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#1 2017-03-08 06:06:33

From: Happiness Hall
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Make Everybody Edits open-source

This suggestion seems to be trending yet there isn't a suggestion topic for it yet. Let's give it the attention it deserves. To quote Zumza's post:

Zumza wrote:
Nou wrote:

While we appreciate everyone wanting to help, we have all bases covered right now. If we need someone, we will approach that person and ask them.

Why won't you go to the people who are willing to help? Why do you prefer keeping busy, unmotivated persons on the spot?

A large number of game clients are open-sourced.
People could propose code changes, and after someone oversees them, they could be committed.
I'm sure that you got an Todo List which can be followed, and that the current admins/devs have enough experience to decide what its good and whats not. Overseeing something, most of the time, takes less than the actual coding process.
Believe me that there a lot of people willing to help, without needing any recognition. Their only satisfaction is helping this game.

Theres a large community of programmers that know about EE and it would be petty not to exploit them.

Perhaps volunteers could even be paid in gems. What do you think about an open-source Everybody Edits?


#2 2017-03-10 20:36:44

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Re: Make Everybody Edits open-source

Open Source wouldn't help EE because it's so much based on PlayerIO. What we need is a new beginning because the code right now is messed up.



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#3 2017-03-10 21:27:11

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Re: Make Everybody Edits open-source

capasha wrote:

Open Source wouldn't help EE because it's so much based on PlayerIO. What we need is a new beginning because the code right now is messed up.

I would say javascript / HTML5 would be a good idea (mostly so the game is accessable to a wider audience as almost every browser supports HTML5), but this would require a major rewrite, along with migration away from PlayerIO, so probably will never happen

Edit: ^ is what they are already doing (Unity can be converted to javascript / HTML5 / WebGL, which means they wouldnt need to move away from PlayerIO)

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