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#1 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 22:36:18

Kira wrote:


Aren't you a bit cringy right now, though? Do you really have to call out in a toxic manner to Xenonetix? He's the main issue, yes, but you seem awfully disrespectful, which won't fix much.

#2 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:43:50

Edilights wrote:

You understood my topics about the cause of EE ... I like your topic as well. We can forgive our mistakes to make in a right way . Doesn't matter who control this game . Community should not tension and discuss why they act very indifferent ... I know your mind . I have same as you. //

Well I appreciate the thought, I will admit it's starting to calm me a little down. That should be the way we're going to aim for that imo

Koto wrote:

Why are y'all forming a cult over a smiley game?

Because this is not a cult. This is a serious message over to everyone; the chaos has to be at least stopped, even if it won't be this quick. It's a serious message to make this game better at least, even if it's just meaningless effort. Unless you do not wish to partecipate in this crusade?

#3 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:36:42

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

This is a nitpick but Zoey is both forum and game mod. Also, Darksaplep isn't a mod anymore. But anyway this nitpick isn't related to what we are discussing here.

And uh I'm not sure if this is a **** or not but there is something I want to say.
If I did say any toxic or inappropriate things to Xenonetix, then I sincerely apologize here. Now that I think of it, there were times that I overreacted, which I believe is the cause of me saying toxic things. I'm incredibly sorry for that if Xeno, or other community members took those words seriously. I guess I just wanted to try to change Xenonetix without realizing how my words could possibly harm people, and for sure the way I speak to Xenonetix doesn't help the situation at all.

Hm, really? Some interesting changes I see. I saw that Darksaplep's name was purple so I assumed it was still a mod (probably a mod in game). And I did mention that I saw he was a moderator, but I also said there's a difference between a game mod and forum mod so I was shocked to hear he stepped down from both.

I don't feel offended, truly. I nfact at least you gave a sincere apology, which is what I shall aim for here; in order to change him, we should at least shift the way we're talking to him.

#4 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:29:12

TaskManager wrote:
Michele wrote:

Do be warned in how you reply, because I'm annoyed as heck as I am right now, pipsqueaks. With this said, respect me as you're ordered to; the Lord Michele, who shall change everything.

From your Lord, Michele.

how can you take someone seriously when they end their post like this

One has to state thyself in order to prove that what one is saying, is not a lie; it is but one of the ways we can try and fix the community.

#5 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:24:54

Koto wrote:



I gave the TLDR in the first post, but I should tell you. We shall forge a new path, and try to reform everything; change Xenonetix's behavior, then convince staff, and finally, change the community for the better. As it is right now, it's all in caos. Would you care to help us?

#6 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:16:19

2B55B5G TNG wrote:

uh hey i didnt fully read this thread but this is interesting.

Hmph. If you want the summary, all you needa know is, a fourth path shall be forged. Care to join us?

Oh, but, as a side note, I see that I've got six woots. So you all actually respect me. Damn yeah.

#7 Re: Game Discussion » Proposing a new Ownership system » 2020-05-16 21:12:19

This is the new ownership you're looking for?

It might be the right answer, but as it is currently in the situation, there is no way it's going to work. Instead, please see my proposition for how it's going to work.

#8 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 21:10:02

Crybaby wrote:

Do not ignore what I have to say and I won't ignore what you have to say

Fine, I will personally hear what you said.

Crybaby wrote:
Michele wrote:

Oh, really? Obviously, I am very annoyed and in a sassy mood right now, but if you were to be right, then what about the rest of the community right now? A

Two wrongs don't make a right

Michele wrote:

However, the problem with that logic is that let's assume you're right. Maybe I'm blaming the others now, but guess what? Most of the members are also the one to blame on for the current toxicity we have right now in this community, like the ones that talked in John's thread.

You broke your friendship with me just because I told you about the current events. I wasn't toxic towards you.

Michele wrote:

I get it, annoying to bring it up now huh? However, that is but just one of the examples of the toxicity that is being exceeded right now.

Adding poison to poison makes it worse, not better

Not exactly, however, the community is right down in the wrong here consider what they're doing. It feels quite cowardly, so honestly I unfortunately have to put the blame on them. The way they're talking, it's the optimistic and good way to talk about it. I probably could understand the situation, but the chaos here is disgusting.

Secondly, I'm going to talk about that later. I did not merely break the friendship, but do avoid the point; we shall talk about that for another time. Not relevant right now.

And finally, it doesn't always make it worse. I want the community to at least realize that what they're doing is not in the right. Yes, I don't like Xenonetix's behavior, but the community's behavior isn't better.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 20:58:35

TundrumMax wrote:

haha xenonetix hate bandwagon go brrrrrr

I wouldn't exactly call that hate bandwagon. Listen, I'm very annoyed right now so I'll get to the point, it's more about reforming Xenonetix. Think of that like a political, or a religious reformation. It'd be more correct to say game, though. Oh, and it's not just Xenonetix. Read, dumbo.

John wrote:

Michele sure does love being extremely verbose

Oh my, I see you praised me. I feel actually impressed by what you said. Verbose, indeed, but I need to get everyone informed, right?

#10 Re: Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 20:52:33

Crybaby wrote:

You can be mad, but taking it out on others is wrong, especially those that did nothing wrong.

Oh, really? Obviously, I am very annoyed and in a sassy mood right now, but if you were to be right, then what about the rest of the community right now? After LukaM had stepped down from the development, most of y'all have stopped being this sane and being angry at Xenonetix from what I understand at the current moment.

However, the problem with that logic is that let's assume you're right. Maybe I'm blaming the others now, but guess what? Most of the members are also the one to blame on for the current toxicity we have right now in this community, like the ones that talked in John's thread. I get it, annoying to bring it up now huh? However, that is but just one of the examples of the toxicity that is being exceeded right now.

Well, at least your name fits right there. You can join us as a crybaby wanting things to go back to when they were originally good.

Boba wrote:

ngl had a stroke reading this

I hope you enjoyed reading that. Consider what you'll say in joining us. Long post, but for a lord, it is needed.

Luka504 wrote:

Yes, dear Lord Michele, I apologize and I repent.

Ah, you did repent for once. That's one of the sane peoples we have there. Good Luka, good. Or should I say good pokemon? Care to join us in the crusade? Then we can reach a higher, and limitless level of fame that EE will reach in the future. Our action will be prestigious, wouldn't you say?

#11 Game Discussion » What a disgrace. I'm very annoyed... But we can forge a path. » 2020-05-16 20:38:03

Replies: 40

Y'know what, I feel like I should make a short, or a long statement. I don't care about the length, however I'm probably going to be blunt about it. I have returned for the umpeeth time, like the sunny, good, happy person you'd see when he wants to know anything about the exciting news... You'd think everything was sunny as usual, right?




I saw that not much progress has been done on the game. The heck? But I suppose that it's normal since it's secretive, right? Closed beta, you'd assume. (At least for now, if you get beta now it costs 50 gems, yay!)

...did I just say, yay? You assumed that I was happy at least, right? NO.


So being in a quiet place... well, okay maybe there was some chatting, but let's forget about that. So while I was in my quiet house, I curiously went over to click on "Game Business". I wanted to see what was new for EE Universe, but...
Here, I come for the surprise. There's not much news, besides updates in Everybody Edits; which, however, as we all know, will discontinue due to Flash discontinuing after 2020. Instead, I see a lot of "leaving" things and the such... I didn't understand, so I try to read the OP of these threads... Oh no... OH NO!


Zoey2070 has left!

Minisaurus has left!

BuzzerBee has left!

Security-Drone has left!

Ooh, so many of these peoples, leaving the staff team. As I watch them leaving, I feel a lot of arrows, being so pungent and stingy, stricking me in a lot of spots. Struck in arm and legs! Struck in my chest, as if I had been betrayed! What in the tarnation of the Everybody World is going on?! But then the unbelievable happened...

LukeM has left!

OUCH! It struck me in the heart! Ow! He's actually leaving?! Why?! HOW? WHAT THE HECK? It was so surprising to me, at that time. Why would he leave?

So then, I click on the following thread, and my face twisted, as I read the following message, but also at the twisted coincidence of the others leaving, without much reason per-se. Most of them, anyways. It's like something heavy, crushing me in no time and in no effort...

But then here comes the horror I'd have never anticipated...

The community, lashing out at Xenonetix. Lashing out this much, and heavily, and incessantly; so incessant they fill my mind with voices.

"Damn, Xenonetix..."

"I appreciate your reply, but..."

"The fact you blame everyone..."

"Stop trying to make yourself a victim."

"Xenonetix, listen man..."

"Zumza, Xeno will not listen to reason..."

"Just so you're aware of your own behavior..."

A lot of these annoying things continue to be told, and the forum seem to be crumbling, as I watch this unfold. Not only these, but they're even assaulting Xenonetix like that one, with the next comments...

"Once again Xenonetix decides to ignore..."

"It's time to pull the plug."

"I'd say shutting down EE and EEU wouldn't be..."

"I have one word."

"Hopefully it's clear to everyone that..."

"It was fun while it lasted."

LASTED?! So you're telling me that now I get to watch EE not rising in glory, but falling down, to such a dumpster fire? That I should watch on as this game is starting to fall down under Xenonetix's control? That this game will be a failure? FAILURE? Are things really hopeless?! Is EE going to die?

No. No... Just no.


I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BLATANT SITUATION. The annoying Xenonetix, the annoying resignation of staff, the annoying community... Everyone, everything here, is just as Nou says, who is one of the only sane peoples, had said about the community. Just... ARGH.

GOD. OH GOD. HECKING GOD. I feel so done with everything, I'm done with this, I'm done with how much the forum has devolved into the children who bicker to each other, who disrespect the teacher... It's like that situation you see when a community is about to fall down. I'm done with the bickering.

Nou suggested that the plug has to be pulled, but do I agree with him? No. The plug should not be pulled. Who cares about what he said? A demoraling statement should not be mentioned; instead I shall give a long explaination, and at which end I will say something that I sincerely hope you take. But, first of all, I'm going to say the annoying things that has happened here.

First of all, the community. Seriously, you've been toxic to Xenonetix as of late; I will admit that the lead is not very good right now, and that's why I'm going to explain briefly. But you guys.. I cannot believe you have devolved into children bickering between each other. You bicker, you think Xeno is evil, you just want Xenonetix to step down... And that's why I'm done with the community. The high level of toxicness is just too much, and you're going to eventually be causing irreparable damage to this game sooner or later. You're like the Coronavirus; the toxicness started from a person, then the person has spread into other peoples. You guys act toxic. How about you think rationally, shut up for a moment, and listen here? You shut up about agruing whenever Xenonetix is right, you shut up about being sad that other staff has left... Most importantly, I have seen the heavy distrust and disrespect you've caused John to feel. You've disrespected his decision to rejoin, and you think that it's interfering with the "Save EE" plan. Know what?

The plan was never going to work. Xenonetix probably won't step down, at least not this early soon. And he won't step down, unill this game is done. Honestly, with the toxicity you're spreading across, you're more likely to majorly damage this game, and majorly affect Xenonetix, physically and mentally. He's having a lot of toll being taken on him, but you're also giving a lot of mental toll and pressure to John just because he rejoined. Think about it, is John rejoining a correct decision? Not necessarily, but is it right to harass him? NO.




However, if you think you're the only community to be blamed, then you're lame. You're all awfully lame, because it is TIME to say the next thing...

The staff. You have broken our heart. You left. YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO LEAVE. I'm going to get over the detail, and shut up with the mindless rambling, not that I'll care nor do I care about what you say...

LukeM, I want to blame you for the incident, I truly do; it is you the major reason, for making this post; however, at the same time, I cannot really blame you, because you seemed to be speaking sincerely. This is probably the time I'll probably acknowledge you, but it's only because Xenonetix said the side, so really you all probably think Xenonetix is the one at the fault. However, I still want to blame you on the other hand, because had you kept silent, and not included much detail, besides just saying that you're in university and not having time, just like what John said exactly, then this disaster of the metric terrififying incident...




HE'S THE ONE AT THE CENTER FOR IT. But I unfortunately need to respect him, which is something I don't really like doing, especially here; however, he has said his cause. It can't be reversed now. Though, if I was the admin, I could've deleted his post... but I choose to respect for the moment being.

Oh, and you're a prick. For not having shared your source code for the project that you mentioned; about the Server Rework, that Xenonetix mentioned. If you haven't yet shared the code to now to Xenonetix, then let me know how disgraceful you should feel right now; you've massively destroyed a lot of what Xenonetix's future plans could've been. I could easily forgive you, but as it stands now for you to not share the server rework plan and progress, I'm sorry but I will consider that over long term and if it's worth it. You've already disrupted not only Xenonetix's plans, but also everyone's happiness, morale... And by consequence, me.

I have put quite a bit of blood into this game, I really love and will cherish this game dearly, but if this is the way it's going toward, then I'm not going to cherish anyone. This game shall remain open and I'm not going to let development end like this here, so you should at least deserve the fornication, under the consent of the king. I said it, there, I don't like saying it, but I'm **** off right now.

Afterwards, here comes...


Yes, you. I'm truly disappointed that you left because of Xenonetix. I'm really disheartened that you did that, only because you don't like what Xenonetix has been doing. He's probably the one at the fault, yes, but it is shocking and frustrating that you left your moderation like this. I really hoped you wouldn't do this; perhaps you DO need to get your eyeschecked, because as I recall, you were a moderator on this forum, no?

Is that correct? Then you shouldn't have stepped down, but you did because you allowed the other peoples to tell you like that. Wanna know why? Forum moderator and moderator are two different words. You were a forum moderator last I saw, NOT a moderator in game as well, and I don't think you can code or program if I recall correctly; in this case, retract your statement and see if you can be mod again.


I was a little saddened that you did leave and did state this game wouldn't be developed quickly for quite a while... But then your next posts seemed quite horrible. You were disrespectful of the staff; in particular, shall I cite how you seemed so criticizing of John rejoining the staff as a team member? Disgraceful. Just... Dishonorable. I do not have to mention it. John chose to because he wanted to, it's his decision; and you still went ahead and lashed out at him a bit. That's not how a former staff would act now, wouldn't you?

Security Drone.

Just log in again. Your development was very prized; this is why I'm resentful a bit of you leaving the staff team. However as I see you right now, I saw that you have been banned... I wonder what happened to you now. Perhaps it's the Fate that caused you to be banned as a kind of karma for you leaving the staff? I wouldn't mind you rejoining, though.


You left the staff just after a few weeks... I can't believe you did that after a few weeks. I expected months, but few weeks? No way. Just, no way. How can it be? I have no words to say to this.

And that's it, for the rant of all these annoying staff that left the team... I'm truly fortunate, though, that we have both John, and Darksaplep, present for Everybody Edits. They're giving life to the game in a good hearty way, yet the community is such a heartless one, and merciless at that. Thus, I shall stand by their side...


There, I'm done ranting here.


...wait... WAIT!


I HAVEN'T FREAKING FINISHED yet the last part that I so adamantly refuse to say, but will say anyways, because it's the one at the center of the fault too, besides someone else...

You know who is it, don't you? Well, I'm going to make it in 3...

And drumroll?

You all know the cause. Thus, I'm going to blep at this annoying member, who I shall call...


Exactly, the disgraceful person that is at the center of attention right now, in the living of 2020, in the wake of Coronavirus, and in the inevitable downfall of Everybody Edits. Even the previous owners would be greatly disappointed in you. Yes, you. The disgrace one, right here.

If it weren't for your annoying actions there, which has driven poor Phinarose (yes I'm sorry for 3 years ago but that's not relevant), BUT also Ravatroll, and even LukeM...

If you hadn't even pestering him... If you tried to actually help him with the issues...

If you tried to support him, to at least help him with university or otherwise leave him alone with the studies...

If you had actually tried to respect him...

If you actually tried to take notice of your mental problem...

If you actually tried to improve yourself instead of acting the way, you did, to not only him, but also to everyone...



















Then this...

This situation...


I... No, not just me, but you, Zoey, the staff members, everyone, the community, if you had been more honest... then...




Aargh... Ah... Ugh.. See, there, calmed down now?

I'm done with the rant...

I already did my role. It's really unbelievable... sigh. Sihg. Just... sigh.

Well... now that this is done... I'm going to remind you again, Xenonetix. PLEASE SEEK MENTAL HELP, AND RECONCILE, OKAY?

Now with that being



So with that all being said, and done. I am fully aware of what I'm saying, and I am fully aware that its clichèd, considering it was an explaination, it was a long one. I seriously can't stand for this anymore, nor the toxiciness of you guys, nor the staff leaving, nor Xenonetix's recent behavior change. I'm all done with this. I want this game to live on, but at the same time, the negative influence is really starting to bother me. So I have a proposition for you, and more aimed at the more sane peoples; yes, pointing to them..

I am going to forge our own path. That... Shall be the path that EE Universe, will inevitably take, one way or another. Though I suppose destiny might as well affect the course, but we shall try to alter the fate. You say most likely Xenonetix resigning can change the way? But, I will tell you the path. One, that I shall inevitably take.

I shall tell the three phases, and I will explain over the first phase, which I shall call, "Reforming of Xenonetix".

For one instance... I, or rather we, with the sane peoples, shall bombard Xenonetix with a lot of messages. We shall make him realize that his actions are wrong, that what he's doing is affecting not only the staff, but also us, as the community. We shall force him to look at his actions, and realize that what's he done is wrong. Of course, there's nothing much we can do for things like hacking, since it is inevitable, but the constant issues, such as the lies, needs to be eradicated. We shall eradicate Xenonetix of his bad mannerism, and educate him to be very discliplined in his administration.

Once we get Xenonetix to change, we move on to the next step, which I shall call Phase 2: The Reformation of Staff.

You see the pattern of the peoples who were leaving the staff? They usually have said that if Xenonetix's behavior improved, maybe they'd consider rejoining the team. I am very proud of John for standing up to the annoying, incessant peoples who are trying to have him leave; that is not the way that I envision the future community to look like. I expect everyone to at least be respectful when a new staff member joins the team, instead of the opposite way. (DISHONORABLE mention to Kira, 2B, Falk, Security, and Minisaurus. Although, I will give praise to Luka504 the cute and cuddly Aggron; Peace the gremmer, Gosha the Devil, rat the rat, Zumza the Zumzing, and Skullz17 the nice ball. They are the peoples I would like to invite, into forging our own path, and are the most sane peoples.)

The staff DON'T have to reunite together, it doesn't have to be 100% completed; I want to blame LukaM, but I can't, because he has provided his side, and Xenonetix did provide the side, despite not replying to the other sides (like that of Phinarose). Besides, I remember hes got his university goal which gives little time for him to help Xenonetix.

I shall take Zoey2070 as an example. Zoey said that he resigned because he didn't like Xenonetix's direction; that is why I said that changing Xenonetix first, and foremost will be our first phase. Once we've managed to clear that phase, it is time to have Zoey2070 rejoin us. We shall have him rejoin, even if he will just be a forum moderator. for the moment being. It's really disheartening and annoying that he doesn't list exactly the reason, even though I understand he's probably on his NDA. But we'll see. Anyways, if EE U somehow becomes popular in the future, then we would need more mods, and he shall come to scene. He said he loved it, so maybe he can join us at some another time.

Security Drone, I would offer you to join us, but as I said previously, I see that you have been banned. I do not know the details; nor did I not care for it right now when I make this. But someone can dig it out for me, or I can dig it. Who cares?

LukaM has said that he doesn't enjoy programming anymore. The solution? As I said, the problem lies with Xenonetix. He has said that he's not on a good relationship with Chris. Therefore, after we complete phase 1, I shall personally seek if LukaM can consider rejoining in the future, though since he did say he's on university too, I think it's better when he's got some free time, or has graduated from the university. Considering what he said however, I will probably make an exception for him; if he has already chose his future path, away from EE U, so be it.

BuzzerBee, I'm very disappointed in how you stayed for a short period as a moderator. Considering that this game doesn't have many mods anymore and there's few peoples, that's understandable. However, once we rebuild EE U with the path I shall forge, I shall see to it that you rejoin the team. The prized team.

The rest can be already said for the remaining members; Minisaurus, who will change his mindset over time as we change Xenonetix for the better, is one example. He did say the development isn't progressing much, so we'll see if Xenonetix will hire more staff member/developers for the game. But at the same time, I'm really adamant, considering how he treated peoples who defended John's rejoining of dev staff and how negative he seemed in general. If Xenonetix wants him back very well, but personally I won't invite him.

Phinarose, as I see with your way of talking I see you may be adamant of rejoining the staff; if that's the case, very well. Do consider it in the future, okay?

I have already told the detailed reasoning of why I want each staff to rejoin the dev team/assistance; without any further ado, after Xenonetix realizes his mistake or what he's done, I want you to at least join back to the team if you want to, and never look back again. Ever again. At this point, it's like you're giving up and yourself into the very darkness that will potentially... ANNALIHATE this game. But if we can get you back after phase 1, then maybe, we can avert the crisis that we're undergoing now because of everyone. After all of this disaster thing is over, you all can savor how much hope you have and how much happiness you'll be able to feel, but that's more for after we finish the last phase. I shall call the last phase, "The Refounding of Community".

The last phase is...





Let us assume that either; Phase 1 and 2 are complete, or that you want to at least assist in helping for Phase 1. Right now, you all sound like disgraceful, disrespectful and toxic members... Probably the most toxic we've had since possibly the old days of EE. (Remember when you had to PAY in order to actually chat?)

The way you're talking to Xenonetix isn't helping. We get what you're saying, but the way you talked to John some time ago makes it feel like you've all devolved into nothingness, into just mindless children who just want the game back exactly. Know what, I'm going to fire a bullet at you with a gun, and have you realize the most critical thinking...






As is with the way Xenonetix is, what you're going to try won't work. This is why I propose my grand plan; only after we clear Phase 1 will then have a chance for the game's development to resume and for hope to be restored. I shall have you guys, realize, that the way you talk, with the toxic voice, and the disrespectful, annoying loud sound, is the incorrect way of going about it.

Calm down and think about it. How about you try to encourage Xenonetix to change his behavior, instead of just mindlessly attacking each other? You two sound like in two side; for example with John, there's two sides; one who wanted John to leave, and the other defending him.

Thus my grand project, is to get your behavior to all reform. Once I'm 100% sure that Xenonetix and the staff has returned or mostly at least, I shall have your behaviors be converted, mostly to try to aim for a more friendly community. At this point with this mess you've all made, might as well, have to make a brand new forum; I do NOT want the past, bad things (like the one now, which shall be past in the future), to tarnish the reputation of this game. I do not want peoples to be turned off by the way you all act. You're like children. At least act a bit more mature instead of blaming each other, which as it stands right now seems to be the case.

With that being said, my aim for these three phases, is to return everything, to the normality we all had; to the old times we used to have, where WE ACTUALLY enjoyed playing and joking between each other; talking; a lot of things we used to enjoy, but now you all have suddenly got serious for a moment there, and I DESPISE THAT.. If you want a rough projected goal?

I project that at the end of the three phases, we shall be returning to the 2015-2016 times, or at least to the time where Xenonetix was actually good, for a good period of time. I want us to all return to our old times, reminscide how much we enjoyed the old times, and return to that period after these three phases. Sounds grandious, no?

I will say the summary...

There will be 3 phases, in the path that I'll forge along with other peoples.

Phase 1: Reform Xenonetix into a better person.

Phase 2: Reform the staff and convince them with time.

Phase 3: Reunite the community that once was.

You got that clear? If you want to sign up for what I want to do, I should ask you to post it in the comment sections, or PM me for a plan you may or may not have. Whatever, I don't care anymore. As long as we get the time rolling back to 2016 and the mood rolling back to good, amirite? Might as well obey to me, since that's the only way that we can get Xenonetix to change.

Oh, but if you disagree with my plan, then you're excluded. If you disagree, feel free to post here, but I don't care about what you're going to do or if you want to stop me; I'm not going to let this be stopped by you guys. Oh look, you want to be superior to me? Do as you wish then, if you want to.

Perhaps you want to get peoples to hate me? Oh, sure, go ahead and do that. Or you want to get peoples to WOOT you, and NOT me, whose grandious path I'm going to take toward a better future for Everybody Edits? SO be it. In any case, the situation is disgraceful.

With that being said, I shall seek personally about bothering them or you community. I do not really care about that at this point anymore, but y'all have better start to make more of an effort, including PMing Xenonetix repeatedly, or something. If you want me to go solo, so be it. I don't care about you right now, and I can never care at such times like that.

Oh, and I'm going to say this, to the moderator; I understand you can feel offended by the way I speak, or that you dislike me when I talk like that, but guess what? I sincerely hope you're not going to delete, or close this thread, otherwise I may just try to make more of these. I can understand if you feel offended by this post, but I want everyone to read this long post, and to consider helping me on my own new path... One that shall be different from you guys, from the staff and from Xenonetix. The fourth path. Get it? GET IT?! And again, as I said, I want everyone to read this post, and to comment on this, instead of a closure to this thread in a immediate period.

Do be warned in how you reply, because I'm annoyed as heck as I am right now, pipsqueaks. With this said, respect me as you're ordered to; the Lord Michele, who shall change everything.

From your Lord, Michele.

#12 Re: Game Discussion » flash’s days are numbered - what’s going to happen? » 2019-09-06 15:10:26

Daneeko wrote:
sxrrealism wrote:

papa's pizzeria will die

excuse me, thats like one of the worst papa games

I actually agree.

I really HATE Papa Pizzeria flash game. It was disgusting and I didn't like the gameplay at all, felt like I had to memorize everything... I don't know how to feel, forced probably?

I'm surprised they still made similar papa games like vegetables, ice creams, etc.

#13 Re: Game Discussion » Xenonetix was the owner all along! Surprise » 2019-08-13 13:41:39

Jesus christ what has this forum become?!

Please for the love of god no more ******* jokes, I've heard someone even reply to someone who was asking why the game redirected to Kongregate with THIS

#14 Re: Game Business » ByteArray's weekly development vlogs! » 2019-07-01 10:51:48

Cannot wait for EEUniverse.

However, they took away my beta, so I can't save my name/email for when EEUniverse comes.

Ah well, it doesn't matter for me.

Sorry I've been so inactive! Life has just been hectic for me.

#15 Game Discussion » Ads for EE Universe » 2019-05-27 17:26:47

Replies: 12

I want to get the question straight as much as possible.

I remember that there used to be ads related to Everybody Edits, back in 2010 or so I think.

Will there be ads accompagnying the release of Everybody Edits Universe? I mean without an ads we can't really get an good amount of playerbase, IMO.

#16 Re: Game Business » The Data Security Breach - Please Update Your Passwords » 2019-03-28 22:28:29

Can we please not attack Xenonetix?

Even if he's the one at the wrong it doesn't mean we should attack him personally...

#17 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding the data breach » 2019-03-25 23:03:24

Helvi wrote:

Xeno forced the team to work on the ridicilous UI update for an outdated game instead of pushing EEU forward. With EEU heavily delayed we also got these problems.

Again, xeno made the wrong descissions as always. Good job X.

You're a member... how can you be this sure? Or is it this /r/woosh again?

#18 Re: Game Discussion » EE Universe - What To Expect? » 2019-03-25 19:42:49

272 wrote:
Xenonetix wrote:

Hi Everybody!
EEU progress got hacked, and everything was deleted. We have to start over from the beginning.
~ Everybody Edits Staff ~


This is a serious matter right now. I know that I shouldn't say it so rashly like this, but this is a fake message. I do not like lies or jokes, especially when there is a crisis ongoing.

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Anatoly Appreciation Thread » 2019-03-25 19:37:24

peace wrote:

can you please wirte normaly wihtout cneetr evry word in a idffreent line its pain to read

Thank me later for this actual message that I do.

Before I start, I want to say this. I am being 100% sincere in this post.

I really appreciate everything that Anatoly brings to this forum. Despite the obvious language barrier, he consistently makes me smile with his whimsical approach to online discourse. I genuinely believe that this kind of thing is what this forum kind of needs, as it's something that really adds to the charm and character of this community.

Anatoly's posts are sometimes nonsensical but I find that he is always honest and genuine in his attempts to share his human experience with the rest of us.

Furthermore, despite receiving many kickbacks at his threads, he still keeps on going with the same spirit, and doesn't succumb to the incessant ridicule that he receives from many people on the forum.

I think that Anatoly can learn many lessons from what others have already told him on his threads, but at the same time I think that there's something that we can all learn from Anatoly - that it's okay to keep on posting what you want others to see.

I think that Anatoly is the true message of what this forum should be. It's a place to share ideas and to debate, but most of all it's a place to bask in the beauty that is life.

Anyway that's what I think, tell me why you guys like Anatoly in this thread.


#20 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding the data breach » 2019-03-25 16:17:34

Can we just wait, instead of pointing our fingers? This thread is suddenly so popular and intruging, but if we continue to agrue this will get us nowhere.

I know that this situation is dire but at this point it feels like we're just panicing and attacking LukeM, a dev team. Even if he can't fix the issue without PlayerIO help, he's at least trying to control this situation and making sure that the damage is as low as possible. Can we please not?

Actually, I think this thread should be locked to only moderators and dev teams, since we're just wasting time by doing that to him.

One moment, please.


#21 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding the data breach » 2019-03-24 22:58:16

Processor wrote:

It took staff three months to notice that the information of a million users was stolen.
How does that make you feel?

Processor, I know that LukeM is upset about this issue, but really, this was inevitable. It was bound to happen eventually sooner or later, anyways. There's not much we can do here in this situation. Could you please try to stop complaining? It happens, and that's the reality.

Besides, shouldn't you be a bit happy that some of the sensitive informations were actually removed? Even if the crisis isn't yet averted, the risk has been decreased a bit.

#22 Re: Game Discussion » 1 gem for chat access » 2019-03-24 17:39:28

Growler wrote:

I just want to know why does this even exist? There's no way this can actually prevent hacker or spammer or idk since they can do tutorial campaign. Spend at least 5 minutes and you're all done.

Wait, it's a thing now?

I assume it's to defend/protect against peoples trying to leak someone's information, but I'm not sure if it will actually prevent them.

#23 Re: Game Discussion » Regarding the data breach » 2019-03-24 17:14:56

LukeM wrote:
Different55 wrote:

Correct me if I'm wrong but if the attacker has access to the database, there's no "fixing affected services." Only option (besides the nuclear option of shutting down the game) is kicking the dude out, no partial answers beyond what we've already seen: preventing any more database editing from happening.

We're currently waiting on PlayerIO to make the final permission changes that we're not able to do ourselves, we have significant evidence to believe that this would prevent the exploits that are being used.

Currently theres nothing that we can really do, the attacker has direct DB access (and from what we can tell, only direct DB access), so shutting down the game doesn't really do anything, the only thing that we could do that would stop them for good would be to completely delete the game, which for obvious reasons isn't an option //

We are currently working on disabling all the collection of potentially sensitive information, such as in-game mail and IP addresses, and we aim to release this update within the next hour or so.

As for the account info leak, the export seems to have been made on the 5th January, so we still strongly believe that they don't currently have access to anything more serious than the game database, so once we make these changes we don't believe they will be able to do anything more than what they have already done (which means that as we've been saying throughout this whole incident, all passwords are safe, and would continue to be even if we did nothing to defend from the attacks).

I see. Thanks you for the reply. Still, since this breach happened, shouldn't we still be a little alert, just in case that something suspicious could happen to our accounts? I mean, I know you said that and all, but we... no, I'd like to say, I don't really know a lot of this advanced security thing.

Thanks you for the honest reply, and I really hope that the issue can be resolved permanently in the next hours.

#24 Re: Off Topic Discussion » please help i might go to jail for this » 2019-03-24 16:03:01

XxAtillaxX wrote:
Surrealism wrote:

i illegally downloaded sony vegas pro 15.0 and i am worried i will GO TO JAIL and get tucked in by a big man. will this actually happen or am i ok?

You should be fine, but just to make sure I went ahead and let them know.


You're my hero


#25 Re: Game Discussion » i think we should blame PIO for this raid aswell » 2019-03-24 13:00:30

peace wrote:

yeah but none MAY have acces to ee passwords or any passwords form PIO games not even game staff have acces to the passwords i think only PIO has therfor an attacker should NOT be able to see them an dleak them this is the fualt of openign a small leak and letting an attacker open it more and leak the passwords

Oh? I see now why do you taste like a peace...

anyways... How can we be sure that this is true? Why are you assuming that? Just stop, please.

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