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#1 Re: Game Discussion » Nontopic Worthy Game Discussion » Today 16:27:14

NoNK wrote:

Uh, can we at least get a topic title when you merge these "non topic worthy" posts? Because i have no idea what the topic is supposed to be. Which may suggest there was a topic if the title gave enough context.

I do insert the title into the start of the post when it adds more context. Usually there’s no benefit.

#5 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Coronavirus Disscussion » 2021-04-09 17:19:07

Excoluss wrote:

Yeah I think UK has decided to handle covid like a simple flu now. Meaning no quarantines there

The UK's vaccinating everyone in order from older to younger. They're doing over-50s atm, so I likely won't get offered mine until July earliest. There are absolutely still quarantines if you get covid or travel from abroad.

They say they'll start reopening shops, restaurants etc. in England by May so restrictions are still pretty tight.

hummerz5 wrote:

Does anyone know, is this going to be something that we end up handling like the flu?

I don't think there's enough data yet.

#6 Re: Worlds » NN's EE & EEU Worlds and Information! » 2021-04-09 13:10:14

Moved to Worlds since these look completed.

#7 Re: Forum Games » Mafia 50 Signup Thread » 2021-04-01 11:06:56

Bump it every day until two more join. Or spam discord to find a few more players.

#9 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: Design for the Devil ☆ » 2021-03-31 14:38:54

Don't worry dude you've got 14 hours to learn how to draw. I believe in you.

#10 Re: Game Business » Everybody Edits: Design for the Devil ☆ » 2021-03-31 13:03:41

PR team isn't doing much PR so I guess I'll bump this.

The deadline is midnight EST tonight - 16 hours from now! That's 4am UTC!

I made a countdown timer here.

And before you ask, yes I already submitted mine

#11 Re: Game Discussion » Discussion - Is the new owner trolling us? » 2021-03-31 10:37:33

chzandham wrote:

You wouldn't think a game about building with blocks and interacting with friends would stretch out for many years and go on multiple development hiatuses and setbacks, but hey, there's a first for everything.

Definitely not a first. There's plenty of games that sort of die, mostly due to lack of profits/funding. They limp along for a while, supported by community members who step in to continue development and replace paid staff. It's a better outcome than being shut down years ago.

What I don't understand is why people are still determined to be negative about EE's future. Sure, nobody can predict that it'll become as popular as it was a decade ago, but this initial investment should be plenty to fund a decent first release, and then we'll see. For the time being, if Satanya/Felix have $500 to throw at a logo competition they're probably doing fine for initial funding. Devs aren't cheap, and to have (allegedly) hired five of them should make even the edgiest doomers hopeful.

#13 Re: Forum Discussion » Official Intro/Outro Thread » 2021-03-25 11:21:43

Moved sapizza’s thread from Off-Topic and merged.

#14 Re: Off Topic Discussion » Off-Topic chat thread » 2021-03-23 13:37:53

Merged Debora’s thread.

In other news, illiteracy in adults.

#15 Re: Game Discussion » I just wish that we got an EE remaster for HTML5 without changes. » 2021-03-22 10:06:14

Can we stay on topic please. Satanya Debora hating on staff isn’t relevant to this thread.

#16 Re: Game Discussion » I just made an EEU's image! » 2021-03-18 09:22:16

Aight chaps you heard her. I’m forbidden from locking so I want a good, clean discussion with plenty of insight.

I’ll start: people have discussed publishing the game on Steam or etc., but the 30% cut platforms like that take is way too rough for a tiny game studio. Idk if EE ever had an application that automatically pulled the latest game files from the server, but EE! would probably do its own little independent program if they chose to make an installer/portable at all.

#17 Re: Forum Discussion » Zzz. » 2021-03-14 20:13:18

Dead game dead forums.

Moved to Forum Discussion.

#19 Re: Off Topic Discussion » wanna share your dumbest moments/play in a mafia game » 2021-03-11 00:37:01

Might’ve moved the entire thread to landfill by accident and put it back before anyone noticed.

#22 Re: Off Topic Discussion » I am just tired of online school. » 2021-03-10 13:37:22

Luka504 wrote:

Yup, online classes are the worst. I've literally not attended a single class after my third week of college because I just cannot take the monotony of a professor reading off pre-made slides anymore.

I've completely given up on trying to do well and am now aiming for the barest minimum needed to pass, praying that **** returns to normal next year. Dropping out seems like a definite possibility, and that worries me.

Yeah it’s rough, but if the exams are also online then they’re easier to do well in. //

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