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#1 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits Loadscreen Archive » 2020-08-29 17:14:57

Gosha wrote:
mariofry wrote:

I'm in the January 2013 one //

i remember i scrolled down the list and found a world with 1 person in it
i joined and it was mrshoe (i believe so, but many mrvoid) building that level
i had a little chat with him, it was cool

yea mate same thing happened to me ! also, i found something weird . why is some of Mrshoe's worlds owned by Priddle but still in Mrshoes world list ?

#3 Re: Game Discussion » 20 People online at one world » 2020-04-15 19:12:04

mrjawapa wrote:


It's only interesting cause I don't see this that often. On any world nowadays

#5 Game Discussion » Signed up for EEU closed beta, and I can't access my invite » 2019-12-16 23:13:29

Replies: 3

The email linked up with the account, I can't access anymore as it is no longer supported by the carrier, so I can't access EEU ever

#8 Re: Game Discussion » Banned for swearing when theres a swear filter » 2019-10-09 21:51:55

I wasn't directing it to anybody, let's just say when you lose internet while about to touch the trophy of an impossible level, you don't behave well.

#9 Re: Game Discussion » Banned for swearing when theres a swear filter » 2019-10-08 23:20:43

Okay, I can read. It's imposslbe to comment on this game.

#11 Game Discussion » Going insane if EEU doesn't come out in the next two seconds. » 2019-10-02 01:02:41

Replies: 4

I have schoolwork to get done. Stop making me check-in every two seconds to see if it's out.

End my suffering.

#12 Game Discussion » leaked ee universe gameplay: » 2019-09-14 20:44:51

Replies: 2

Everybody Edits Patreon: Stealing people's money is great!

Everybody Edits 2 back in 2014: Am I a **** joke to you?

#15 Re: Game Discussion » EE or Reboot? » 2018-07-24 04:34:03

sorry that was an accident //

don't double post - hz5

#16 Re: Creative » Avatar! » 2018-04-08 03:22:03

here is most recent que

Oray (again..)

These might be done i dont know \/


#18 Re: Creative » Avatar! » 2018-03-14 21:55:38

im still in que right?

#19 Re: Creative » Pixel Signatures (and Avatars) » 2018-02-25 02:58:12

woah didnt know you doing profile pics
can you make me on plox
text Piman4138
with a pie with the pi symbol on it //

#21 Re: Questions and Answers » Password reset link going to 404 » 2018-01-30 23:31:59

It has something to do with the cookies just reset them
((ez tutorial on yt))

#22 Re: Creative » Pixel Signatures (and Avatars) » 2018-01-30 23:13:16

bro thank you so much <3 love your work

#23 Re: Creative » Pixel Signatures (and Avatars) » 2018-01-20 19:36:18

I would like it to look like HG, with ZUMZA's animation. ;]

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