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#1 Re: Bug Reports » World disappeared? Reply here » 2015-08-30 18:02:29

How long does this usually take to get this fix? 1 hr, a week, 30 min?

#2 Re: Bug Reports » World disappeared? Reply here » 2015-08-26 00:16:08

Does show on the "mine" tab in the "room" tab... but not in the "worlds" tab, my "show profile" is enable, my EE name is: CLINT12345
Can you please fix this and thanks! //

EDIT: PM me you do fix it! thanks!

2th EDIT: I rename one of my world and it show up on the "worlds" tab.
BTW: I have 4 small worlds and 1 medium, a large, a wide, a large space, a ultra wide, a massive, a tall, a huge, and 1 great world.
The space one is visible but all other is not visible!

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