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#1 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Off-Topic Discussion thread » 2018-12-22 18:27:11

thanks frog! I can't say that sharing my clipboard counts as a veritable return... but I'm happy to be here! Winter vacation and whatnot

#2 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2018-12-22 02:01:59

/media/me/My Passport/bakcup/music/songs/potato.mp3

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » Er see your topics » 2018-11-22 23:40:15

You want to see your suggestions? Like... the topics you've created in (graphic|campaign|game) suggestions? … 1713298799

#4 Re: Forum Discussion » Let the Topic Owner delete unwanted replies » 2018-11-14 22:25:21

Not to mention, a rather simple response is to create your own thread to get your own way... which just doubles topics and just makes things confusing

#5 Re: Forum Discussion » *snip* » 2018-10-27 16:49:58

peace wrote:

ok that lil peace of ****

Seems a bit flagrant, but that's not my department. Tell me how you really feel! </s>

Someone floated the word "transparency" around. Two years ago, that was the big hot topic so I may as well continue that thread for a post:

I resigned. I'm not around as much as I need to be to follow the activity of the forums to any useful degree.

Otherwise, yes: I'm OK. Thanks for a fun two years.

#6 Re: Forum Discussion » April Fools 2019 » 2018-10-27 16:42:55

^Question: did you find that or did you have some extra time... or is it something that came to you with some flash of brilliance?

It seems to work rather well.

#7 Re: Forum Games » What's under ctrl+v? » 2018-10-26 18:09:51


#9 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Stop hating Touhou » 2018-10-13 22:47:38

this thread is not focusing on whatever it was supposed to discuss at the outset. Please keep that in mind when making nonsense spam posts

#10 Re: Bots and Programming » Running a bot 24/7 » 2018-10-09 16:22:07

^Indeed, but usually pricing setups like that are made with the idea that the credit card is there in case the user goes over some limit. If we assume that the bot is not taxing on memory or other resources that the service would consider pricey, there's not much reason to worry about having that system.

So if I am correct in saying "you will have to supply a credit card (no charges will be made because running a bot is a cheap task)" then it seems less sketchy.

#11 Re: Game Discussion » DARK EASTER EGG » 2018-10-08 16:51:53

please don't hate (though I suppose you can, that's your prerogative) , but I merged the plethora of spam/easter egg topics


#13 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Factorial of negative numbers? » 2018-09-30 00:58:26

azurepudding wrote:
hummerz5 wrote:
azurepudding wrote:

I don't know about that.  I see (0 * infinity) as "zero groups of infinity," meaning no infinity, or just zero.

infinity multiplied by any number is infinity
zero multiplied by any number is zero

ergo, ?

I think that first one is a false premise?- zero groups of infinity should be nothing, as you'd have no infinities.  It could also be seen as an infinite amount of zeroes being multiplied by each other.. which I suppose would lead to a never-ending equation, but as we know 0x0=0, any further multiplications of 0 would still result in 0.

And isn't infinity * -1 = negative infinity?  It's a form of infinity, but that's multiplication of infinity resulting in not infinity.

As to that last point, you're correct. I apologize for not acting as the pedant I usually am.

I like the second answer here that says you can't 'physically' add zero an infinite number of times. It's a silly claim, but it seems acceptable.

Also, given the formal definition of factorial, I don't think we should settle for the gamma representation to make any sort of argument about what it would be as a negative. It simply isn't.

#14 Re: Forum Discussion » Forum Mods Title » 2018-09-30 00:46:19

Literally 78% of this topic is nonsense.

Question has been answered.

#16 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Factorial of negative numbers? » 2018-09-29 22:31:32

azurepudding wrote:

I don't know about that.  I see (0 * infinity) as "zero groups of infinity," meaning no infinity, or just zero.

infinity multiplied by any number is infinity
zero multiplied by any number is zero

ergo, ?

#17 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Factorial of negative numbers? » 2018-09-29 16:38:53

LukeM wrote:

1/0 is basically infinity, but that infinity isn't really useful for anything so we just say you can't divide by 0

basically. but we don't know which infinity without more information, so we can't decide.

#18 Re: Bots and Programming » Accidentally Creating a Black Hole » 2018-09-23 18:39:57

and don't put semicolons at the end of your if

#19 Re: Forum Games » [EEMAFIA] EE Mafia Game 2 - 11/11 [REPLACEMENTS] » 2018-09-21 20:30:59

Ohh, I see my mistake. I thought taskmanager had been in since the get-go. I see my mistake

I quietly withdraw my request!

#20 Re: Bots and Programming » Accidentally Creating a Black Hole » 2018-09-21 17:43:37

What happens when you place the block as a user? You send type "b" to the server, the server says "hey, everyone, someone placed 'b' here."

So what did you tell your bot to do? You told your bot to say "oh, there's a 'b'! Let me place FOUR blocks. Here's FOUR 'b' messages!" So you send those to the server.

What does the server do? "Hey, everyone, someone placed FOUR 'b' here!."

So what does your bot do in response?

#21 Re: Forum Games » [EEMAFIA] EE Mafia Game 2 - 11/11 [REPLACEMENTS] » 2018-09-21 02:54:21

I feel like that's an issue. I could try to join up if that's alright

#22 Re: Forum Business » Update Discussion for forums » 2018-09-21 00:14:07

Question: does this change the rule regarding content in the tag? Or is it purely a name change

#23 Re: World Creation » I need concepts » 2018-09-20 15:22:34

moving to World Creation, I suppose

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