with him, as the moment seems right. Feel free to share your experiences in the replies.
Anywho, let’s provide some context:

— Early to mid 2017 —
Around early 2017, I was going to help TOOP (and by extension, Badoosh) out with some updates because it was a fun thing we could do as friends while also giving meaningful input to what goes into the game. I wasn’t in as consistent of contact with TOOP as I am now, so I couldn’t do much by the time I learned he’d quit due to the staff being awful. Pretty much everything in the cut content topic was what we were working on or were getting around to working on at the time. Anyway, we were just kind of stagnant until August of 2017 — the time when Xenonetix (at this point named Megalamb) assigned himself as basically the head hancho of EE, bringing on updates and staff and whatever at a lackluster quality. It was at this point that I thought it would be better for the future of the game if I finished what TOOP had started. So, I went up to him and paraphrasingly said “Hey, I worked with TOOP and Badoosh and would like to continue what they started.” Naturally, he wouldn’t believe a random player, so I showed him evidence with the files for the project TOOP, Badoosh, and I were working on at the time — “Smiley Revamps 3.0.” These would rework the look of some of the Smileys that are now outdated as well as adjust them for the Smiley Variants that you may have seen in the cut content topic. After that, I was in talks with both him and Cola1 about similar stuff, sadly having to fight my way just to get the littlest of changes done. After referring him to Xenonetix, Badoosh was brought on board for a bit to fix a tiny bit of stuff in the August 2017 update (most noticably the Lion Smiley.) It was kind of dead air at that point up until the Design Contest. That’s when I thought I could finally make a difference. After working with Tony111 on the Dungeon Pack, we won 2nd place. More on that soon.

— Late 2017 —
Along cane the disaster that was December and onward. The notably awful Advent Calendar campaign was released. After obtaining the badge for it early via a bug, I knew that I couldn’t let a badge of that quality pass through the game (though one did for the longest time — Halloween 2017.) After working with Xenonetix for a bit, he allowed me to make the final Advent Calendar campaign badge that you all know and (hopefully) love today. This wasn’t the end of my endeavors for late 2017, though. Cola1 jumped the ship by being a nice person and going completely MIA for nearly a year. So the game was without a competent graphic designer for about a month, which is where I stepped in. Latif’s honestly lackluster Winter 2017 pack got in, and I made the Bittersweet badge, as well as trying my best to fix up the Winter 2017 pack, adding the Mint aura color (at this time called teal — too close to cyan so it was changed,) and then there were 2 problem items. This is where Xenonetix’s problems began to rear their faces. I made the original Snowflake aura shape and Frozen Smiley. Both the Frozen Smiley and Snowflake aura were slightly edited by Latif, and then all of the credit went to him. After my weeks of planning, all the credit goes to some schmoe. This is when I began to develop the fighting spirit I know you all loath, but it was almost a necessity to get things done from this point on. I had to fight with Xenonetix on multiple revisions of the Snowflake, with it flip-flopping appearance and credits. Eventually we got to settle on something I thought was at least not terrible. Not much I could do from there. However, along with all of these items that I made, I also made the Video Game 2 and Puzzle Pack 2 badges, which would see release early-mid 2018. Sometime after the January 2018 update, Xenonetix and I got in a lot of arguments. It was obvious to me that he was beginning to grow incompetent. My suspicions were met with truth when he blocked me because he couldn’t handle a simple situation. Enter 2018.

— Early 2018 —
Many **** updates later, the staff team went through god knows how many changes. Kentiya was made the new graphics designer, with his brother havingto step in even though he’s a developer. I wasn’t sure of Kentiya’s capabilities as he’s basically a yes man and makes graphics that aren’t quite there. After many attempts to once again fulfill TOOP’s legacy and many arguments, petty blocks with Xenonetix, and him threating to ban me over gem codes Emalton made (ever wonder why he left?), I finally scored a chance: the Design Contest.

— Mid 2018 —
I pitched the Halloween update to Xenonetix, and against all odds, he accepted the pitch. I got TOOP, Badoosh, Ravatroll, and Tony111 on board. With this mini team, we were hoping to make the best update the game had seen in over a year, and by extension, set the standard for future updates higher. Development went wonderfully — without Xenonetix involved for a while, it was a couple of friends having fun and making art, reliving that old experience of working for EE. Once the update was done, and a few discussions later, we were ready to give the final pitch to Xenonetix.

— The final pitch —
The pitch didn’t go very well. This was where Xenonetix truly had a tantrum. He went trigger happy with blocks, spat out insults, and threatened to drop the project multiple times. Why did he do this? Because things finally weren’t going his way. There had to be a compromise, though. Otherwise, he’d just push the update out as another awful “final product.” In the end, we were all burnt out from even having to talk to him. The update was released with a few things we didn’t approve of (the pillar blocks are thinner in the final version, the shadow blocks were added to the pack without consent even though Xenonetix said specifically that he wouldn’t do that, etc.) But there was nothing we could do once it was released. We were at least a bit happy with the final product, and it achieved what it was supposed to. After going through all of this trouble to make a new beginning for EE, what did Xenonetix do?

He blocked me again. So I left. I was done with all of his tantrums and stupid ****. I tried to warn so many people that he was an incompetent ****, but he was so good at playing his little charade that he had everyone fooled.

But a man with multiple faces is a dangerous man. Eventually they’ll crack. Enter now

— Present day —
Woowee. Look at that. He finally went and did it. Sorry for the 70 page fairytale, but I couldn’t help squeezing as much well deserved fact out as I possibly could. But yeah, look at that. He didn’t get his way with his own staff members. He snapped. I felt like this was my one chance to finally reveal my trivial role with him, so I did. He was stupid not to have me sign an NDA, because that’s how he trapped all of his staff members. He didn’t want **** not going his way, so he made NDAs to turn the staff into **** kissers. When that plan didn’t go well, he just straight up bans and demons them. Christ.
Anyway, there are plenty of small details that I’ve left out, but I’d rather not get too petty with this.
I’m just going to wait for him to make a reply to this. Until then, I may make updates to this post every so often as I recall more dirt I have on him (reminder, this spans back to over a year and a half ago.)

If you ever wondered why I was such a closed up person who was always negative, hopefully this explains a few things. Sorry to literally everyone except Xenonetix in which this past behavior of mine has caused disruption.

This is enraged 5 year old, signing off. See you in the replies, I guess.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Official Xeno drama topic 2K19 » 2019-01-06 02:53:06


ok after working with xeno for several months i can confirm he’s an absolute manchild and can’t control his actions
honestly i have such a huge list of things he’s done i might have to spend the next few days compiling that list

#16 Re: Game Discussion » Frost Dragon MEGATHREAD [SOLUTION INSIDE] » 2019-01-03 16:24:06


of course megalamb can’t go an update without adding something insanely **** stupid
man i initially complimented this update but after seeing all of this... no

#17 Re: Game Business » Finishing 2018 With A Bang! - Time Trials & Lobby Overhaul » 2018-12-31 19:02:20


see what happens when you put months of planning into things rather than **** out content updates? you made an actually decent update. what do you think i was trying to convey to you for months?

#18 Re: Game Discussion » New Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt » 2018-12-25 17:44:53


something in his head must have short circuited if he thinks scavenger hunts are still a good idea

#19 Re: Game Discussion » More EE Universe Plans! » 2018-12-01 00:04:43


good job on adding potions back into ee mrshoe glad you’re back

#20 Re: Game Discussion » Something I found in the game files... » 2018-11-25 21:53:55


ok who’s the **** who thought adding yet another copyrighted graphic that only makes sense in the context of the copyrighted material it’s from was a good idea

#22 Re: Game Suggestions » Bring back old fire demon » 2018-11-25 21:51:05


i like how once everything gets revamped people wait 3 years to say “NOO BRING IT BACK IT WAS SO GOOD!!! //“ but no, these really are terrible smileys. that’s why they were revamped in the first place

#23 Re: Creative » HG's Everybody Edits Vision Archive » 2018-11-25 21:49:28


this is really messy, i can’t read the text

#24 Re: Creative » Bruce fan art » 2018-11-25 21:48:19


haha it’s the funny meme smiley get it

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