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#1 Re: Graphics Suggestions » My smile. Pac-Man » Yesterday 20:16:58

Bunitao wrote:

My new creation, I do not know I liked it but I liked it. cool

need just 4 ghost smileys then is the Pacman pack perfect

#2 Re: Creative » Mysterion's awesome browser Theme about EE » Yesterday 19:31:37

I created today a Google Chrome Theme about our god SonyTV

the download link is here … 52#p654752

Hidden text

and my endless pain theme got deleted, wtf
I create a new one in a few days

#3 Re: Game Discussion » So who would you like to be made staff? » Yesterday 18:04:03

SirSoul wrote:

now now girls, This toipc is for seious mod desgussions!

say this to ernesdo and not to me tongue

#5 Re: Game Discussion » So who would you like to be made staff? » Yesterday 17:39:50

Ernesdo wrote:

mysterion should be mod so he can abuse his power day 1

I don't want the mod role and if I had the mod role = I won't abuse my power

And why do you still care about me?

And why do I care about you?

#7 Off-Topic Discussion » "My special place" story by SonyTV » Yesterday 08:20:35

Replies: 1

you see this SonyTV is banned sad
I'm gonna post his story for him


SonyTV wrote:

Heru Leeru
…………………………………...My special place.

My special face is at home. Inside our kitchen we have a shacklock coal range. baked on so that it always looks new. the smell of pot clakes and kliesch pulls my nose off This is special because most people have stoves to use the power muhaHAHA. The coal range is a white camel which lives in the kitchen and it's hungry but i get a nife and kill the stoves
At home my favourite thing to do is chilli out and play my games, If i'm not aloud to play them my other favourite thing to do is play with my dog Queenie or eat her or do dangerous stunts. Sometimes when im really bored i go annoy my sister Fleur with a bored because its funny. I have a kitchen what lives in the bedfroom, bathfroom, toyilet and loungeon. My house has widows and two flyerplaces.
My dog queenie is 11 years olds and she has been with a bean and with our family for a very long time. Queenie recently got all her teeth pulled out because she had a bum disease. so now she doesn't have teeth and also she has got fleas some more. In my spare pool time at home i like to pick my nose and eat it, or rub my snot on snotty places. Sometimes i'll blow my nose on someone's dog and sometimes i feed their dog my snot.

chapter 1. when i got home i saw too many flyerplaces so i got a fishing net and got 15 fly poos and gave it to my dog my dog smell yuk so when i went to get some ments for the dog fart and i sneeze when i smell fart from my dog but if i get a good score on my dangerous stunts i mite get no more flea and i can get better ege gee and i was so good at my dangerous stunts i killed my dog i won the lotto now i can go to a better school so when i got ho
me ever thing was 2utaful and i forgot 3 thing wait 4 things and then i want to watch some viter the moring i woke up heard the stoves moveing and i ran to the kitchen and grab a knife
and boom bang goes the stove i got a fright and jumped back then i attacked and it died
i said”oh that was a close one but you know stoves are bad”. people use them for power muhahaha. one day i got sick and blowed my nose on someone's dog the dog attacked me i ran but it was too late for the dog by the time the dog got snot on it all of its teeth fell out and got lots of ticks and some dog get lice or worms and even lech's. that day a dog came to me and i sneeze and the dog ate my snot then it got a disease called fleas and had to pull all of its teeth out .

chapter 2. its nighttime and i go to the bathfoom and i see my cat pooping in the bath. scare the cat out of the bath into the toyliet and i flush the cat away my brother kill the other cat by scrambling its tummy and it died and fell into the microwave blowed it up booooom turns into a stoves but the white camille is a sleep when it wakes up i will get the knife. i love my dog one day i went to a best dog challenge and i have to answer the q&a 1 qwest is your dog ugly y/n i said no and people said no but they were wrong and all got fleas 2 qwest is your dog a dog or frog or cat some say frog some say log but i say dog they got some more fleas and their dogs got their teeth fall out i laugh hard out and it got too hard then we did a dog lotto and the winner get a bag or my kind of dogs i won and then i sewed up snot came out of my nose and my mouth all of the dog teeth fell out and hit the ground like bullets so i got a snot cannon and minecraft villagers came to war boom bang bang goes the villagers then my stove tank came with hot pans and stoves and can eat villagers with oven then shoots it out at other people cats and ugly dogs those was some hungry stoves and then it was only me and white camel oven stove. then i grab a knife and jump it jump booooooooom goes nz the stove were everywhere but i saved the day and i got a brand newwwww dog from the army called qweenie the end.

chapter 3. nephews one day i  met my nephews  and we went to my mum boyfriend home and had some ice cream we he gave me some he punch me in the face then my nephew got punch in the face and said “hey what was that for” he said “every time you have an ice cream you get a punch” me and zac said “what are you talking about” then it was my 2 nephews turn when he went to punch my nephew but bit him on the hand and ran out to his car and never came back he was so scared. later  that day me and my nephews  got invited to a party and when we got there was lots of metal and this guy was cooking food then my little nephew jump on the bbq and the guy shut the led when he came back all of the food was gone and my little
nephew was burt and got put in the bin. then he ate all the rubbish in the bin  and transform into jarth 2000 and he said” food detected and  ate all the food. when i got home we were driving and i did a barrel roll out the window and mum saw martin the zombie whent crash.

chapter 4.: angry earth

once there was a world called angry earth on that earth was angry people who ate yogurt to be happy and one day there was a bad guy called angry troll he never wants to eat yogurt and he troll people that's really bad. so one day at the yogurt place the angry people have big buckets the size of wheels and the height of a rubbish bin and when the angry person was about to eat yogurt the angry troll put ice in his bucket and the angry person ate the ice and got very angry and started dancing and the angry boss said  oi ‘who's dancing’ and when he was talking to the  the angry person he said “you're sick you have to go home’ and when the angry person got home
he got in to bed and he was still dancing in bed and in the morning the sun was really hot so he went back to normal. one day there was a building on ice so the firemen came and had fire came out of the truck and melted all the ice. and one day i went to my brothers home his name is angry adam when  i knock on the door he got angry and started break dancing to the door and said ‘who is it’. the end.a lesson. and when my sister gets home shes always grumpy and hurts me and doesn't be nice when i try to talk to her .and my mum is always singing it's annoying.

mini stories: part 1
codie bode crack the code and the hungry kid.
one day there was a hungry boy and mak left his home to lock up his big macs in a safe so when mak left the hungry boy when inside his home and found a safe and said”i wonder what's in there's so he called up codie bode crack the code and he press all the buttons and it opened and
there was lots of big macs and they had a party and all the people were like woo hoo and dancing while eating big macs then mak got home and said oi who eating my big maks then everyone was screaming big mak was so angry the end.

mini stories part 2

jay bird.
there was a boy called jay bird and  his  family went to the airport
and watched the airplanes fly off and jay bird said i want to fly too so he started to run on the run way and walk  off and said beeb! beeb! this and that and mr bunker said oi no walking off the runway and put money in  the jar then jay bird tried again and said weeeeee when he flyed off and farted the end.

mini stories part 3
electric eel.

one day a girl called electric eel
and it live in a pond creek and a lake and the sea and a person called salmon fish and they have battles all the time and one day a guy went fishing for salmon and electric eel and he stick a pole in the water with a light bulb on it and waited the the light bulb lighted up and he pulled the pole out of the water and punch salmon and get it and put in pond to cook later and eel salmon tried to get out and the man said i get back in that pond and went into the river the end. 

chapter 5. my games i like ps3ee and xbox 360 dee and i play on my laptop at school and i like minecraft and terraria for ps3 only. when i was at home and my dog tried eating a bone but she
can cause dog has no teeth and when i try to take food off the dog grr and tries to swallow it. and in the middle of the night my dog spews it out  and does it all over again i hate it when  she does that.and when my brothers sick he annoys me and bes really silly and i think he's faking it .
and he bosses me around and he's 12 he won't leave me alone someone needs to teach him
my talk part 1 hi people minecraft and terraria have updates on october i can't wait till updates new items for terraria and new blocks for minecraft

chapter 6. one day we had a bbq and it was nighttime then grayem came and fog was following him and he jump into the pool and it went dark and fog then grayem started glowing when he got out of the the pool and his eyes and mouth was glowing and he was holding an electric eel and people was looking at him and he said “what?” and the people screamed and ran away then the fog went into the house then all of the plates and cups and cook food reddy on then and gray smashed the house and kill and the rats and codie said nooooo my pets and started pressing codes on the floor and ran away the then grayem went into the bin to get all the rotten food then he went  to go into the compost and farted and the people said”yuk” and started coughing

the end.

#9 Re: Forum Discussion » Why are they banned? REVIVED » Yesterday 07:40:01

Why is EEJoranasC banned?

off topic

#10 Re: Game Discussion » NSFW Contest 2017 » Yesterday 07:28:02

if everyone join then I join too

EE name: Mysterion cool
I have 3 empty medium worlds

#11 Re: Game Discussion » NSFW Contest 2017 » 2017-04-21 20:06:10

soniiiety wrote:

sign me up i want to join im sonytv in ee i have a cool factory i made its really creative and i can make cool building and things i think on makeing somthing soon

Insanity wrote:

Id like to register under my alt account "SonyTV"

my main account will have the level, but when I win this, I'd like to be added to the crew as my alt, SonyTV



i also don't want ur **** handouts

keep the gems

nice try Insanity.

I want to join it, but 50Gems is less for a contest like this tongue

#12 Re: Game Discussion » Revenge of SonyTV (FULL) » 2017-04-21 19:18:03

O.M.G, this is just EPIC, good job jorc

#14 Re: Questions and Answers » who is ragequits? » 2017-04-21 15:57:58

Devlin wrote:

Someone you were friends with changed their name?

I'm sure 50% sure this nobody of my friends change his name to ragequits

#15 Questions and Answers » who is ragequits? » 2017-04-21 15:44:57

Replies: 4

how is he in my friend list? I didn't add him lol

#19 Re: Creative » Mysterion's awesome browser Theme about EE » 2017-04-19 16:16:17

Freckleface wrote:

Maybe just have white text? Never have been a fan of colored text.

I can create a awesome theme for you, which world do you like?

#21 Re: Game Discussion » Official 'Look what I got!' topic » 2017-04-18 16:18:48

AnatolyEE is banned, this is the reason why I posting this, woot it please smile

#22 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Imgs of chats on Discord/IRC » 2017-04-18 15:30:20

I see this topic is dead since 30 days, now, it's not longer dead

#23 Re: Creative » Mysterion's awesome browser Theme about EE » 2017-04-18 14:10:47

Gosha wrote:

1 very bad thing

Dark-blue text on dark background.

incredibly hard to read

this is not dark blue text
this is neon blue  #0062FF
don't worry

I can see this text without any problems, lol

wait i fix it

EDIT: fixing with the new link

#24 Re: Creative » Mysterion's awesome browser Theme about EE » 2017-04-18 12:53:57

Hi, I created a browser Theme about EE Endless and Midnight Mewdows for Google Chrome, the download link is here Download now

Endless Pain
Midnight Mewdows

#25 Questions and Answers » allowed? » 2017-04-17 17:39:51

Replies: 12

he spamming his own world since 2 days without any breaks
is this allowed?

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