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#1 Re: Game Business » EE Offline, EEU Opt-In, & Big Changes! » 2021-01-03 04:16:24

LMAOOOO my mans got that patreon bread and dipped ! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Thank you for 10 years EE » 2021-01-03 04:10:15

A bit late to the party, but **** yeah

#3 Re: Game Discussion » something important maybe » 2019-07-21 22:51:34

Kira wrote:
RailMat wrote:
Karl255 wrote:

Here's a list of affected accounts:

is my ee account also affected?

RailMat, matthijsfidder in game

CTRL + F and search your name.

If this is true I'm seriously gonna lose my ****

This is very real my friend, your password starts with R and ends with 1

#7 Re: Game Discussion » We're on haveibeenpwned! » 2019-04-04 23:51:35

peace wrote:
capasha wrote:

And you are **** me off. How can he be overreacting when it comes to leaked emails, real names, ip addresses and chat messages?
I guess you don't care about privacy. Maybe I should upload everything about you on a public pastebin.

real names arent leaked real names arent even stored in ee wtf does the staf need to do wihtreal names and chat messages fomr ee dotn contain much i guess

They do contain facebook's names which are most likely to be person's real names.

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Mr. X » 2019-04-01 22:55:09

PTU wrote:
MWstudios wrote:

Yeah, profile pic is the best evidence

How so? Can you please expand your meaning? I don't get it...



#10 Re: Game Discussion » R.I.P. 709+ Daystreak :( » 2019-04-01 16:04:37

I have once lost a 9 day login streak, that was ruff.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » why do you stay on ee » 2019-03-30 00:54:43

Jet wrote:
devil man wrote:


cool thanks for the bible! what he’s done has definitely impacted the game. why do you think these attacks continue to happen? because he doesn’t give a **** about them and lets them happen because he’s too busy pointing fingers!

latifa wrote:

a ditto of the devil dude, i’m guessing ee is still a part of your childhood because you act like you’re 6

I'm not exactly on why are you acting like this, why do you care and why are you putting in the Xenonetix stuff everywhere. I feel like you are someone who hates the fact that ee is still a thing and can't stand it. The only times you are around is when drama happens just to pour more unneeded salt into the situation. If you don't like the game just get off it, forget about it, move on with your life, why are you trying to put everyone else off the game?

#12 Re: Game Discussion » 1 gem for chat access » 2019-03-25 00:35:39

LukeM wrote:

No this is not a thing.

Growler's bot account has a faked ID, so the game assumes something is wrong so it disables chat (turning the name gray), and the shop image was faked.

I can confirm that the shop image was not faked, you can go ahead and get yourself an account like that and go to the shop. It's there. It doesn't let you to purchase the chat though, in the 2nd Growler's screenshot the "Verify now" button doesn't work.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » so ee now has spam bots » 2019-03-24 20:57:46

Pqwerty wrote:

Hey Capasha, do you mind telling us this weakness so we can stop them?

Yeah great idea - let's share this on public forums so they can go ahead and fix their issue

#14 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding the data breach » 2019-03-24 20:42:02

Pqwerty wrote:

Here is some new information I found.
1) The attackers are attacking to spite Xenonetix.
2) There are two attackers who identified themselves as Elonmusk69 and Bob (The 1337 Hacker).
3) When you put Elonmusk69 into, there is an error saying that it is attempting a write command instead of a read command.
4) The above means that they are using stored code injections that most likely get run when you view the profile for elonmusk69.
5) If you type, an invalid profile name, everybodyedits responds with a "File Not Found" response, which means it could be vulnerable to LFI or Path Traversal attacks.
6) The message written to XENONETIX was written in memespeak (i.e. rawr and owo and the like), but it appears to be intentionally written that way. So, maybe the attackers are dank memesters/children/childish.
7) The link with the leaks is written in Russian, so maybe the hackers are Russian.
8) The files were created Apr. 18th. So, they had access at least Apr. 18th or before.
9) IP, usernames, emails, user locations (almost to a full address), and for some, their full name they use on Facebook.

Here is the message from the hackers, with the links to the leaks removed.

88888888888 88888888888 88                               88                 
88          88          88                               88                 
88          88          88                               88                 
88aaaaa     88aaaaa     88          ,adPPYba, ,adPPYYba, 88   ,d8  ,adPPYba, 
88"""""     88"""""     88         a8P_____88 ""     `Y8 88 ,a8"   I8[    "" 
88          88          88         8PP""""""" ,adPPPPP88 8888[      `"Y8ba, 
88          88          88         "8b,   ,aa 88,    ,88 88`"Yba,  aa    ]8I 
88888888888 88888888888 88888888888 `"Ybbd8"' `"8bbdP"Y8 88   `Y8a `"YbbdP"' v2.0


--Removed Link
--Removed Link

/Bob(The 1337 Hacker ♥w♥) & ElonMusk69

Let me add into the list:

10) This is old and seen by every single one of us, this is not new.
11) You might want to join in the discord server where most of the info is and happens.
12) Some of your points make no sense and if you were serious writing them - that's sad.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding the data breach » 2019-03-23 18:01:31

Processor wrote:

So, this confirms a few things:
- Your private inbox letters and reports were leaked.
- Your IP addresses: probably leaked
- The people running the game do not care to tell you about it

Citizens of EU, please contact your appropriate data protection authority about this breach, as the people running this game do not seem to take laws seriously!

I also recommend not logging into EE without a VPN to protect your privacy.

Xenonetix blames PlayerIO for the breach. If that's the case: change passwords on other accounts if they use your EE password.


Me knowing that I won't be hit as hard since I saw this all coming months ago and got my secret information (supposedly) deleted, all you will get is my vpn, russian swears password and my email, you guys are all doomed! //

#16 Re: Game Discussion » 11/10 game security. » 2019-03-18 21:47:28

I think that it's someone from the staff who disabled the game. For real though why is this game being targeted so much in the past days, **** bots, lobby spams, crashes, game being hacked, the shooter vid bots, I've seen this all coming from a mile away, this is what I meant that this game had bad security and I wanted my account to be gone few months ago

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » cool life hack » 2019-03-16 02:24:26

I was here before this thread got closed

#18 Re: Game Discussion » what the heck is this? spam bot? » 2019-03-10 13:55:33

soniiiety wrote:
Anatoly wrote:
Vitalijus wrote:

pornographic links

You went to them? Seems like random non-existent websites...

they are virus links or ways to get you acc hacked I think, a friend told me that on discord.


#19 Re: Forum Discussion » Stop people from closing topics for no good reason. » 2019-03-10 13:54:45

Anatoly wrote:
Memomemo wrote:

Hey I have an idea, just make one topic and put all your useless thoughts and ideas there!

That way the forums wont be filled with pointless topics and facts that contribute nothing to the world!

Fairity - they also created enough useless topics, why am I not allowed? BTW - for my point of view their useful OR everything from the forums' off-topic is useless..

All of us (or most of us) were Anatoly at some point, we used to spam useless topics no one cared about too, if you look at those topics dates they're pretty old and we have changed. What we are trying to do here is make you change you for better. Why won't you join the discord server where we discuss same useless things there?

#20 Re: Game Discussion » what the heck is this? spam bot? » 2019-03-09 00:36:54

peace wrote:

ee should add limits in foe exmaple sending pms/sec orso or inworlds created per min

Limiting pm/sec would be a stupid restriction for legit players.
Worlds created per min would actually make no sense.

I'm still sticking to my idea of captcha on login.

Anatoly wrote:
Vitalijus wrote:

pornographic links

You went to them? Seems like random non-existent websites...

I didn't visit them, but the links seem to be self explanatory.
Hold up, "fuq4k" or "tamedteens" must be cooking recipes, right?

#21 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Strange notice... » 2019-03-08 20:00:28

Anatoly wrote:
Before opening the spoiler, what's the interesting part at 2019?


#23 Re: Game Discussion » what the heck is this? spam bot? » 2019-03-08 14:05:49

If staff really cared about this they would have taken action or at least addressed this as an issue. They could put a captcha before you log into the game, yes it would be a very drastic thing to disallow any kind of bots into the game, but it's better than having the game crashing every 20 minutes because the whole lobby is spammed and there's bots sending pornographic links.

#24 Re: Off Topic Discussion » **** Hell what is this? » 2019-03-02 12:54:35

Anatoly wrote:
Vitalijus wrote:

Can you draw a line at what's wrong? I don't see anything weird

I am terrified at looking at the entire creature right there.

Please draw me the line. I can't see any creatures.

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