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#2 World Creation » Starry Night - Unfinished (so far) » 2016-06-06 14:02:59

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This level was a try at making a world similar to one of my most favorite levels of all time, Master of Colors. The goal was to create a fun and difficult platformer with some kind of open-world feel while using no arrows whatsoever. However, because I'm hot trash when it comes to art, instead of making colorful, cloud-like objects I decided to go with a different kind of twist: I tried to make the whole level with just three different kind of platforms.

And while the world is fully playable and finishable so far, I lack the ideas and motivation to go any further with this. I started making this world a few months ago and soon after that I stopped working on it, so it was just lying there. But I think that what I've done so far is pretty good, so I decided to at least publish this unfinished world so that it doesn't slide into obscurity.

This world is rather hard, not only because the jumps are pretty difficult but also just finding the path you have to take can be quite tricky. I do have a few hints though: The world heavily uses the concept of momentum preservation, when a jump seems impossible you might just need to take a bit more run-up. Also there is only one possible way to beat this world, if a path you take seems right it probably is. Good luck, and all feedback is appreciated!

#4 Re: World Creation » Official Community-based World Idea thread » 2016-03-24 04:31:17

I'm currently "working" on a gravity-based map where you can change gravity by teleporting between 4 identical but rotated worlds (one is "normal", one is rotated 90°, one 180° and one 270°). It is supposed to be a rather puzzly level although I'm not quite sure where to go with this idea.

I've even made a tech-demo because it's kinda hard to explain what I mean:

The only problem so far is that I need to make a bot for this level to automate some block placings (I don't have to patience to make 4 times the same world and double-/ triple-check if everything is correctly placed // and altough I'm 80% done with the bot, I cant find the motivation to actually finish it so the project is kinda stuck in limbo //

Another idea is something like a destroyed underground factory with a gas leak; upon entering the factory you got a curse effect with 60-90 seconds until you die. The only way to remove the effect is coming back to the surface to "catch breath", failing to do so makes you die and you have to restart the level. The idea is that the player has to choose when to go back; if he doesn't go deep enough he has to go down very often to accomplish things, if he goes too deep he doesn't have enough time to go back and dies. There also would be some shortcuts you unlock if you go deep enough so you can go faster and further in the next run.

The problem here is that I'm absolutely horrible with art and I couldn't do a destroyed factory for the life of mine, so nobody would recognize what this world is actually about // If anybody wants to use this idea (or the first one of you got the patience/bot for that), feel free to use them //

#5 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Contest: Spring 2016! [Registration and Rules!] » 2016-03-22 16:11:14

Hey TOOP, I believe you missed my registration //

SirGrapefruit wrote:

Team Name: M_74207281
Members: SirGrapefruit
World ID: PWfURS42cRcEI

#6 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Contest: Spring 2016! [Registration and Rules!] » 2016-03-21 17:08:56

Team Name: M_74207281
Members: SirGrapefruit
World ID: PWfURS42cRcEI

#7 Re: Game Business » [Update] 10th of February - Infinite items, Gold Membership! » 2016-02-11 00:58:37

Just wondering: Any reason why the double-jump/no-jump effect isn't out of beta yet?

#8 Re: World Creation » Pocket Worlds: World Contest » 2016-01-12 03:05:45

Name: Ice Climbers

This one shouldn't be too hard, it's just using a mechanic I like a lot //

Also I have updated all my other maps to include "Give up"-portals.

#10 Re: World Creation » Pocket Worlds: World Contest » 2016-01-03 01:54:11

Name: Factory Chaos
Creator: SirGrapefruit

Might be a bit too difficult for your world but I thought I give it a shot.

Also I might add some other worlds in this reply if I can find the motivation to do more.

#11 Re: Worlds » NEXUS, The Rubiks Cube » 2015-11-21 20:17:55

Is this whole world just about guessing a random sequence or am I not getting something?

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