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#1 Re: Bots and Programming » Javascript PlayerIO is finally out » Today 05:00:57

hey guys, what does this change mean for EE? I mean, assuming botters choose to go this route. Do we even have botters?

A) What does this say about security of EE-related tools?
-- Web-available resources can be much more dynamic, but is there a risk in that? Should a read-only repository be considered, given that various users choose to do scans/decompilation to expose faulty security/phishing tools?

B) What does this say about capabilities of EE-related tools?
-- What advantages do we gain by being able to push things to a web instead of a downloadable? Not as windows-dependent, I imagine. Anything browser-oriented that's valuable?

C) I'm out of questions. Do we have people anymore who would flock to this sort of thing?

D) Oh wait, how much more common would "plagiarism" be given that everything's out there?

Food for thought, debate any and all with me? lol

#2 Re: Forum Discussion » Why are they banned? REVIVED » Today 00:00:45

Mysterion wrote:

Why is EEJoranasC banned?

off topic

inappropriate language

Ernesdo wrote:



#3 Re: Questions and Answers » Would this work? » Yesterday 21:59:41

HG has solid points

Users will have issue with joining the world if it becomes too detailed. Probably would not crash the world. However, users with slower computers might have trouble parsing, etc, lagging out. Not only "Init" but the /loadlevel associated block information as well

fwiw, the omega isn't the largest. You assume that perhaps because of the screen size. It's really the largest relatively smart choice because you can actually see the whole thing, but you can have 5000x5 or 5x5000.

keep in mind, it's not necessarily the "amount of blocks" but the "variety" of the blocks. both probably play a role

edit: another considerable drawback would be the implementation time. You'd need to settle in with some other entertainment while the bot uploaded the data

#4 Re: Game Discussion » Old Smileys » Yesterday 21:32:05

Processor wrote:

Someone is 2 shy to post so he/she told me to post it here:

looks like that's from around october 2012

#5 Re: Game Discussion » A reminder in the News section » Yesterday 21:25:02

Different55 wrote:
Arronix wrote:

"Please don't hack us we don't know how to fix ! Be cool guys sad"

"Please don't get yourself hacked, we can't and aren't going to fix it."


I wonder if these situations are where we get the "modified clients aren't allowed" of other games, where by this rule, such situations are avoided... the fault being the user's is quite clear in that case

#6 Re: Bots and Programming » Javascript PlayerIO is finally out » Yesterday 20:38:48

destroyer123 wrote:

Ive managed to log in (with the code in the OP), but havent managed to join a world yet, as the default 'public' connectionID doesnt have permission

Does anyone know what connectionID we should use?

it's been forever for me. "private" requires some sort of secret key doesn't it? Then idk

edit: what HG seems legit

also does this do anything, perhaps ? … ickConnect
I mean, it's only registration, but surely we could find a way that doesn't constantly register

edit2: could remove the "register: true" flag

#7 Re: Game Discussion » So who would you like to be made staff? » Yesterday 20:34:24

ninjasupeatsninja wrote:

the person above whoever posts when hummerz realizes that this should be put in the forum games

thanks but

As this is not in forum games, continuation of the "above you" "above me" junk is spam.

I mean sure, the discussion here is rather moot, but let's keep some semblance of foruming

#8 Re: Game Business » [Notice] A safety reminder concerning client modifications. » Yesterday 20:32:47

ninjasupeatsninja wrote:
maxi123 wrote:

is there actually no way to detect whether the client is modified or official?

Not easily at least.

actually there's a rather simple and somewhat reliable method for that. Get the "client" direct from Perhaps, if you fear MITM, you can use the secure sitebox swf link*

*disclaimer: I don't know if MITM is at all affected by SSL, but that is still securer

moral of the story: if you're aware that you're going somewhere else, you're taking security in your own hands

#9 Re: Graphics Suggestions » toxic pack... » 2017-04-21 17:12:19

moved this to the section about graphics because this is about graphics

#10 Re: Bots and Programming » [CLIENT] Disable all Animations » 2017-04-20 16:54:56

Gosha wrote:

B&P? Yes, i coded stuff, but i don't show any code, just a working client

Agreed, but part of it says "Share your creations here" and this seems like a creation of yours to share

#11 Re: Bots and Programming » [CLIENT] Disable all Animations » 2017-04-20 14:53:25

moving your creation to b&p to be shared, I suppose

cool beans

#12 Re: Forum Discussion » Dear Hummerz, » 2017-04-19 21:17:11

Evilbunny wrote:
Zoey2070 wrote:

i'm not zoey


haha nice try hummerz, you can't fool us into thinking zoey is making a joke because that's a joke only you would make. The only reasonable explanation here is that hummerz tried to cover up that he and zoey are separate people by posting a joke on zoey's account. Meaning that they are in fact, separate people.

case closed, lock them both up for being separate people this whole time

"Lock them up"
I love how you turned everything around. Cue the rabbit season/duck season gif.

you're right though. If I were zoey, I wouldn't have tried to make a joke in this situation. I'm much too... paralyzed? by importance.

this has been fun

#13 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Trouble for homeworks? *Post here and use pictures below* » 2017-04-19 18:57:38

destroyer123 wrote:

English speaking countries use . so thats what is usually used internationally
Im not sure how common , is though, I know a few EU countries use it, so now in the UK we arent supposed to use , as a thousands seperator anymore (its now supposed to be 246 810.1357 to avoid confusion)

Perhaps we should employ 246-810*1357 for visual appeal


Is it at all trivial to determine where two spheres intersect, say they have an offset of (x, y, z) -> (1, 2, 3) ... would that be a circle or an oval?

#14 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Trouble for homeworks? *Post here and use pictures below* » 2017-04-19 18:48:10

Sensei1 wrote:
hummerz5 wrote:
Sensei1 wrote:

12√3 is actually longer than 18. 12√3 = about 20,8

or 20.8 for those of us using regular numbers

We use "," in Finland. Does most of the world use "." instead?

All I can say for sure is that I use 246,810.1357 and hold ethnocentrism dear, so I naturally shun other ways of doing things.

But iirc spain does a similar numbering method, so you might be closer to standard. Again, we have three pieces of anecdotal evidence tho

#15 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Trouble for homeworks? *Post here and use pictures below* » 2017-04-19 18:34:49

Sensei1 wrote:

12√3 is actually longer than 18. 12√3 = about 20,8

or 20.8 for those of us using regular numbers

#16 Re: Forum Discussion » Dear Hummerz, » 2017-04-19 00:40:06

destroyer123 wrote:
N1KF wrote:

you ... (most likely) are an alt account.

Maybe all three are the same person :O This topic is just Hummerz / Zoey trying to find out how well they are doing at pretending to be seperate people

my favorite theory yet. Though, me being ratburntro would be the ultimate bamboozle.

no, afraid not.


#17 Re: Game Discussion » How much time have you registered your account? » 2017-04-18 18:58:29

welcome to forums forums welcome you?
I think English is alive
I moved your topic


also thanks for this impromptu haiku prompt

#18 Re: Rooms » EE Bros [WIP] (World 1 done) » 2017-04-18 17:02:52

moved on request
obligatory bump

#19 Re: Forum Discussion » [mod] tag » 2017-04-18 03:21:29

Different55 wrote:

using any BBCode to hide anything from users with access to the quote button is pointless. You can make a [guest] tag since they can't simply hit quote to unmask it, but anything else and just hitting that quote button will reveal it.

ok, devil's advocate time

let's say you set it up so that quoting was also "in cahoots" with this fanciful system?

#20 Re: Off-Topic Discussion » Mobile Apps/Games » 2017-04-18 02:13:49

I've been enjoying minimalistic (?) games from this one dude on the iOS store

FallDown or FallDown 2 or FallDown Flip! -- these are probably already pretty popular I guess.

Super Slime is an app I thought was also created from the same guy, though iTunes doesn't immediately corroborate my story. I don't know what to think.

Super Slime is also minimalistic, you either jump or duck, otherwise your x/y position (and relation to obstacles) is determined by the game. One of those that requires good timing. (i.e., it took me like thirty tries to get the immediate hang of "oh, jump at the right time..."

edit: just ignore everything, sorry. He seems to have removed the app. sad

I guess I kinda like BBC News?

#21 Re: Forum Discussion » Automatically [spoiler] large quotes » 2017-04-18 01:30:19

you mean like if I were to quote something with our previous line of thinking, the quotes wouldn't really be pretty because they'd be back to weird spoiler + quote meshes?

yeah I could see that would be a bother.

Assuming a javascript solution, how should we go about this? Set a largest visible-quote value? Then we could take the parent-most .quotebox element and traverse the child quotes until parent.height - childQuote.height > desiredHeight, then we'd wrap the child in a spoiler (I suppose we could make a different visibility toggling system but what ain't broke...)

edit: work in progress


yes that's all I have so far. This will give us the topmost quotes. Handling a straight chain of quotes is straightforward. What if we have a tree, though? two or three quotes in one quote... each with their own extensive parent nodes? Could we, perhaps, if the desired size cannot be determined outside of these branches, simply cut them at the shared trunk? Otherwise, wouldn't we potentially just be making this a rather complicated problem resulting in multiple spoilers later on out into the tree? IT'd just be simpler to err on the side of one sooner spoiler.

edit 2:
i should be asleep. do not run this code, it has infinite recursion somewheres.
I successfully tag tomahawk's first quote and then go off the deep end. thoughts?

var MAX_HEIGHT = 100;
function(index, elem){
 var parent = $(elem); 
 if (parent.height() > MAX_HEIGHT){
    evalElem(parent.clientHeight, parent).css("background-color", "green");
function evalElem(size, e){
 var childs = e.children().find(".quotebox").not(".spoilerbox");
 if (childs.length > 1 || e.height() < MAX_HEIGHT)
    return e;
  return evalElem(size, e);

#22 Re: Forum Discussion » [mod] tag » 2017-04-18 01:22:17

I'm not the admin here so I can't definitively say "wow this is never going to happen" but take it from me as a fellow layman

wow this is never going to happen

-hiding content from mods 5/7
-the mod-only sounds interesting, but we could just have a separate field that all mods can edit without bothering with the BBCode

#23 Re: Game Suggestions » resurrection block » 2017-04-18 01:20:24

this sounds interesting. What if you have no lives to give for your country?

SoapFish wrote:
Krosis wrote:

Whats next? remove coin block?

why not?

shadowda wrote:

Whats next? remove coin block?

great for shops

A block made for removing coins is unlikely. If you want a coin to be removed, how would the game per se know which coin will be removed?

good point. that means it's about time we had a completely arbitrary number system that we could add or subtract with! and give each of these balances an ID!

is EE turing-complete yet?

#24 Re: Game Discussion » Harassment. » 2017-04-17 20:21:09

I have trouble wrapping my head around all these spam things. "Is it negative because the people are sending the negative intent, or is it simply neutral because intrinsically there is no weight?"

Regardless, this is a "why aren't they banned topic," and as per the usual, please verify with EE modfolk what's going on, don't just call them out here because you want to pick a bone


#25 Re: Forum Discussion » Automatically [spoiler] large quotes » 2017-04-17 19:53:17

Tomahawk wrote:

If the text-wrapping is entirely independent of the forum code then eh. Counting line breaks only works for posts with line breaks.

Yeah, but you see where "vertical height . . . dependent on the device used to view the post" becomes hard to generalize? Images can be many different sizes, but a line break (character) is still a line break (character). Just regular returns based on available width don't make sense, I agree.

Perhaps we're looking at this the wrong way. Instead of setting BBCode, what if the end page has some method for styling the message? A userscript could look at quote objects with large vertical widths and wrap them.

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