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#1 2016-08-12 22:23:59

Registered: 2016-06-03
Posts: 170

[BAL] Mars Mine

Mars Mine


This is a world that relies on a bot, partly inspired by floddy's digbot, which is a digbot with a few fancy upgrades. So far, there is advanced terrain generation, player inventories, generated structures, crafting, a bank, a shop, and few other surprises. The world is set on mars, so there is little gravity, and not much there, but underground, there are lots of precious ores, some hidden and some not.

This bot is currently mostly complete, but I will continue to add new features. Although I cannot 100% guaruntee it, you should no longer have the risk of losing your progress (other than a few minutes possibly while im testing an update).

How to play

  • Double tap an arrow key to mine

  • Type '!inv' to see your inventory

  • Type '!top' to get back to the top

  • Type '!craft stone pickaxe' to craft a pickaxe that can mine lower layers

  • In lower layers, some ores are hidden, so you have to mine the blocks to find them

  • Type '!help' to get help in game

  • If you get the 'you said this too many times' message, then add capital letters, e.g. !inV

Features so far

  • Commands - Type !(command name) [parameters] to use, !help command for a list of commands, or !help command (command name) to get more info on a specific command

  • Ores - Mine them to pick them up

  • Hidden ores - Mine blocks to find them

  • Hidden blocks - Move close to see them

  • Inventory - Type !inv to see it

  • World generation - Regenerates the world every time a layer has been discovered more than 75% (say !info layers)

  • Structures - 1-2 large structure, and 3-5 small structures

Raw Data



  • Sometimes blocks aren't placed correctly (leads to a block the bot doesnt think is there)

  • Post a reply or pm me if you find any more

Ideas for the future

  • Upgrading pickaxes with gemstones

  • More structures (I'm open to suggestions)

  • More uses for the resources found in meteors / crashed UFOs (again open to suggestions)

  • Random layers selected after a reset

Recent changes

  • Remade the whole bot, so a few things are slightly different

  • You now need to mine close to blocks to be able to see them

  • Added a complicated, randomly generated structure format

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#2 2016-08-25 08:56:44

From: Canada
Registered: 2015-07-17
Posts: 83

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

Love it! +rep

edit: wow i didn't know i could add rep to the same person twice lol +rep again

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#3 2017-03-05 12:00:14

Registered: 2016-06-03
Posts: 170

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

Updated the forum post (finally) to the newest version of mars mine!

Ive also written a small program to convert json to BBCode (to be able to post the massive amounts of data in spoilers), if you would find it useful, pm me.

Edit: Also, just wondering... Think the main post is the post with the most spoilers in it on the forums?

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#4 2017-03-05 18:32:44

New Member
Registered: 2017-01-30
Posts: 4

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

That makes me think, that ee isnt dead. big_smile

damn boy, im new.


#5 2017-03-05 20:00:24

From: canada
Registered: 2015-08-15
Posts: 1,408

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

for people too lazy to go through 95049049 spoilers
LAYER #: items you can see in the dirt; items that appear when you mine the block.
LAYER 1:  1.5% wood, 1% stone; 2.5% stone, 0.5% copper, 0.5% coal.
LAYER 2: 0.5% stone, 0.1% coal; 1% stone, 1% copper, 0.5% coal, 0.4% iron, 0.2% tin, 0.1% common geode.
LAYER 3: 1.5% sandstone rock (see below), 0.5% stone, 0.2% coal, 0.1% common geode; 1% stone, 1% copper, 0.3% coal, 0.8% iron, 0.4% tin, 0.1% common geode.
LAYER 4: 5% sandstone rock, 0.5% stone, 0.3% coal, 0.1% common geode; 0.5% stone, 1% copper, 0.5% iron, 0.8% tin, 0.4% silver, 0.2% common geode.
LAYER 5: 0.1% common geode; 0.5% copper, 0.3% iron, 0.4% tin, 0.8% silver, 0.1% gold, 0.3% common geode, 0.1% uncommon geode.
LAYER 6: 0.3% sulfur, 0.1% uncommon geode; 0.5% silver, 0.5% gold, 0.5% sulfur, 0.1% platinum, 0.1% uncommon geode.
LAYER 7: 0.4% sulfur, 0.1% uncommon geode; 0.3% silver, 0.5% gold, 0.5% sulfur, 0.5% platinum, 0.2% uncommon geode.
LAYER 8: 0.5% sulfur, 0.1% uncommon geode; 0.3% gold, 0.5% sulfur, 0.5% platinum, 0.5% titanium, 0.4% uncommon geode, 0.1% rare geode.
LAYER 9: 0.1% rare geode; 0.3% platinum, 0.5% titanium, 0.5% alien, 0.2% rare geode.
LAYER 10: ; 0.333...% void

formatting is bleh

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bleh who needs sigs anyway.


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#6 2017-03-09 04:38:19

From: Totally not Canada
Registered: 2015-02-19
Posts: 68

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

Uh, I suggest you don't use too much spoilers since it can confuse people over.

EE is dead, and I just DEAL WITH IT

?type=online&name=sifter   ?type=energy&name=sifter   ?type=loginstreak&name=sifter   ?type=lastlogin&name=sifter


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#7 2017-03-09 09:10:27

Registered: 2016-06-03
Posts: 170

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

I wouldn't use spoilers, but the thing is that if I didn't then... Well... Let's just say that there are multiple thousands of lines in the bot data... Even if I had a spoiler per block, it would still make it quite annoying to read
I would have also formatted it better, but that would require writing a program specifically to load all the data and change it to be more readable...
If I did add something like this, I would do it in the bot (the !info command)

Edit: Maybe I should make a JavaScript program for viewing it... That might make it a bit easier to use

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#8 2017-03-16 01:41:33

From: canada
Registered: 2015-08-15
Posts: 1,408

Re: [BAL] Mars Mine

well i told you i'd make some suggested spawn rates so: (assuming 1000 total weights each)
1: 15 wood, 1 stone; 4 stone, 2 copper
2: 1 common geode, 1 copper; 1 stone, 1 copper, 1 silver
3: 2 common geode, 1 silver; 1 silver, 3 coal
4: 3 common geode, 3 copper; 5 silver, 4 coal, 1 iron
5: 2 common geode, 1 uncommon geode; 6 iron, 6 coal, 1 gold
6: 1 common geode, 2 uncommon geode, 1 iron, 3 sulfur; 5 gold, 2 iron
7: 3 uncommon geode, 4 sulfur; 5 platinum, 5 gold
8: 2 uncommon geode, 1 rare geode, 6 sulfur, 1 titanium;
9: 1 uncommon geode, 2 rare geode, 1 titanium; 4 alien
10: same as now

bleh who needs sigs anyway.



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