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#1 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (For Apple Users) How to get a new Smartphone? » Today 18:43:28

Different55 wrote:
MrJaWapa wrote:
hummerz5 wrote:

now that you might understand its value a bit more, you won't attempt to brick it

I've paid for every phone/tablet/computer I've owned, and have tried to brick/haxor/jailbreak every one of them.

Why would you try to brick it? Do you particularly enjoy expensive paperweights?

I get the impression he's suggesting that attempting to jailbreak is the same thing as intending only to brick a device. I mean I get the humor but there's a difference between "let me brick this to achieve my goals" and "let me make this device do more things to achieve my goals"

#2 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » (For Apple Users) How to get a new Smartphone? » Today 17:13:10

Emma333 wrote:

1. tell parents you want iphone
2. 'that's cool, if you buy it yourself'
3. get a job
4. buy iphone

5. now that you might understand its value a bit more, you won't attempt to brick it

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » Fixing the warning system with baby steps » Today 15:43:06

Gosha wrote:

1) Get rid of the Warning system. Getting banned for old acts is not good.

OK. So a benefit of that system: repeat offenders are dissuaded from continuing. Do you want to be more lenient, then? Or perhaps throw out the idea that repeat acts are bad?

Gosha wrote:

2) only mods should ban people, not auto-system

Well, in which ways are mods better? Because mods wouldn't be as strict? Or because someone could complain about their ban to a person as opposed to a system? What criteria should the mod have?

Gosha wrote:

3) While you are banned you can talk to the mod who banned you.  Diff's email should be Plan B.

Give the mods the ability to mute potential spambots or immature upset kiddos and you're on to something

Gosha wrote:

4) Give mods more control over the situation: Easy spam should not lead to the ban, unless mod thinks that user is bothering people too much

Is this a point or more of why you want point 1/2? Or perhaps this is a prioritized list? i.e. "do 1. You decline? do 2. You decline? do 3. You decline? do 4."?

Gosha wrote:

Mod bans user for spam. user disagree. user can talk to forum users
If they think that spam ban was unfair - mod should unban the person.

Do you expect a democracy of the folks here to be fair? Do you even care to have fairness in this system?

I mean obviously the mod could just ignore the bandwagon attempts but that defeats of going through the charade in the first place.

#5 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Maturity » Today 12:42:48

Tomahawk wrote:

unless you're going for that particularly life-sapping kind that inspires essay posts like Devlin's

you got me!

Tomahawk wrote:

Admittedly, I lack any enthusiasm for vague discussion, but you could at least narrow the field a little.

well I suppose I was thinking about looking for an "age" but there wouldn't be much good in doing that. But yeah, my only goal was to see some thought, not to have an explicit endpoint.

#6 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Maturity » Today 01:49:35

Tomahawk wrote:

Humvee, you need to collect your thoughts before you post. You reconsider and correct yourself to the extent that your post reads like a conversation between two people. The rambling is at least coherent, but I have no idea of the context in which you're asking, or maybe stating - then again perhaps moreover observing, while simply realising-

true, but that's probably not my worst. The part you point out reads like I'm thinking about it at the time, but I would still want to get that idea across. "It is sometimes discussed. But, at the same time, it might also simply be observed." I mean, I suppose I could say "this topic is both observed and discussed" would that be more succinct?

Given all my large posts on the forums, it seems someone has finally opted to try and read my ramblings! You're right, though, my writing style has somewhat devolved into stream-of-consciousness.

Prodigy wrote:

The more of those people start to join the forums, maybe more NOT GOOD content is going to get posted. I remember when I felt for everything back in the days but I just started to get less into EE if ya know what I mean. I would screw around at times while others do it all the time which makes looking at post not worth it.

Agreed, kinda bothers me but such is life..

Plenty of good thoughts. You seem to sum up what I was thinking in my large text so perhaps the ideas were injected anyhow. I'd underscore your point about "maturity" being specific/individual to a person. Though it can be plenty cultural too right? E.g., professionalism or the threshold for getting on someone's nerves could vary based on culture. Thanks for the thoughts

Pingohits wrote:

The thoughts and actions of a particular person are, more or less, influenced by their background and upbringing.

Great segue.

oh ok


#7 Re: Game Suggestions » World Option - Crown Limit » Yesterday 20:18:23

maxi123 wrote:

how would the game decide whose crown is removed whenever the amount of players with crowns already hit the max and one more touches a crown

good point

let's just make it a queue. FIFO

#8 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » defragging an ssd » Yesterday 19:27:28

Is that really the reason folks defrag though? I mean if you have a noticeable block for metadata because there are so many splintered files, you'd have other issues pertaining to the splinter amount right?

that article destroyer linked is my only knowledge on the subject but they point out the issue as well

#9 Re: Bots and Programming » [RELEASE] Javascript Minimap Getter » Yesterday 18:26:52

destroyer123 wrote:

Ive talked to him in game, and he is going to move to using localStorage (like a cookie, but it isnt uploaded when you connect to a website) for any client side accounts, which I think would be the best thing to do, and his own alt for any server side things, so it cant be taken and abused and be banned

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah, I used localStorage in a project for some reason, can't remember why I overlooked cookies come to think of it. But yes, that's better than uploading it or somesuch. Of course, depending on what he makes with the server alt, that could still be abused. lol

#10 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Maturity » Yesterday 18:25:28

Whirl wrote:

I would not be maturity forever. I would be peaceful so on.

can you perhaps reword that

Devlin wrote:

When you're too mature you become boring. In my opinion you need to balance your maturity and immaturity and know when each is appropriate.

Here's a thought. I think you're associating maturity with boring immobility and immaturity with some sort of bubbly essence. What if maturity is actually simply the ability to act accordingly in those situations? Of course, we can't just call it by being "boring" -- surely there's more

Emma333 wrote:

I don't think it's really 'acting like an adult' since many adults are irresponsible and unreasonable too. But I see maturity as being able to listen to someone and being reasonable. Some people on ee I just can't communicate with well because they're incredibly annoying in only talking about themselves and not taking other people in consideration.

you raise good points, perhaps "acting like an adult" is a bit of an idiom. When parents say to "act like an adult" they probably weren't referring to the examples you bring up, which proves your point.
being reasonable? agreed. Of course, I imagine someone who is "too reasonable" can reach a point where they're considered immature.

#11 Re: Bots and Programming » [RELEASE] Javascript Minimap Getter » Yesterday 17:48:57

interesting style choices

If you wanted to up your security ante, you could define which actions only require an alternate account and then just have one account the service uses. If the account fails, just serve the end user with a CAPTCHA to build a new account (is that bad advice?)

Why exactly do you need to send the information anyhow? If it's javascript why can't the info just stay on the machine in a cookie? I must be missing something

Also, yeah I think someone mentioned using BigDB. That would solve your issue as well. btw you're begging the question: what does IACC stand for

#13 Off-Topic Discussion » Maturity » Yesterday 14:48:26

Replies: 13

Hello. I don't think this is a topic (I googled and read through Debates pages) but do let me know

A topic is addressed occasionally when I play Everybody Edits or float about the various forums/chats/rooms. This topic is maturity, or more often the lack thereof. Or, perhaps the topic isn't addressed, simply realized. The actions of one or another might appear immature. But, is that not to be expected? This game was originally intended for--or perhaps not, but simply ended up being picked up by--children, but we also have had many folk grow with the game and are now old people. (pardon the exaggeration?) This would create the contrast between what we perceive as mature and not.

So I ask, more generally (perhaps outside the game) what you might perceive as "mature" or perhaps "acting like an adult." Are these two things equal? That probably goes without saying. But then, given our forum's somewhat diverse background of locations and understandings, can we find nuances in them?


I originally wrote 600 words of philosophy but then decided that was a bit much. I also wanted a Debates topic but since I don't have a specific I want to ask, I guess it goes here. Any thoughts on maturity or age of adulting?


#14 Re: Game Discussion » What did you say? » Yesterday 14:11:57

destroyer123 wrote:

There are very few abbreviations that are specific to EE, so you can almost always find it in urban dictionary if you dont know what something means

I've never heard of such a long acronym... very cryptic, the spaces almost make it look like a sentence

but yeah, more than likely google will help. You might even find a table or something

#15 Re: Forum Discussion » EE PR » Yesterday 14:10:09

Zumza wrote:

Every time I see PR I think it stands for President and then I remember thats actually supposed to mean Public Relations.
But tbh, why won't we call it EE President?

Public Relations vs Executive Power

tbh I'd call it something like "White House Press Secretary" or something :b

oh sorry, I guess I just assumed the country

#16 Re: Forum Discussion » clicking PM by name of a user » Yesterday 14:08:51

has it actually been that long ago?

if it makes you feel better, I also brought this up, so I wooted for solidarity

maybe a picture would help?

#17 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » how to get a new gaming pc? (for peoples who have a bad pc) » 2017-05-23 19:40:36

destroyer123 wrote:

If it hadn't been shut down, I think it would have been able to work by download link, as I believe it was just an exe file which extracted all the files it needed from itself, so as long as you ran it, it wouldn't matter where it came from, the exploit was just a way for it to install itself without needing you to click on anything

ah, but you'd still need to run it. That was my worry

but yeah, I guess I heard about that domain thing. Didn't one guy register that somewhat by mistake? or was that a different domain?

#18 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » how to get a new gaming pc? (for peoples who have a bad pc) » 2017-05-23 18:04:07

Mysterion wrote:

5th Buy an antivirus againist wannacry

I'm concerned about this. The fixes seem uncertain at best.

"" is an awesome note/source on the wikipedia page.

I'm not about to test this, but would a straight download link have the same effect as whatever SMB method it uses to infect? i.e., if the computer knows the file is coming through the right channels is it still able to do whatever voodoo?

#20 Re: Bug Reports » [PLZFIX] I found a small bug » 2017-05-23 16:38:43

wow, these topics are popping in like flies but they're starting to bug me so please stop


#23 Re: Bug Reports » arrows+0 gravity= arrows work » 2017-05-22 18:07:38

peace men wrote:

what if you want to disable the gravity completly aka you want to make the playersmove over arrows!?

then that hardly makes sense. If I combine what tomahawk is saying with the apparent detail that down arrows have been implemented, it makes perfect sense. Worlds with zero gravity could use the arrows and make sense because essentially the "default" is no longer down arrows but dots.

and that's cool

#24 Re: Forum Discussion » Why are they banned? REVIVED » 2017-05-22 16:38:17

Whirl wrote:

Okay, but what about Gosha?

Mysterion wrote:

why is whirl banned?


#25 Re: Questions and Answers » Is inf jump actually infinite? » 2017-05-21 17:20:38

destroyer123 wrote:

Yes it is (ive looked in the decompiled code)

can you be more specific?

I mean if you really want infinite you could just set it so that if it's -1 it doesn't subtract or whatever

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