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#1 Forum Discussion » Is encoded rule breaking allowed? » Yesterday 06:27:20

Replies: 8

For example If i put evil content like in my old secrets sig like bad words in there. For example in my current sig i had left an Easter egg where I printed my name multiple times over it. If, instead of this I’d put anything else, would it still be illegal, as people wouldn’t even really notice it.

And yes, my futures signatures will have secret stuff in there.

#2 Re: Bug Reports » t1 fire anticheat coins too low » 2018-12-13 14:58:28

peace wrote:

buyt you diddnt cheat right? yo just exploited and did legi tthings?

Look: He has 8 coins. He want s to not get kicked. He asks the security to be changed. He doesn't hack/cheat/exploit anything.

#3 Re: Forum Discussion » Make Signature MaxHeight be able to changed in users settings » 2018-12-13 14:56:48

peace wrote:

in my opinion the max hieght/widt shoudl eb same everywhere so you know eaisly hwo to make your sig looks nice

well yours obviously don't

#4 Re: Forum Discussion » Make Signature MaxHeight be able to changed in users settings » 2018-12-12 17:31:48

This is not what the topic is about. I clearly said, that you can have this option, but the topic is about editing the height.

#5 Forum Discussion » [IF], [HTML], [EE], [TABLE], [DEADLINE] as [IF=TIME], ... - good tags » 2018-12-12 17:27:09

Replies: 6

The IF Tag

If a condition specified later is true, then the content of the IF will be specified. It can be used for automatic topic content and for collecting topics or games like mafia - timers, who did posted already, etc.

[IF=...] ... [/IF]
  • a & b

    • Bool: The AND operator - if a and b are both true, returns true.

  • a | b

    • Bool: The OR operator - if a or b is true, returns true.

  • !b

    • Bool: Returns the opposite value of b

  • a + b

    • Numeric: Returns the sum of a and b.

  • a - b

    • Numeric: Returns the difference of a and b.

  • a * b

    • Numeric: Returns the product of a and b.

  • a / b

    • Numeric: Returns the quotient of a and b.

  • a ^ b

    • Numeric: Returns a to the power of b.


    • Bool: Has the user posted in topic

  • TIME()

    • Numeric: Returns current server timestamp

  • USER_POST_COUNT(username)

    • Numeric: Returns the post amount of the user

  • etc.

The HTML Tag

The HTML tag CAN be abused, and I agree why our single staff member denied it. What about adding trusted members group? VERY USEFUL for beautification of the topic, including table-forms, etc. With this trusted members can preview their scripts in the ForumD, giving Diff an easier way to see the good stuff and using it.



Not just a tag. It redirects to worlds, crews, etc of EE. When holding over the link, a popup appears, which acts like a window, while mouse is over it it won't disappear. For example for worlds, you then get a world preview, contains 3 buttons: Minimal, Beta, Classic, the crew popup can show how much users subscribed, etc.


Speaks for itself. People said I should use images, but it doesn't work well, if people want to copy the content - but it's not something you can copy, it's something you can only see. -  also the width of the screen cannot be always the width of the picture. - The font of the image isn't always the forum font.

  [ROW= max height (in pixels)]
    [COLUMN=width (in percent)]
    [COLUMN= ...]

#6 Forum Discussion » Make Signature MaxHeight be able to changed in users settings » 2018-12-12 17:02:03

Replies: 20
  • You can't change your signature height by setting this to "infinite" pixels for others. This would be annoying and bad. Imagine if peace tried to put all the images which were made for him in the sig, it would cover over 50% of the topic and this is not what the topic is about, so please see the point below.

  • You can set the displayable for you signature size of others. It will affect only your display. This cannot harm others but will add you the ability to hide/show long signatures. Of course you can disable the signatures in total, but in the case you still want to see signatures, but do not want them to be such big. Everyone has his own comforts.

*I think we should not have a specific limit for signature height, because this is up to each user. Now: "But the case that a user wants to change this... .. is very few cases I can think of" - Everyone has his own comforts. Remember! The forum could be white, without themes, without youtube tag, without color tags, without themes, etc.!

#8 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 21 - The Legendary Return - Sign Up (CLOSED) » 2018-12-11 14:15:19

Guys. I close this game because not enough want to join. EE is just not yet active enough for 10+ players count games. Maybe someone else should organise this, because a reason could be also - that I am creating this topic. Anyway. /Close

#9 Game Discussion » The good things - The thank you topic » 2018-12-09 19:58:02

Replies: 13

Last time we were saying all the bad to happen in EE!

Now, let’s say all the good that happens!

In my opinion, thanks for reviving EE, Xeno, thanks for returning regularly updates. Thank you for adding NOCs, it would be good to add more suggestions to the game, but it’s a thanks topic. Also, nice to see actually something is going on there.

The only thing is - please be less transparent.

#10 Re: Creative » Confess Your Sins » 2018-12-09 19:54:13

I am obsessed of girls and becoming a leader.

#11 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Anyone knows good blender tutorials? » 2018-12-09 14:21:09

I'm taking blender guru lessons! Thanks, Gosha!

I'm not locking this, but answer = do not post any jokes and other stuff below that is considered off-topic

#12 Re: Game Discussion » hey xeno can you make an officaly EE time line » 2018-12-09 13:04:21

I remember I had made a topic earlier. But it was bad.

#15 Re: Creative » Santa's List » 2018-12-09 12:31:15

Dear Santa, I want to get enough bravery to talk to her. Thanks.

Actually, Santa thought that it’s cold in your house and sent you some fuel for your heater.

#16 Re: Game Suggestions » /backgroundid command » 2018-12-08 15:26:01

TaskManager wrote:

if youre not the owner just take a screenshot and use Paint or anything alike
i dont see enough cases where a player would need an exact HEX bgcolor of a world they are playing

No, but /get World I fo where this is just par of it would be fine.

#18 Off-Topic Discussion » Anyone knows good blender tutorials? » 2018-12-08 07:46:25

Replies: 8

Ive been trying to find some good stuff, but the blender UI is so big, I don't even know where to start. Anyone knows good tutorials which he has been learning with?

(Incase Different55 sees this, please respond, I remember you making very good stuff past years!)

#19 Re: Game Discussion » What's up with all hate towards campaign team? » 2018-12-08 07:17:02

HG wrote:
Killerthegreat wrote:

I'm pretty curious to see where this hate is coming from.

People complaining about extreme campaigns and supposedly wrong difficulty labeling.

And not only that!

People also required more easy campaigns earlier. Now, there only appear extreme campaigns - with easy labels - what doesn't really fix the problem. Luke counted all the campaigns here, and the results were not quite good at all. A bit more than 50% are in any direction hard labeled. More than 70% are actually in some ways hard. There are very easy campaigns we noobs can beat.

#20 Re: Game Suggestions » /backgroundid command » 2018-12-08 06:55:59

mikelolsuperman wrote:

Not that I know of, maybe you're thinking of /bgcolor which just changes it to the color you put in there. /bgcolor #FFFFFF or /bgcolor #AC9410 for example.

He’s talking about


Or something like that

#21 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » What I was dreaming of last years - My ideology to the world » 2018-12-07 19:45:46

NorwegianboyEE wrote:
Anatoly wrote:

My ideology, is the future of our world.

Of course, how could we not see it? How foolish we were to believe in atheism and Christianity when the true god was in front of us all along.
Let us all buy him bitcoins in deathmark and gain "esteemed" ranks in his cult New world order!

It became my ideology since no one of the rulers actually started doing it:

Future technology, flying cars, etc. - we all want it

#22 Re: Campaign Suggestions » Advent Calendar campaign » 2018-12-07 15:00:55

What about Advent Calendar Bonus Rewards? Advent Calendar Items? Advent Calendar Update? Advent Calendar Admin Announce? /s some of the stuff

#23 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Support me with Ideas! » 2018-12-07 14:55:28

- Showing where to download gimp
- Overview over gimp tools
- # Overview over possible applications for graphical creation.
- # Compare: MS Paint, GiMP

Later On-Going:
- # Blocks: Making half-blocks, recolor, Making a simple brick, Making a block from a texture,

#24 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 21 - The Legendary Return - Sign Up (CLOSED) » 2018-12-07 14:41:56

Added: KirbyKareem, Crybaby, 2B55B5G TNG, RailMat, Onjit

TaskManager wrote:

im reluctant to join this since i do remember how you messed up that one game
consider posting the role setup and role cards, clarifying whether it will be an open game or not?

Saw this one coming.

Ive talked to some people who are experienced with Mafia, and we came to the decision that roles should not be known on start, role cards however will be given when some person dies. I can give you some information:

It will be a classic game with common roles, like the Doctor, Detective, Roleblocker, Townies, etc., but yes which roles exactly there appear will not be given out, to keep the mystery. Plus, if roles where given out now, and later it would've been clear that they should be secret, I won't be anymore able to "hide" the roles. However, it might be known on start.

And, yes, I've been a real **** last years. Hoping to get a second chance by you, guys.

#25 Forum Games » Mafia 21 - The Legendary Return - Sign Up (CLOSED) » 2018-12-06 17:05:59

Replies: 9

Hello! Mafia is back! After, long, long time being forgot.
I know you have bad experience with me from earlier games, but I think everyone should have a second chance.
Anyway, welcome to Mafia 20!

Mafia 21 - The Legendary Return

How to sign up?

In your post, as the first word, say !signup in it's own paragraph, so I won't skip any of you. Please also not, that once you signup - please make sure you're having time, as it will be boring to others.

What is Mafia? What are the rules?

Other than being a very enjoyed game around over the world, it's a traditional game on our forums, which has been played for ages. With the time, when the player count has been falling the game lost its' interest. But now - with Xenonetix our player count has increased again, and it's time to revive the forgotten! Below you can see how to play the game. Limiting rules will be seen in the

  • In Mafia, you'll be given a role, depending on the card your team and your powers will be defined.

  • There exist two default teams: The Townies and the Mafia.

  • Mafia wins when every Townie is dead, Townies win when all Mafia members are executed.

  • Every day, you vote for someone who you suspect as dangerous from your perspective

  • You talk to players, try to figure out who is who, and try to - win & survive

  • Every night, depending on your role card you may use different powers. Example: The Doctor can heal every night someone.

People who signed up so far


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