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#1 Re: Forum Games » Words Game » Today 07:31:52

eag-... oh...

my eagle

#3 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 33 Signups [Full - backups, maybe?] » Today 07:31:01

even fi were in the **** phase where everyone says hi ect? th pahse befroe a lynch happens tuhhus no real game discussion took place but only outside weird stuff?

#4 Re: Forum Discussion » The Mafia Archive » Today 07:29:58

remidn sme of this old thread i found which i sreally hsould update sometime lol

#5 Re: Game Discussion » Time to boycott EEU. » Today 07:25:25

inb4 mutant gonna say BOYCOTT EEU CAUSE IT DOESNT HAVE

#8 Re: Forum Games » EE corrupt a wish » Yesterday 19:57:33

granted you get em but they cost $1K

i wish for my next wish to not get xcorrupted

#9 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 33 Signups [Full - backups, maybe?] » Yesterday 19:55:44

mutantdevle wrote:

It will start within 24 hours.

that 'll be a perfect tim for me when i get home wfrom work so it doesnt start in th emiddle of my work day and i com ehome wiht a spammy thread wiht nothign but **** (day 1's are mostly **** until a random lynch happens)

#11 Re: Forum Games » EE corrupt a wish » Yesterday 15:59:31

granted... yes granted i wont corrupt this wish for you you will get it one day :3 <3

i wish to become staff of EE(U)

#12 Re: Game Discussion » i need help lolol » Yesterday 15:58:11

contact xenonnetix and/or lukem on forums via pm or us [email protected] give as much details as you know

#13 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 33 Signups [Full - backups, maybe?] » Yesterday 15:55:43

le the game begin an dmay the best ones win lookign forward to the start of the game and see who is the day 1 lynch

#14 Re: Forum Games » EE corrupt a wish » Yesterday 07:38:37

oh.. yeah taht soudns cool ill connga grant it but...
it actualy granted it self already cause i am already on the world...

i wish you trytu, wouldnt skip wishes...

#15 Re: Game Discussion » EE Confessions » Yesterday 07:36:28

i once panicked when i made a dumb mistake whci i'll NEVER EVER make again
some guy tried to be nice
he was nice
he wanted to make bto for me wiht my acc
he aske dmy acc info
i gave
he connected some weird rnaomd bots witth not even my username btu i ddint really know what was goign on
he got into my acc
i was scared
but finaly the mods coud ld bnan him
my acc is safe now //

#16 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 33 Signups [Full - backups, maybe?] » Yesterday 07:33:26

mutantdevle wrote:

That's a poorly designed idle game if it requires you to be active //

The game will start a few days after signups close. So I don't really have a timeframe for when that will be.

welp not necreasary but lets say the dev is alos very greedy in selling 1K kred  packs ect in the game so yeah alos being quite active i mean catching crates that drop abotu ~1-3 min with a auto catcher set to 80% reading the mafia thread can sometimes require some much time + analyziing some earlie r posts.. but it doesnt really matter +is alos an clicker game so if you ccan relate btu ive gote quite much otu of the event already and there is likely not muhch else to get unless i get really lucky but its not that i play it now 24/7 so it doesnt really matter lokkign forwar dto see how this setup goes and who will win

#17 Re: Game Discussion » the official closed beta sharing topic share your EEU screenshots here » Yesterday 07:29:11

den3107 wrote:
peace wrote:

some new mechanic added to minigame building: adding really small edit zones so the players have to decide hwo they need otbeat the minigame by adding blocks

I like the idea, but it would kinda require the zone to limit itself to certain blocks, or a certain amount of blocks.
Probably also local-only edits, since otherwise one person would "solve" the minigame, and everybody else can freely utilize it.

well these edit zones are liek open worlds exepc you cant actualy draw instead of block per block and sofar minis ive seen require to delete bcloks and add them back later on  but an local edit only zone woudl be mncnice to be seen in EEU aswell but that coudl be added later if needed its nto that important though

#18 Re: Off Topic Discussion » spooky spiders (for october only) » 2019-10-13 21:01:37

Growler wrote:

when you open the bathrrom to go to the toilet andyou see this beest on top of it...

#20 Re: Bug Reports » EEU bug topic » 2019-10-13 20:50:53

not necresarry a bug buut somethign that wasnt impelemented yet but i want to share it:

smiley does not get saved on leaving a world/the game

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Time to boycott EEU. » 2019-10-13 20:43:26


this so you ca n chnage his mouth to uhm yeah

#23 Re: Forum Games » EE corrupt a wish » 2019-10-13 20:42:13

i love how the corruptions on some wishes happens in this game anyway..
granted i asked xeno and he'll said ok deal ill do it but it'll cost you some $1K money 1 time to do it so to actualy grant it i ask you the money.

i wish i could unabn myself on any game/forum i visit/play whenever i want

#24 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 33 Signups [Full - backups, maybe?] » 2019-10-13 20:37:15

when will this start? can this start after next week is gone? i have time but theres an even ton an idle game i play that ends next week and basically requires some active play style to get the best out of it sure i can als so read the forums but if it can...

#25 Re: Forum Discussion » diff can you increase max lenght of signatures so i can make my sig » 2019-10-13 20:34:52

this is fixed so im gonna lock this i did not know abotu diffrent rendering

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