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#1 Re: Game Discussion » The Hardest Minigame Nominations » 2019-07-16 10:31:46

ASDruska wrote:

(why didnt he just pick the most voted minis)

He hasn't finished counting the votes yet

#2 Re: Game Discussion » Increase Poison Time in Aquatic Sanctuary » 2019-07-16 03:35:29

Most of the swimming puzzles are designed around having exactly enough time to make it where you need to go. Adding even 1 second could break a lot and create massive exploits in the map.

#6 Re: Worlds » The Legend Of EE - Wind Dungeon Released!! » 2019-05-23 05:29:09

well after three short years and maybe 1 or 2 small exploits, I am ashamed to announce that wind dungeon is now complete!

LOEE - Blowhard Fortress [Wind Dungeon]
Non Beta
Helpers: Master1, Kiraninja, Muffin, Thuggishprune
- Also thanks to Kirby, Thwink, and Tiralmo for testing -

#10 Re: Game Discussion » what are your top 5 favorite levels in EE? » 2019-04-05 08:47:44

boring minigame
boring movement
boring minute
boring measurement
boring master

#11 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:48:28

default firefox
my firefox
and this doesn't show how I've customized my workflow, basically everything is controllable with mouse gestures and the left side of the keyboard, same as blender and the same as the rest of my computer because I think it's a nice way to work. You can't even customize chrome's appearance hardly at all, and its appearance doesn't fit in with any OS or theme.

#12 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:45:51

This isn't an argument, this is a debate. And opera's coming in on top. //

#13 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:45:02

^opera is better //

@Gamer1120: Pwns all.... you know, except opera

Nope but I love it and how it does this:


Try doing that with your web browser. It also does e-mail and doesn't make the important parts (like web pages, mail, bookmarks, and similar) transparent like the other things. And its not so transparent you can't see, anyway.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:43:36

Opera. It had speed dial before anyone else, it had widgets before anyone else, its not REALLY popular so hackers don't go for it's users (because the users are in the minority and hackers want tons of victims), it is faster than firefox, it has tab stacking (allows you to organize and group tabs), you can pin tabs, restore tabs, cascade, tile, restore, minimize tabs, make follower tabs (if you click a link it opens in the follower tab), it takes up less space on toolbars than firefox, lets you host your own site with opera unite, allows you to sync your bookmarks etc at home with those at work or anywhere else, and features a unique content blocker that lets you block specific pictures or ads.

#15 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:42:34

Sorry, I can't support a browser I don't have access to, and I can't fix an issue I can't replicate. You should really look into getting another browser to see if that fixes the issue.

#16 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:40:02

There's a shim that bridges the gap between NPAPI browsers like Firefox and PPAPI plugins like Pepperflash. Looks like he has the shim but not the pepper.

Install Chromium or Chrome, or install the Real™ Flash player.

#17 Re: Off Topic Discussion » a browser that isnt for big dum dums - a message from diff » 2019-04-01 06:37:55

My opinion of browsers is:

Opera - Chrome (chrome's pretty good, I just don't like it. I prefer the feel of opera)
Firefox. (Since FF 4 came out it has been ripping apart my computer's memory. 4 was a step backwards)
All those browsers nobody's ever heard of (like komodo or the 32 bit web browser)
IE Safari (I couldn't pick which sucked more. They both suck in there own special ways)
Anyway.... The school computers are great. My home computer can run a complex simulation at 20 FPS but the school can get up to 60.

#20 Re: Worlds » Complete The Monument [Series] - CTM HEL6IX RELEASED !!! » 2019-02-16 02:00:27

did someone say another??????


but here you go anyways



ctm 7 coming soon too

#22 Re: Worlds » Complete The Monument [Series] - CTM HEL6IX RELEASED !!! » 2019-02-07 06:09:24

I would like to make an announcement!


#23 Worlds » Complete The Monument [Series] - CTM HEL6IX RELEASED !!! » 2019-02-05 03:17:40

Replies: 15
Matt wrote:

No one even asked for CTM 1









CompleteTheMonument (CTM 1):




Dungeon 1: Cave Of Commencement (White)
Dungeon 2: Impending Vertigo (Orange)
Dungeon 3: A Shroomy Trip (Magenta)
Dungeon 4: Remnants Of Atlantis (Light Blue)
Dungeon 5: Sunshine Shrine (Yellow)
Dungeon 6: Gemstone Caverns (Lime)
Dungeon 7: Blowhard Fortress (Pink)
Dungeon 8: The Invasion (Gray)
Dungeon 9: Palace Of The Gods (Light Gray)
Dungeon 10: The Lost Tomb (Cyan)
Dungeon 11: Towers Of Peril (Purple)
Dungeon 12: Abyssal Descent (Blue)
Dungeon 13: Fleecy Swamp (Brown)
Dungeon 14: Nightmare Catacombs (Green)
Dungeon 15: Into The Gauntlet (Red)
Dungeon 16: Hero's Demise (Black)


CTM 2:




Dungeon 1: Ashmont Village (White)
Dungeon 2: Story Of A Minor (Orange)
Dungeon 3: Death Row (Magenta)
Dungeon 4: Not-A-Farm Farm (Light Blue)
Dungeon 5: Pirate Stronghold (Yellow)
Dungeon 6: Ruins Of The Gods (Lime)
Dungeon 7: Sugar Rush (Pink)
Dungeon 8: Mechanic Panic (Gray)
Dungeon 9: Shinobi Heights (Light Gray)
Dungeon 10: The Lost City (Cyan)
Dungeon 11: Amethyst Alcove (Purple)
Dungeon 12: Neverthaw Palace (Blue)
Dungeon 13: A Familiar Endeavor (Brown)
Dungeon 14: Sewer Or Later (Green)
Dungeon 15: Volcanic Ascent (Red)
Dungeon 16: Shadow Keep (Black)


CTM 3:




Dungeon 1: Tides Of The Tempest (White)
Dungeon 2: Heavy Machinery (Orange)
Dungeon 3: GravRotational Palace (Magenta)
Dungeon 4: Desert Cactastrophe (Light Blue)
Dungeon 5: Mushroom Falls (Yellow)
Dungeon 6: Emerald Alcove (Lime)
Dungeon 7: Pretty In Thwink (Pink)
Dungeon 8: Scalding Depths (Gray)
Dungeon 9: Shadowed Corridors (Light Gray)
Dungeon 10: Menacing Museum (Cyan)
Dungeon 11: Imminent Danger (Purple)
Dungeon 12: Winterfire Wonderland (Blue)
Dungeon 13: Construction Site (Brown)
Dungeon 14: Among The Roots (Green)
Dungeon 15: Bloodstone Temple (Red)
Dungeon 16: Essence Of Darkness (Black)


CTM 4:




Dungeon 1: Sunken Sanctuary (White)
Dungeon 2: Prehistoric Passage (Orange)
Dungeon 3: Halls Of Corruption (Magenta)
Dungeon 4: Swim For It (Light Blue)
Dungeon 5: Tlahuzicalpantecuhtli (Yellow)
Dungeon 6: Jade Palace (Lime)
Dungeon 7: Made With Love (Pink)
Dungeon 8: Pit Of Demons (Gray)
Dungeon 9: Champions' End (Light Gray)
Dungeon 10: Clock-Blocked (Cyan)
Dungeon 11: Cremation Cove (Purple)
Dungeon 12: Diamond Alcove (Blue)
Dungeon 13: On The Edge Of Your Heat (Brown)
Dungeon 14: Mourning Wood (Green)
Dungeon 15: Burn For It (Red)
Dungeon 16: A Pane In The Glass (Black)


CTM 5:




Dungeon 1: Tiny Town (Gray)
Dungeon 2: Forest (Green)
Dungeon 3: Claustrophobic Cavern (Yellow)
Dungeon 4: Graveyard (Black)
Dungeon 5: Lava Labrynth (Red)






Dungeon 1: Hero's Rise (White)
Dungeon 2: Tormented Catacombs (Orange)
Dungeon 3: Free-cy Swamp (Magenta)
Dungeon 4: Drainage Descent (Light Blue)
Dungeon 5: Pillars Of Peril (Yellow)
Dungeon 6: Wrath Of The Gods (Lime)
Dungeon 7: The Lost World (Pink)
Dungeon 8: Another Invasion (Gray)
Dungeon 9: Blowsoft Fortress (Light Gray)
Dungeon 10: Moonlight Shrine (Cyan)
Dungeon 11: Gemstone Grotto (Purple)
Dungeon 12: Into The Onslaught (Blue)
Dungeon 13: [#$7]&^%$/'; (Brown)
Dungeon 14: A Boring Trip (Green)
Dungeon 15: Infinite Vertigo (Red)
Dungeon 16: Cave Of Conclusion (Black)

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